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Fatty Liver And Poor SEX

General Health   >>  Liver and Gall Bladder
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nolife Group: Members  Joined: 24th Mar, 2009  Topic: 11  Post: 21  Age:  37  
Posted on:3rd Jun 2012, 12:57pm

Fatty Liver And Poor SEX


mere saath problem hai k mera lft report normal nahi hoti.. jab medecine khao to normel ho jati hai choor do to phir bhar jaati hai...

Ultra sound main fatty liver show hota hai... doctors iska treatment hi nahi bataty koi....

dosra yeah hai k main abhi shadi shuda nahi hoon... meri money jab kharij hoti hai to wo thandi hoti hai.... aur kharij bhi buhat jald ho jata hoon....

my age is 31 years old

malam01 Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Feb, 2012  Topic: 3  Post: 352  Age:  54  
Posted on:3rd Jun 2012, 6:11pm

Fatty Liver & Poor SEX

It's a disease caused by either alcohol or obesity (over weight) but it can be reversed. Find a good doctor in your area and follow his treatment plan whihc takes long time to complete. There are also some supplements available in the market which help reduce fat from the liver.

The following is what you need to work on to help yourself at home:

Lose weight; maintain a healthy eating process.

Reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates from sugar and bread, pastry, pasta, noodles, cakes, biscuits and desserts.

Increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables

Use raw vegetable juices .

Avoid deep fried, fatty, and processed foods.

Aim to limit dairy foods including milk, processed cheese, cream and butter. Opt for organic yogurt and cheese such as ricotta, parmesan or cottage. Try some different brands and varieties of soy as they vary greatly. The fresh soy products in the dairy cabinet are much lighter and not as strong in taste as the long life products. There are also rice milks and oat milks to try.

Avoid ALL margarines and similar type spreads.

Avoid sugary processed foods and drinks

Limit chicken and turkey that is not free range as this contains artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids that increase the liver's workload.

Drink 2 liters of water each day.

Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:22nd May 2015, 1:51pm

Bright Fatty LIVER

Deleted Topic No: 38725 Posted By nolife

AOA my age is 34 unmarried
mera saath buhat problems banti ja rahi hain
liver fatty ata hai ultra sound main bright fatty liver jigar ki jagah pe raat ko sotay main boojh par jata hai
raat ko soty time jigar wali area main jalan si feel hoti hai
uthne k baad theek ho jati hai problem
weakness bharti ja rahi hai khana jisam ka hisa ni banta, bhook bhi kam ho gaie hai.

2009 main sozak ki problem hoie thi mujhey dr sahib ne ek injection lagwaya tha naam yaad nai tab wo peep aur jalan hatam ho gaie thi....

Leekan main yeh pochna chahta hon
k kya yeh problems os bimari k side effects to nahi hain..

main buhat preshan ho is maslay ko le kar..

Jawab: behtar ho ga keh yeh sawal aap os doctor se karain jis ne aap ka fatty liver diagnose kya aur ab os ka ilaj ker rahay hai. Generally sozak ke ilaj ke liye jo injection lagta hai os se fattly liver nahi hota.
Guide Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 7  Post: 1172  Age:  55  
Posted on:4th Jun 2015, 3:00am

kala yarkan

Deleted Topic No: 38822 Posted By nolife

Aoa main yeh jan na chata hun kala yarkan aur hepatitis alaga alag bimari hai kala yarkan ka koi lab test hota hai...

Jawab: yarkan ko jaundice kehtay hai aur jaunidice kaii wajah se ho sakta hai. Hepatitis liver ki beemari hai. hepatitis mei bhi jaudince ya yarkan hota hai.

Note: Aap ke bohot saaray sawal ho gaye hain, ab koi new post na karain. jo kuch poochna hai apne pranay hi post mei poochain.
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