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Anal Sex: Is That Allowed?

Religion and Sex   >>  Anal Sex
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miaanSahab Group: Members  Joined: 30th May, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 4  Age:  33  
Posted on:30th May 2007, 2:21pm

Anal Sex: Is That Allowed?

ASSALAM U ALAIKUM to all of U meraa queStion yeh hai k main nay aapki Site 'ISLAM AUR SEX' mein anal Sex kay baaray mein parha hai k kiSi aalim ne aSS hole mein peniS inSert karnay ko jaayez qaraar diya hai aur kiSi ne naajayez kaha hai, lekin theek tarha confirm nahi ho raha k yeh jaayez hai yaa nahi, pleaSe theek theek jawaab de dain,
Dr Rizwan Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 1  Post: 511  Age:  51  
Posted on:30th May 2007, 3:22pm

re: miaanSahab

decide yourself. we are not aalim-e-din. according to our aalim it is absolutely haram. medically also strictly not allowed.

Candy_Man Group: Members  Joined: 10th May, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 12  Age:  36  
Posted on:30th May 2007, 4:12pm

Anal Sex in islam

The issue of Anal sex in Islam is straightforward prohibited, but it was made controversial among both the Sunni and Shia ancient Islamic Scholars indeed by Ahadith of "Sahih Bukhari"  & "Usool al- Kafi" and it is practiced by some Muslims to avoid having too many children on the authority of above cites sources. However in modern times, it is enormously considered as not allowed.

There are Ahadith which allows (anus, in Arabic Dubur: " فِي الدُّبُر " ) sex, one in Sunni sect and two in Shia sect. In Sunni sect, a high rated Hadith Book Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60: Prophetic Commentary on the Qur'an (Tafseer of the Prophet (pbuh)), Hadith No. 50, allows it, its authenticity and anal sex concept is conformed by a Hadith of Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 11: Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah), Hadith Number 2159, whereas the said Hadith itself disapproves along with many other Ahadith in other books except Sahih Bukhari.

In Shia sect, a high rated Hadith Book "Usool al- Kafi, i.e., The Bukhari of Shi'ism" , & Tafseer al-Ayyashi, vol.1, p.157; Bihaar al-Anwaar vol.21, p.98; Tafseer al-Burhaan vol.2, p.230,  allows it as follows:

Narrated Abdullah bin Abi Ya'foor: I asked Abu Abdullah about approaching women thru their anus, he said: No Problem. He then recited: 2:223 Your women are as tilth unto you, so approach your tilth when (or how) ye will ."

Ali Sistani says that anal sex is permissible if the wife agrees, consenting but it is strongly undesirable (makrooh). 

In Sunni Sect, Imam Malik, along with Imam Bukhari  was convinced of Anal Sex being allowed and he himself practiced it also and Imam Shaafi was in favor of it. Haifz Ibn Hajr has also copied a dialogue of Imam Shaafi on this topic, with Imam Azam's student named Imam Muhammad. In Shia sect, Abu Abdullah allows it.

In other reference, Imam Malik said that anal intercourse is haram (prohibited), but enjoyment of the rear (anus: dubur) without penetration (eelaaj) is licit. It is lawful to place a finger on the anus as foreplay as long as it does not penetrate.

The Anal Sex concept of Sahih Bukhari was denied later on by other scholars such as by "Ibn Kathir" in "Tafsir Ibn Kathir" - Quran Tafsir "The Reason behind revealing Allah's Statement Your Wives are a Tilth for You".

However, Ibn Kathir admits that Muslims were circulating Ahadith which permitted anal sex and it is practiced by some Muslims even basing them on the authority of Ibn Umar.

It is to be noted that the people of Prophet Lot, whom Allah has condemned in all Scriptures practiced it with males not with females & it was not the vagina they were after.

Some forbid anal-sex as an obligatory precaution.

There are enough authentications from both the commentators and Hadith for the existence of Anal Sex Hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari. Imam Al-Bukhari recorded the following (see image below) interpretation of Sura 2:223. Ibn Umar the son of the third caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab allowed engaging in anal sex. This definitely explains why Ibn Abbas declares that Ibn Umar misunderstood the meaning of this specific text of Sura 2:223.

Image Caption :Interpretation of Holy Quran Verse by Sahih Bukhari Hadith & Urdu translation of the Hadith by renowned Ahle Hadith scholar Waheed-uz-Zaman, it is clearly written in bracket, that is, "in Anus" , in Arabic, " فِي الدُّبُر ".

khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:30th May 2007, 4:58pm

anal sex is strictly forbidden in Islam and also harmful medically.

mishal Group: Members  Joined: 10th Jun, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 7  Age:  33  
Posted on:10th Jun 2007, 11:43pm


hi my name is mishal form karachi, i wanna ask you a serious question, i dont konw much about the names of the sexual parts so plz try to understand the question.

mere eik male cousin ne meri eik feamle cousin ka rape kia but not from vagina, from the anal. my question is that kia woh is se bhi pregnant ho sakti hai jubke thora sa money bhi ander gaya hai us jaga se? plz reply

and in last thanks to such a clean and helpful website.

My Reply Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 2  Post: 2481  Age:  50  
Posted on:10th Jun 2007, 12:23pm

re: mishal

1. anal sex karne se koi larki ya aurat pregnant nahi ho sakti.

2. anal sex se hymen bhi rupture nahi hota.

3. illegal vaginal sex gunah hai. jabkeh anal sex mai vaginal sex karne se bhi ziadah gunah hai.
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