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Breech Delivery

Married Women Problem   >>  Pregnancy
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Shaani7778 Group: Members  Joined: 16th Dec, 2007  Topic: 17  Post: 32  Age:  40  
Posted on:27th Oct 2008, 7:44am

Breech Delivery

respected dr. saab......

sir, meri wife of 6th month chal raha he. 20-10-2008 ko gynaecologist ko checkup karaya to us ne bola k aap ka baby ultaa he.

reason ye bataya k aap ne during pregnancy paani boht kam piya he is liye aap ka baby ultaa he.

phir unhon ne aik dry milk power or kuchh liquid likh kar diye or after 01 month checkup k liye bulaya he.

mera sawal ye he k "(1)baby ka ultaa hon jane k kya side effects hein", (2) "baby ko seedha karne k liye kya karna chahye", (3)"khuda-na-khuwasta, agar baby seedha na ho saka to kya ho ga", (4)"agr baby ultaa he to kya ultrasound mein pata nahin chalta k baaba he ya baby he".

thanks a lot with regards


My Reply Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 2  Post: 2481  Age:  50  
Posted on:27th Oct 2008, 2:46pm

re: breech delivery

generally baby head ke raaste paida hota hai, lekin kabhi kabhi baby head ki bajaye hip ke zaria paida hota hai. matlab yeh keh delivery ke waqt vagina se os hip pehle bahir hota hai.

head ke zaria deliver hone se baby ko foran Oxygen mil jaata hai, jab ke hip ke zaria deliver hone se Oxygen late milta hai, agar baby deliver hone mai kuch ziadah time le le tu Oxygen ki kami ki wajah se baby ko nuqsan pohonch sakta hai.

aap ki baby ulta ka yahi matlab hai keh os ki delivery mai pehle hip nikle ga, lehaza aap ko mashwarah hai keh aap apni baby ki delivery home per nahi karai ge, jaisa ke pakistan mai abhi bhi home delivery hota hai. takeh kisi bhi qisim ki complication ka foran ilaj ho sake.

iss se ziadah tafseelat aap ko gynecologist hi bataye gi.
khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:27th Oct 2008, 4:46pm

breech presentation

There is nothing to worry about, at this stage of pregnancy. ur baby will move tremendously in the next couple of months and the final position of ur baby (at birth) is impossible to be predicted at this stage. there are chances that the baby may turn out to be cephalic (head presentation) in the next visit to the gynecologist. Ask ur wife also that don't worry at all.

regarding ur queries:

  1. breech baby is prone to birth injuries, prolonged labour, obstructed labour, distress and less oxygenation resulting in multi-organ damage. but if the proper facilities are available at the hospital, there are less chances of these mishaps.
  2. baby changes his/her position by herself/himself. the artifical (medical) efforts to change the position may exert negative effects on mother as well as on baby.
  3. breech baby can be delivered by normal vaginal delivery/ forcep delivery/ vaccum delivery/ cesarean section.
  4. ultrasound can show the sex of breech baby but it needs expertise and its not 100% reliable.
Veer Group: Members  Joined: 12th Oct, 2011  Topic: 85  Post: 4723  Age:  35  
Posted on:27th Oct 2008, 8:18pm


agreed with my reply and khan-80
Shaani7778 Group: Members  Joined: 16th Dec, 2007  Topic: 17  Post: 32  Age:  40  
Posted on:28th Oct 2008, 8:00am


Thank you very much for all your replies.

I am much aware now about the situation.

So nice of you all, thanks a lot

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:29th Oct 2008, 6:36am


dont worry dear

u r always welcome

1. side effect to koi nahi hai but agar delivery time tak seedha na hua to phr operation ker k deliver kerna perta hai

2. abhi to 6th month hai...abhi baby ki free movement hoti hai...8th month tak baby ka head fix hota hai tub tak abhi kafi time seedha ho skta hai...dont worry....8-9nth monnth mein daily 1 hour walk zaroor kereyn

3. operation ho se ghabrana nahi normal bat hoti hai

4. kafi mushkil ho jata hai gender ka pata lagana

wajee Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Feb, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 23  Age:  42  
Posted on:17th Mar 2009, 6:08pm

not to worry

Actually meri wife k sath bhi yahee prob tha,phaley tou lady doc wait kartee raheen kei normaly condition hou jaee baby ki lakin phir 7th month mien unhoon nei Homeo pathic doctor kou refer kia lakin time bohat thora tha,mein nei or bhi kae logoun sei sunna hie kei iss ka illaag sirf homeo pathic mein hee hei,anyways operate kia mashallah sei boths are normal. aap bhi preshan maat houn.Allah pei chourein Allah sub bhetar karta hie.
m.iftikhar Group: Members  Joined: 18th Feb, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 70  Age:  28  
Posted on:16th Apr 2009, 7:38pm


janab daro mat  mai bhi ulta he paida hua hun bal hum sab bhai ultay he paida huwe hai hai koi masla nhe tension na lo
oralex Group: Members  Joined: 08th May, 2017  Topic: 0  Post: 5  Age:  40  
Posted on:8th May 2017, 1:05am

Breach Pregnancy

qudarti halat may bacha sar ki bachey (3) may say kisi aik position may paida ho yea tu samaj may agaya. hamarey mulk may c-section ka trend bohat aam ho raha hy aur kisi jaga yea zarori bhi ho jata hy zacha aur bacha ki jaan bachaney k liye.

QUESTION: pehlay bacha IUD ho gaya tha. phir eptopic pregnancy hui jo naturally dissolve ho gai without medicine/procedure kay. ab pregnancy hui hy naturally but 17 weeks may USG say pata challa k its breech. 15+ weeks may thori spotting hui thee but is k liye jo injection (naam yaad nai) lagta hy wo 3 daffa laga. ab spotting ni hy aur bacha bhi theek hy but still its breech.

aisi situation may patient ko kia ehtiyat krni chaiye aur kia 17+ weeks may yea possible hy k bacha apni position change karey ga? aur kiya excericse recommend ki ja sakti hy patient ko ?
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