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Female Masturbation : Is There Any side-Effects After Marriage ?

Unmarried Girls Problem   >>  Female Musht Zani
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rabia Group: Members  Joined: 27th Feb, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 1  Age:  33  
Posted on:27th Feb 2007, 11:48pm

Female Masturbation : Is There Any side-Effects After Marriage ?

Aoa,Dr main ye janna chahti hon ager ek kawari larki apny app ko relax kerti hai to shaadi key baad to koi masla nahi hota na meanz apny ap ko relax kerti hai to shaadi key baad koi masla to nahi hota na is say plz mujy zaroor batayi ga app.
rida Khan Group: Members  Joined: 28th Feb, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  38  
Posted on:28th Feb 2007, 8:31am

Self Sex by finger

Hi. how are u doctor sahib? i want to ask u that i am unmarried and want to do sex. can i do it with my finger? does it not any problem after problem. if there is not bleeding during entering finger in vegine, is it means that hymen is right? plz reply me. bye
faisee Group: Active Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 78  Post: 773  Age:  35  
Posted on:28th Feb 2007, 9:46am

Self Sex by fingering

Dr Sahib will reply better but I think, if you mistakenly hit the hymen by your finger and it get ruptured, then what would happen? Since it is a very sensitive membrane, so in sexual excitement you can break it very easily. So to avoid bleeding or breaking of hymen, I dont think fingering would be a good option. and if it broken once, you will never get it again. Thanks.
Hot Fun Group: Members  Joined: 26th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 13  Age:  38  
Posted on:28th Feb 2007, 4:29pm

Sex - Self Satisfaction in Girls with clitoral stimulation

rabia & rida: Satisfy your self with clitoral stimulation, you will be relaxed and NO harm to the hymen.
khansaab Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 82  Age:  38  
Posted on:1st Mar 2007, 12:31pm

Comprehensive reply for Self Sex!

According to Muftian of almost all aqaid & masalik, the term self sex is a highly sinful attitude and is Haram.

According to my opinion, whether it is haram or not haram it is a highly disliked job.If u discuss the term "Self Sex" to any other (Parents,Teachers etc) everyone will dislike it and advice you to leave it.

You should think positively.Following are the steps to discourage the habbit of Self Sex.

1) Avaoid any type of pornographic/Adult content like (Porn movies,magazines, and also those books in which such type of stories are written.)

When you stop watching and reading the pornographic content your mind will be less sexually stimulated and your this habbit will gradually decreased.

2) Immediately and strictly made yourself a punctual Namazi.Offer all the five prayers (Namaz) at their right time.

Offering namaz saves oneself from many bad habbits.

3) Start thinking positively.If any negative idea (regarding sex) or concept start taking place in your mind, don't give your precious time and brane to that false and worthless thinking and try to leave that thought and start thinking some positive thought or start reading any useful book.

Changing your thoughts at once at the time of sexual desire weakens your these thoughts.

4) Every one has to mary at an apropriate time.Don't indulge your  mind in this type of thoughts before your marriage.After marriage its your turn fulfill your all desires in a positive and in a most fine way with your spouse.

5) Thinking all the time about these ordinary sexual thoughts makes your mind and other body organs waste.So avoid this habbit to save your most important things (Your brain and other body parts).

Think Positive, Be Positive and enjoy a happy,healthy and a positive life full of happiness and relexness.


khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:13th Mar 2007, 5:04pm


mariabcn Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 20  Age:  30  
Posted on:20th Mar 2007, 12:32am


SLAAMU ALEKUM, Doctor sahab meri umr 17 sal hai main spain main rehti hoon main porn films dekhti thi porn fimain dekh dekh ker ek din hhud par kaboo nahin raha aur main coke  pi rahi thi aur main coke ki bottle se apni hymen tod dali bohat hoon baha aur main orgasm hasil karne  main kamyab hogayi thi ab mujhe  dar tha  ke  shaadi ke baad kya  hoga  to maine yahan ek doctor sex specialist ko dikhaya  hai aur woh kehta  hai ke 4000 euro lagian ge surgery se hymen dobara apni jaga  par agayegi aap bataye kya yeh surgery ke  koi side effects to nahin aur kya  ye pakistan main bhi  hosacti hai please main bohat pareshan hoon mujhay jaldi jawab dain

Dr Rizwan Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 1  Post: 511  Age:  51  
Posted on:20th Mar 2007, 9:00am

re: hymen surgery

It is not uncommon for the gynaecologist-on-call to be consulted by a blushing young female surrounded by a whole horde of male relatives demanding that she be examined. She did not bleed during sexual intercourse on her wedding night, and the men all want to know "why".
 A simple reassurance of the doctor may save in cases like this the girl's honour. The bride probably had an elastic hymen, which many women do anyway, and in such case she wouldn't bleed. Surgeons construct or restore hymens mostly for cultural reasons. This can be very important for some.
 The procedure comes under a number of names such as: Hymenorrhaphy, hymenoplasty, reconstruction of the hymen, hymen restoration, Hymen replacement surgery or restoration of the hymenal ring.
 Hymen Repair and Hymen Restoration Surgery
 About Hymenoplasty and the hymen restoration procedures:
 Most surgeons only perform hymenoplasty or hymen repair (hymen restoration surgery) at the request of someone who needs the surgery for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons. Also, most surgeons will not perform hymenoplasty surgery in a woman who has given birth.
 The hymen is a ring-like skin membrane that sits in the lower 1/3 of the vagina. It marks the spot that the vulvovaginal bulbs fuse with the Mullerian ducts from above then hollow out to form the vagina. Most often there is a 5 or 6 pointed star opening in the hymen after maturity. With first intercourse or by accident from falling or tampons, 2 or 3 areas tear in the hymen. Most often there is bleeding at the time of tearing.
 The hymenoplasty procedure (to reconstruction the hymen), is after using local anesthesic
 for tissue dissection and to stop small blood vessels from bleeding, the areas which were torn are "denuded" meaning the upper layer of tissue is removed. This is so that they will grow back together when they are approximated with stitches. Then after they are denuded, the edges are brought back together to reform the star-shaped "ring" as it was prior to relations, accident etc. It is made small enough, so that when first sexual relations occur later on, it will "tear" again, there will be some pain, and there will be bleeding.

Cost in Pakistan: I don't know. If anyone know then please reply.

Q. What is Hymen?
 A. The hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane that in some girls and young women is found at the opening to the vagina. It has a central perforation, which can be round or elongated, through which menstrual blood will flow. It is also called "maidenhead".
 Q. Is hymen an evidence of virginity?
 A. For a long time, it was believed that an intact hymen was evidence of a girl's virginity, as the hymen posed a barrier to sexual intercourse.
Some girls who are still virgins have no hymen at all.
Also there have been some cases in which girls who have had several sexual intercources had an intact Hymen. This condition is also called as elastic hymen. A minor surgical procedure should remove the hymen is such cases as elastic hymens sometimes do cause pain during sexual intercourse.
Girls who do have a hymen can break their hymen in a number of differerent ways, many times without even knowing it.
Some of the non-sexual ways in which a hymen will tear are:
 1. Through an accident or injury.
 2. Horseback riding, bicycling, high jumping, gymnastics or similar sports.
 3. Insertion of finger or instrument by doctor during pelvic exam.
While the presence of a hymen indicates virginity, the absence of one is definately not a proof a girl is not a virgin.
 Since an intact hymen can be stretched and split by an erect penis during sexual intercourse, a woman may feel momentary discomfort and may bleed. Should either persist, a doctor should be consulted. On the other hand, there may be no blood or pain involved at all when the hymen is torn.
21_male Group: Members  Joined: 05th Apr, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 5  Age:  32  
Posted on:5th Apr 2007, 4:15pm

Girls... Please be patient

hi. all nice and silly girls. i'm of 22 years but still some times becomes so tense of all these problems happening withus.

but still we have to find out the way in order to avoid ourself from these things, as every1 knows that these things are 100 % against our health.

These things brought a lot of mental anxiety and physical restlessness.

Now what you people have to do is to offer prayers regulary.

give some charity. I'm dead sure that it will bring very excellenct consequences.

Isss kay ilawa rozay rukhain. Inshaullah you'll get control on your self.

Please ! Get control on your self & don't allow your desires to control yourself.

Although you are alive, but when you'll do and act upon my advices.

you'll feel a real and complete new life.


...MOD EDIT: Removed real name...

kachughtai Group: Members  Joined: 05th Apr, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 4  Age:  36  
Posted on:5th Apr 2007, 5:33pm

self sex Answer by a doctor

infact the thing which Rabia and Rida has talked is very common in girls . in other words it is masterbution. please one thing which all members must understand is that these things are habbits. any action once becomes habbit cannot be left easily. although i am not married but one thing i know that these habbits of self sex and masterbation cannot be left even after control your emotions in early stage. dont let them become  strong habbit.
goodgirl Group: Members  Joined: 10th Dec, 2008  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  43  
Posted on:10th Dec 2008, 6:16pm

Female Masturbation With Finger

response to faraz 

u ppl have to accept these girls. tell me what those girls do if their age for marriage is passing.larkon ki maon ko beauty na dstatus se  fursat nhe. ekhlaq n good habits ki kisi ko  khawahish nhe  tu larkian aur kia karain. sex har kisi mein ha larkon mein b aur larkion mein bhe. Ask urself honestly ke tum ne khud kabi ye kam nhe kia ho ga. i admit its bad but as sinful for boys as 4 girls.
System Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Jun, 2008  Topic: 40  Post: 2284  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Dec 2008, 1:49pm

Musht Zani by Finger


janab app ke baat understandable hai... i know its tough for male and female..   Laikin koshish karen ke Masturbate na hi karen... han sometime insan control nahee kar pata.... Specially unmarried boys and girls... womens over 30 are usually in their prime time..  Mastubating ka solution yeah hai ke koi interesting Hobby main masroof hojain....  I hope you get marry soon insha allah..  Now be a goodgirl  as you ID says..
umais Group: Members  Joined: 10th Nov, 2008  Topic: 20  Post: 218  Age:  29  
Posted on:12th Dec 2008, 8:05am

Good girl and All girls


mere bhaiyon or behno. mere khayal se larkion ko yahan per ye sawal nahi karna chahiye. or sari larkiyan masturbation bhi nahi karti hain. jo bhi net wagera use karti hain ya kisi institute k bad environment me rehti hain wohi ye sub kam karti hain. in ko chaiye k agar karti bhi hain to yahan per kisi se zikar na karen. kion k iska aik nuqsan ye hoga k jo log nahi karte wo bhi in ko dekh kar ya ye soch kar kar bethenge k ye bhi to karti hain. hume bhi karlena chiaye..

Waise agar khuda se dua karen or Islamic books wagera read karen to ye habbit door ho sakti hai..

or jo log is ko gunah nahi samajhte wo sirf apne dil to tassalli dene k liye aesi bat karte hain. Agar ap apne zehen se soche to ye aik bura kam or gunah hai..

kion k jab Allah ne farmaya hai k young age ki ibadat me 70 gunah ziada sawab hai to wo isi waja se hai k insan apni shehwat per qaaboo pa kar Allah ki ibadat kare. or hadis me bhi hia k jis shaks ne apni shehwat per qaboo pa ker ibadat ki yani shehwat ki halat me ki is k liye double sawab hai. agar ye gunah na hota to aesa na kaha jata.

agar inssan shehwat ko hi khatam karle to ibadat wo wali nahi mani jaygi jo young age me Allah ne karne ka kaha hai..

hope you would be understand

love 4 all Group: Members  Joined: 09th Dec, 2008  Topic: 1  Post: 63  Age:  31  
Posted on:12th Dec 2008, 1:34pm

re: female masturbation

umais 1 tou tum her cheez k beech mein mazhab dal daitay ho kabhi kissi ki prob bhi realize ker lia kero aub her kissi ki condition tumharay jaisi nai ha.
i think u r sexualy disable person just like puppet .
but we r humen beings not robot which can be control by pressing a button of remote.we have some desires n feelings which is givn 2 us by God.
System Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Jun, 2008  Topic: 40  Post: 2284  Age:  37  
Posted on:12th Dec 2008, 5:35pm


as you said

 yani shehwat ki halat me ki is k liye double sawab hai. agar ye gunah na hota to aesa na kaha jata.

Zarori nahen ke gunah ke wajah se he double sawab mile ga...  Is ko app Mushkil bhe keh sakte hain...  Young age main ibadat karna mushkil hosakta hai kissi bhe wajah se..  young age main log hasool e rizaq ki waja se bhe ya colledge ke wajah se bhe kam ibadat kerte hain..  aur yeah bhe bara mushkil hota hai apna business ya college se time nikal kar app ibadat karo...  to business karna ya education lena gunah hai .... 

umais Group: Members  Joined: 10th Nov, 2008  Topic: 20  Post: 218  Age:  29  
Posted on:13th Dec 2008, 3:46pm

just 4 all

her cheez me islam na layn to kia layn phir.. jab her cheez ki solution Allah ne di hai to phir samajhne ki koshish karo dear.. or buri cheez ko bura samjho. agar koi karta bhi hai tu batane se faida nahi hai. koshish karte rahain Allah behter karega.. hosakta hai ap k batane k bad ap to ye harkate chor den magar ap ki baten parh kar doste start kar den.. ok her cheez me deen lana pary ga mere bhai..... Arn't you muslim??


beta ye konsi daleelen pesh kar rahy ho app, bilkul hi ulti baat ki hai zehen se bhi soch liya karo.. agar aesi bat hoti time nikalne wali to burhape ne insaan ko ziada sawab milta. q k jab insan borha hota hai to us ki tabiyat us ka sath nahi deti. her waqt thakan rehti hai. magar us hal me bhi use jawani wala sawab nahi milta. isi waja se k shayed wo shadi shuda hai.

ap kisi bhi tarha is ko jaiz qarar nahi de sakte. ye sirf apne dil ko tassali dene wali baten hain sari


akhtar_561 Group: Members  Joined: 16th Dec, 2008  Topic: 1  Post: 19  Age:  34  
Posted on:17th Dec 2008, 4:14am


Its totally HARAM.. Plz dont think like this and control on yourself till to marry...
kingjee1 Group: Members  Joined: 16th Jul, 2008  Topic: 4  Post: 7  Age:  40  
Posted on:22nd Dec 2008, 7:30am

Female Masturbation by Finger

 Ager ek kawari larki apny app ko relax kerti hai to shaadi key baad  koi masla nahi hota wo finger say kray yaa masaal kir. na he menses may farak parta hai. agra ap nai kray gi tu ap k zahen may ajeeb ajeeb sawal ai gay agr ap ko khuwaish ahi tu . k ap k koi boy friend hota may ri jaldi say shaid ho jai etc dosebt matter enjoy your self Group: Members  Joined: 16th Dec, 2008  Topic: 6  Post: 100  Age:  37  
Posted on:22nd Dec 2008, 8:14pm

Female maturbation

Male and female are equal in respect of sexual desires and there is no such thing in Islam that its prohibited nor its a sin. but yes its not a good thing to do. If there is no other option for a girl then she can do msturbation. Dr.Rizwan has written complete detail about it in book for all. everybody should read it. Its a misconception in our society to press females on every issue. Females has every right in all regards
happy123 Group: Members  Joined: 30th Dec, 2008  Topic: 3  Post: 159  Age:  44  
Posted on:7th Jan 2009, 8:11am

100%agreed with fau guru

fau guru and kingjee i m 100%agreed with u .

mien ney yahan per sub logon ky post parhy hain .miery khyaal mien mard hazraat ney sirf apney mutaliq books hi read ki hain ager woh thori c zehmat ker k books for females bhi study ker layen taun un ko buhat hi faaida ho ga .mard sub samjhty hain k satisfaction ka word sirf un logon key liye hi bana hai .

mien aap sub ko apney experience sey btana chahti hon k female ki masterbation sey female per koi bura asar nahi parta .mien ab do bachoon ki maa hon aur buhat achi sexual life guzar rahi hon .

hamarey zmany mien tau aisi site nahi thi mager yeh site bana ker dr sahab ney buhat hi acha kaam kiya hain .isliye young logon sey kehna chahti hon  is site ko mehaz tafreeh k liye na parhy balk is sey  seekhyen.

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