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Eating During Pregnancy

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Sooth Group: Members  Joined: 18th Jul, 2007  Topic: 303  Post: 1937  Age:   
Posted on:18th Jun 2008, 6:20am

Eating During Pregnancy

Eating During Pregnancy


Pregnancy me well eat kernnay k liay aap ko jo kuch aap normally eat kerti hen uss ki quantity increase kerni ho gi.aur aap ko es baat ka bhi khayal rukhna ho ga k aap kiya eat kerti hen.although aap ko 300 extra calories din me laini hoon gi—especially later pregnancy me,jab aap ka baby quickly grow kerta rahta hai---ye calories nutrients food se aani chahiayain takay ye aap k baby ki growth aur development me contribute kerain.


 Why It Is Important to Eat Well When You Are Pregnant


Do you wonder k ye kitna reasonable hai 25 to 35 (on average) calories laina pregnancy me jab k baby ka weight pregnancy k time sirf es me se friction hoota hai? Although ye women to women vary kerta hai,ye depend kerta hai k aap ye bounds kis tara get kerti hen:


·       7.5 pounds: average baby weight

·       7 pounds: extra stored protein, fat, aur doseray nutrients

·       4 pounds: extra blood

·       4 pounds: extra body fluids

·       2 pounds: breast enlargement

·       2 pounds: uterus ki enlargement

·       2 pounds: amniotic fluid jo aap k baby ko surround kerta hai

·       1.5 pounds: placenta


of course, pregnancy me weight gain k patterns vary kertay normal ho ga k aap less gain kerain aur heavier ho jayain jab k aap k twins ya triplets hoon tu—ya ager aap pregnant hoonay se pelhay hi underweight hoon se zayada important k aap kitna weight gain kerti hen wo food hai jis se aap ye pounds get kerti hen.


Jab aap pregnant hoon tu aap kiya eat aur eat kerti hen aap k baby ki nourishment ka main sourse hai.infact aap kiya consume kerti hen aur aap k baby ki health dono strongly link kertay hen aik doseray se.for example, es liay doctors kahtay hen k alcohol consumption ki koi bhi amount pregnancy me safe nahi hai.


Jo aap extra food lay rahi hoon wo calories se empty nahi hoona chahiay---ye aap k growing baby ko nutrients provide keray ga jo k aap k baby ki zuroorat hai.for example, calcium teeth aur bones ko strong rakhnay me help kerta hai,jab aap pregnant hoon tu aap ko apni body k liay calcium ki zuroorat hoooti hai plus extra calcium aap k developing baby k liay.similarly aap ko uss se zayada extra nutrients ki zuroorat hooti hai jo aap pregnancy se pelhay consume kerti thien.


A Nutrition Primer for Expectant Mothers


Aap pregnant haan ya nahi healthy diet me proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, aur plenty of water shamil hai.U.s government dietary guidelines publish kerti hai jo k aap ki help keray gi k aap ko din me kitni her kind ki food consume kernni chahiay.healthy rahnay me variety me foods ki consumption un proportions me jo indicate ki gayi hen good hai.


Food labels aap ko batayain gay k aap jo eat kerti hen uss me koon se nutrients hen.letters RDA, jo aap food labeling me find kerti hen,recommended daily allowance k liay stand kerta hai, ya phir nutrients ki wo amount jo aap ko daily diet k liay recommend ki jaati hai.jab aap pregnant hoon tu RDAs most nutrients k liay higher hooti hai.


Yahaan kuch most common nutrients likhay gaye hen jo k food me hotay hen aur aap ko un ki zuroorat bhi hai:


Nutrients: Protein  

Needed for: cell growth aur blood production

Best sources: lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, whites, beans, peanut, butter, tofu.


Nutrients: Carbohydrates

Needed for: daily energy production     

Best sources: breads, cereals, rice, potatoes, pasta, fruits, vegetables


Nutrients: calcium

Needed for: strong bones aur teeth, muscle contraction aur nerve function

Best sources: milk, cheese, yogurt, sardines, ya salmon bones k saath, spinach


Nutrients: Iron

Needed for: red cell production (jo k anemia ko prevent kernay k liay hai).

Best sources: lean red meat, spinach, iron-fortified, whole-grain breads aur cereals


Nutrients: Vitamin A

Needed for: Healthy skin, good eyesight, growing bones

Best sources: carrots, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes


Nutrients: Vitamin C

Needed for: healthy gums, teeth aur bones; sath iron absorption ko aasist kerta hai.

Best sources: citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, fortifies fruit juince.


Nutrients: Vitamin B6

Needed for: red blood cell formation;fat, protein aur carbohydrate ka effective use.

Best sources: pork, ham, whole-grain cereals aur bananas


Nutrients: Vitamin B12

Needed for: formation of red blood cell, maintaining nervous system

Best sources: meat, fish, poultry aur milk(vegetarian jo k dairy products use nahi kertay un ko 

B12 supplement ki zuroorat hooti hai.


Nutrients: Vitamin D

Needed for: healthy bones aur teeth, calcium ki absorption ko aid kerta hai.

Best sources: fortified milk, dairy products, cereals aur breads


Nutrients: Folic acid

Needed for: blood aur protein production, effective enzyme formation

Best sources: green leafy vegetables, dark yellow fruits aur vegetables, beans, peas, nuts


Nutrients: Fat

Needed for: body energy stores

Best sources: meat, whole-milk, dairy products, nuts, peanuts, butter, margarine, vegetables oils(Note: total dairy calorie me se fat intake ko 30% ya less tak linit kerain.


Scientists jaantay hen k aap ki diet aap k baby ki health ko effect ker sakti hai—even aap ki pregnancy se pelhay ki health bhi.for example recent researches ye show kerti hen k folic acid neural tube defects(including spinal bifidia) ko prevent kerta hai  jo k fetal development ki earliest stages me occur ho sakta hai---so ye aap k liay important hai k aap pregnant hoonay se pelhay aur pregnancy k early weeks me es ko zayada consume kerain.


Even though bahot saray foods folic acid se fortified hootay hen khaas torr per breakfast cereals,doctors ab women ko encourage kertay hen k wo pregnancy se pelhay aur bahd me folic acid ka intake kerain(especially first 28 days me).ye yaqeen ker lain k aap doctor se folic acid ka pooch lain ager aap pregnant hoonay lagi hen tu.


Calcium aik aur important nutrient hai pregnant women k liay.kuin k aap k growing bby ki calcium demands high hen,aap ko apni calcium ki consumption ko increase kernna chahiay es se pelhay k aap ka developing baby aap ki bones se calcium intake keray.aap ka doctor aap ko prenatal vitamins prescribe keray ga jis me some extra calcium bhi ho ga.


Aap k best food sources calcium k liay milk aur doseri dairy products hen.however ager aap ko lactase intolerance hai ya aap ko milk aur milk products nahi pasand,apnay doctor se calcium supplement k baray me poochain.(lactase intolerance k signs me diarrhea, bloating, ya gas milk ya milk products eat kernay se shamil hen. Lactase capsule ya pill lain, ya lactase free milk products use kerain es se aap ki help ho sakti hai).doseri calcium rich foods me sardines ya salmon bone k saath, tofu, broccoli, spinach, ya calcium-fortified milk aur juice shamil hen.


Doctors aam torr per ye nahi recommend kertay k aap strick vegan diet laina start ker dain jab aap pregnant hoon tu.however ager aap already vagitarian diet follow ker rahi hen,tu aap ko apni pregnancy me bhi ye continue rakhni chahiay.—but es ko carefully sure k aap ki doctor ko aap ki diet ka ilm challenging hai k aap aapnay sub zuroorat k nutrients intake ker rahi hoon jab aap fish, chicken, ya milk, cheese, ya eggs na use kerti hoon.aap ko supplemental protein ki bhi zuroorat ho gi aur saath me B12 aur D supplements ki ensure kernay k liay k aap aur aap ka baby adequate nutrition receive ker rahay hen kisi dietitian se consult kerain apnay meals ko plan kernay k liay.


Food Craving During Pregnancy


Aap ko aisi women ka ilm ho ga jo k pregnancy me specific food ki desire rakhti hoon gi, ya perhaps aap ko bhi craving hui ho.researchers ne ye jannay ki koshish ki hai k pregnancy me kisi khaas food k iay hunger ye indicate tu nahi kerti k women body me wo nutrient kam hai jo k uss specific food me mojood hai.although ye clear nahi hai k ye urges kuin hooti hen.


Kuch pregnant women ko choclate, spicy foods, fruits, aur comfort foods, jaisay k mashed potatoes, cereals, aur toasted white bread ki desire hooti hai.kuch doseri women ko non-food items ki bhi desire hooti hai jaisay k clay, aur cornstarch.non-food items ki craving aur eating ko pica kahtay hen.aisi cheezoon ko consume kernna jo k non-food hoon aap k liay aur aap k child k liay dangerous hen.ager aap me non-food items ko eat kernnay k earges hen tu ani doctor ko notify kerain.


But healthy diet k liay aap ki cravings fine he.aur ye caving pregnancy k three months me diminish hoo jaati hen.


Food and Drinks to Avoid During Pregnancy


Jaisay k pelhay mention kiya gaya hai k alcohol ki thori sib hi consumption pregnancy k liay safe nahi hai.also jo aap herbal ya vitamin laiti hen wo bhi doctor ko check keraa lain because kuch developing fetus k liay harmful hootay hen.


Although kuch doctors k motabik aik ya 2,6 se 8 ounce cups per day coffee, tea ya soda aap k fetus ko harm nahi kertay.laikin ye better hai k aap coffee ko avoid hi kerain.high caffeine consumption linked hai miscarriage k increased risk se, so apnay intake ko linit kerain ya decaffeinated products lain.


Jab aap pregnant hoon tu food-borne illnesses ko bhi avoid kerain, jaisa k listeriosis aur toxoplasmosis, jo k unborn baby k liay life threatening hen aur kaheen se birth defects ya miscarriage bhi hootay hen, wo foods jin se aap ko khud ko control kerna hai:



·      soft, unpasturized cheese(often fresh advertised kiya jaata hai) jaisa k feta, goat, brie, camembert, aur blue cheese.

·      Unpasturizes milk, juinces, aur apple cider.

·      Raw eggs yaw o food jin me raw eggs hoon, including mousse aur tiramisu.

·      Raw yya undercooked meat, fish ya shelfish.

·      Processed meat jo k well-cooked na hoon.

·      Wo fish jin me high mercury ho,including shark,swordfish, king maceral ya tilefish.


Ager aap ne ye foods apni pregnancy me pelhay se kuch use kiay hen tu zayada tense hoonay ki zuroorat nahi hai:just in ko remaining pregnancy me avoid kerain.s baray me apnay doctor se baat ker lain.


About Fish. Fish aur shelfish aap ki pregnancy ka aik healthy part hai – es me beneficial omega-3 fatty acids,aur high protein low saturated fat hootay hen.but types of fishes ko aap limit ker lain jab aap pregnant hoon because kuch me high level of mercury hootay hen,jo k developing baby k nervous system ko effect ker sakti hai.mercury jo k natural environment me bhi hooti hai,air me industrial pollution  through hooti hai aur steams aur oceans me bhi hoti hai,jahaan ye methylmrcury me turn ho jaati hai.methylmercury fish me build up hooti hai aur especially un fishes me jo doseri fishes ko eat kerti hen.


Kuin k canned albacore(ya white) tuna aur tuna streaks generally consider kiay jaatay hen k in me light canned tuna se mercury zayada hoti hai.U.S Food aur Drug (FDA) recommend kerti hai k aap ko aik week me 6 ounce se zyada fish nahi eat kerni chahiay.FDA k motabik levels safe han aher e ski limited amount consume ki jaye.


Kuch women diet me se tuna ko completely eliminate ker daiti hen.almost sub fishes aur shellfishes me small amount mercury ki hooti hai,but aap un ko safely eat ker sakti hen in k low levels.apnay doctor se baat kerain k aap ko kitni quantity me aur koon se fish eat kernni chahiay ya phir fish eat hi nahi kernni chahiay.


Managing Some Common Problems


Kuin k iron aur kaheen doseray prenatal vitamins pregnancy me constipation cause kertay hen,es liay aap ko ye kahaa jaata hai k aap pregnancy me saath zayada fiober bhi eatkerain.try kerain k daily 20 to 30 grams fiber intake kerain.aap ka freah fiber ka source fresh fruits aur vegetables, aur whole-grain breads, cereals ya muffins.


Kuch people fiber tablets ya drinks ya high-fiber products use kertay hen jo k pharmacies aur grocery stores per available hootay hen,but doctor ko check kerra lain k aap kiya use ker rahi hen aur old wives ki remedy ko avoid kerain—caster oil—kuink actually ye aap k body ki nutrients absorb kernay ki ability ko effect kerta hai.


Ager aap ko constipation ki problem ho tu doctor aap ko stool softner prescribe keray sure ker lain k aap plenty of fluids jin me water bhi hai drink ker rahi hen,sub se best way constipation ko avoid kernay ka exercise hai.aap ko din me kafi water drink kernna chahiay takay aap ka stool soft ho sakay aur aap k digestive system me move ker sakay.kabhi kabhi hot tea, sopus aur broth bhi help kertay hen.also,dried fruits bhi useful hen.


Kuch women k motabik broccoli, spinach,cauliflower aur fried foods heartburn aurgas cause kertay hen.carbonated drinks bhi gas aur heartburn kuch women me cause kertay hen,although kuch k liay un k digestive system k liay calm hootay hen.


Ager aap ko nausea hai tu aap small amount bland foods ki bhi use kerain jiss me toast ya crackers etc.ager kuch bhi na lain tu sirf cereals milk k saath ya sweet piece of fruit use kerain.


Nausea ki problem solve kernay k liay:

·      Bed per jaanay se pelhay Prenatal vitamins lain  aur uss se pelhay snacks eat kerain---aur emty tomach mat rahain prenatal vitamins lainay se pelhay.

·      Jab aap early morning bathroom jaanay lagain tu small snacks eat kerain pelhay.

·      Hard candy ko suck kerain.


How to know if You're Eating Well During Pregnancy


Key ye hai k aap different food groups se food eat kerain aur wo bhi recommended proportions me.ager nausea ya loss of appetide se aap less eat kerti hen,don't worry---ye unlikely hai k aap ka baby ko fetal harm ho kuin k wo first crank receive kerta hai aap jo kuch bhi eat kerti hen un nutrients me se.aur ye bhi recommend kiya jaaata hai k normal weigh gain pregnancy me 25 se 35 pounds ho(zayada gain 4 se 6 pounds first trimester me aur 1 pound aik week me second aur third trimester k doraan).,scale per fixate mat kerain,instead good veriety aur nutrition se balnced food eat kerain takay aap bhi healthy rahain aur aap ka baby bhi.


Sooth Group: Members  Joined: 18th Jul, 2007  Topic: 303  Post: 1937  Age:   
Posted on:18th Jun 2008, 6:18pm

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