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DO Not Read

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whitehorse Group: Members  Joined: 05th Dec, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 70  Age:  39  
Posted on:5th Jan 2008, 6:38am

DO Not Read


Well! When you are told not to read this article, then why are you
reading it? Listen! I am warning you that keep reading this topic may
cause troubles for you. Okay, first of all, let me update your
knowledge that this article is not published for any Tom, Dick and
Harry like you, it has published for some kind of distinctive people.
Oh my dear! You are not getting my cautionary advice. It seems that
you don't have good manners. Listen! You are not supposed to deal
with the people in this tune. Look! Your conduct is intolerable.
Please! Please! Please! STOP READING RIGHT NOW. I think you are out
of mind.

You have been forbidden to read this but you have decided to read
till the end. Are you one of the successors of Changaiz Khan? I think
you are. Yes! You are, I instructed you to stop reading, but you are
on your way to keep reading with idiotic and foolish smile. I am
trying to tell you that reading this topic is not beneficial for you,
there are other so many informative articles are published in this
magazine, you may read them, but you have make your mind up to read
this article. Oh my. . .!, Your attitude shows that you have lent
your mind, Oh dear! how unrealistic I am, It is obvious that if you
have mind, you might consider my advices, warning and cautions. You
are not complying with my request, warnings and appeals. Oh God! I
think, you have sworn to your ancestors to read it from tip to toe. I
think you are not going to keep away yourself from reading this
article, I myself going to end it here. THE END

What did you obtain after reading it? It shows the psychology of our
nation, isn't it? When you abstain people doing wrong / prohibited
acts, they do the same with plenty of confidence and proud. New young
generation, born with silver spoon in their mouth, doesn't care about
traffic lights even the instructions of traffic police constable.
Like a teenager; who rides the motorbike in zigzag, makes lots of
wrong overtake, feels himslef proud, and expects some reward. Other
people has no exception, a few days ago I was reading newspaper, a
news wherein the reporter reported that a bus driver hit away
(murdered) a traffic policeman, who directed him to stop the bus,
shocked me.

One of tourists came to Pakistan, one day when he need to cross a
railway crossing the gate was closed for the road traffic, he saw a
man on the bicycle came, he got off the bicycle, lift his bicycle on
his shoulder and crossed the railway crossing. The tourist was
surprised to see him, and thought himself that he might be in any
sort of emergency. After the gate opened the car of tourist moved
forth, he saw the same person standing on his bicycle's carrier, and
watching the monkey's show entertaining people by the road. Why
everybody rushes to his destination like the man on the bicycle.
While every one of us knows that, "Life has more worth than the
Time". When we are on the road we must take into account that our
family is waiting for us.
Parking at no parking area is most common habit of our national
residents. Where the local municipal committee placed a signboard
of "No-Parking", Individuals Park their vehicles under the signboard
with persist. Did we ever think about why traffic jam occurs? In most
cases wrong parking, wrong overtake, driving in opposite direction,
entry into No-Entry zone (heavy vehicles) and so forth like this is
found as the reason. Actually, Lake of patience is the major cause. A
Pakistani journalist visited china, he then reported that during
three months of stay in china, neither two of Chinese found
quarreling each other nor even talking in louder voice. But when we
look at ourselves, we found many of us fighting with each other, use
abusive language even with the real brother. These are just some of
those unethical acts, mentioned earlier in this article, which
influenced us to be violent and create conflicts among us. If we look
at our surroundings we may find so many grounds of these activities.
What is the reason behind of our changing attitude? Why are we fierce
for our own bothers? Why people behave like enemy? Why developed
countries have well-developed economy? All of these questions must be
considered seriously, answered, and the solution must be implemented.
According to my viewpoint the only solution is, we should follow the
regulations of law, governmental instructions, ethics code, moral
values, Islamic orders, and all of us conduct self-accountability
(the most important component), and try to avoid considering
individual interest, instead of national interest. After
implementation of afore said, no doubt that Pakistan will accomplish
her objectives and goals, we will be able to abolish these kinds of
rubbish, move on to the right path of development and become a
greatest economy of the world.
No matter, what is your position in society? or which class do you
belong to? Make your belief like Allama Iqbal said in his verse as `
if you want to be the legend and to achieve the highest status, you
will have to behave like a seed, until the seed is plow in the sand,
it cannot yield the product.
In the end I would like to quote,
that "Always try to be a part of Solution not the Problem."



Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:5th Jan 2008, 7:40pm

No Read

I Agree with u. iam not reading this post.
anotherOne Group:   Joined: 01st Jan, 1970  Topic: 10  Post: 205  Age:   
Posted on:5th Jan 2008, 8:40pm


I read the first paragraph only and then stoped!!! beleive me
insan Group: Members  Joined: 31st Jul, 2009  Topic: 12  Post: 463  Age:   
Posted on:3rd Aug 2009, 6:03pm


which means i got from your psted writing is like that i thing.......... u want to teach the nation? r u want to show ur civilization? r u want to tell obout your love with ur country? r u try to say that we should change the system? r here ur meanings that we make a revulation here in pakistan about education? about law? about constitution supermassy?..........................If any point which do u want to see r u want should be happen in our country.....then i humbly requests to u please please please   change your title and you coutions about ur writting and let people to read this one it would be very mercifull by u upon all readers and this way they will be able to read this and  will they try to do somthings r try to coments on it           THANX
sabby Group: Members  Joined: 14th Jan, 2011  Topic: 2  Post: 18  Age:  28  
Posted on:21st Mar 2011, 11:33pm


I also didnt read it bcoz u said dont read so I didnt and even right now I was not possible to read because itne lambi article read kerne k lie time nahi
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