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Flat Foot: How Can It Be Corrected?

General Health   >>  Bone and Muscles
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khansaab Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 82  Age:  38  
Posted on:3rd Mar 2007, 8:23am

Flat Foot: How Can It Be Corrected?

Dr.Saab my cousin has recently given the medical test in armed forces and he was declared Unfit due to flat feet. please tell me that could this problem be solved? If yes what are the exercises or medicines to correct this problem.Also add a "General Health Problems" Forum in the blog. Thanks
Dr Rizwan Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 1  Post: 511  Age:  51  
Posted on:3rd Mar 2007, 8:29pm

Flat Feet: Treatment and Therapy

Your cousin is advise to consult any orthopaedic surgeon for this problem.

Flat Feet: Treatment and Therapy

Flexible flat feet that are painless do not require treatment. If pain due to flexible flat feet occurs, an orthotic (arch supporting insert in the shoe) can bring relief. With the increased interest in running, many shoe stores carry shoes for normal feet and pronated feet. The shoes designed for pronated feet make long distance running easier and less tiring as they correct for the positional abnormality.

Rigid or painful flat feet require the evaluation of a health care provider. The exact treatment depends on the cause of the flat feet. For tarsal coalition, treatment starts with rest and possibly casting.

If this fails to improve the pain, surgery may be necessary to either resect the fused bone or actually completely fuse several bones in a corrected position. For problems with the posterior tibial tendon, treatment may start with rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and shoe inserts or ankle braces.

In more advanced cases, surgery may be necessary to clean the tendon, repair the tendon, or actually fuse some of the joints of the foot in a corrected postion in very advanced cases.

Expectations (prognosis)

Most cases of flat feet are painless and no problems are to be expected. The prognosis of painful flat feet again depends on the cause of the condition. Usually treatment is succesful, regardless of the cause.

If a fusion is required then there is some loss of ankle motion, especially turning the foot inward and outward, but otherwise patients with fusions report tremendous improvement in pain and function.

Note: new category added "General Health"

khansaab Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 82  Age:  38  
Posted on:8th Mar 2007, 9:32am


Dear Dr.Saab!

The condition of flat feet is quite painless but it is not according to the criteria of Armed Forces.

So whatshould be the treatment?

Hangama Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007  Topic: 39  Post: 1284  Age:  42  
Posted on:20th Jan 2008, 8:45pm


Baqi member kiya kahtain hain?

Bili_miau Group: Members  Joined: 20th Oct, 2007  Topic: 17  Post: 871  Age:  31  
Posted on:21st Jan 2008, 12:20am


u know my true story.....well when i was a young girl about 12 or 13 or so..i had this same problem..i had flat feet and couldnt run or even walk properly..and had so much pain by walking..that i rather preferd sitting all day or support of something....anyhow i went to a doctor to consult it...

he examined me..and sent me out of the room..had a discussion with my dad for about ten mins and all he said to me was that i should keep waiting and it will be fine with the time!!i couldnt belive him however i didnt had any other option left..and i kept waitng waiting waiting,..and seriously after a few years i was able to walk again properly and normally like ever!!

however im still curious to know wht the doctor told my dad in the private chat ...:-S

romeelcool Group: Members  Joined: 10th Jul, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 8  Age:  32  
Posted on:10th Jul 2009, 8:34pm


romeelcool Group: Members  Joined: 10th Jul, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 8  Age:  32  
Posted on:10th Jul 2009, 8:35pm


i m sorry i was posting it at the other page but posted over here.. what is the way to erase this post?? i cant see..


excuse me for this.. sorry.

m.ehtisham Group: Members  Joined: 11th Oct, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Oct 2009, 12:42pm

bone and Muscile

Asalam Ale kum, Doctor sahab mera masala ye hai ke, meri age 28 years hai, aur mera techay ka hisa bohat komzor hai khas kar dono tang, Pindle bohat patle hain aur paar ki unglian ke musciles bohat kich rahe hain, aur tangon ka gosh sukh raha hai kafi elak karwaya magar koi faida nahi hua (Jinnah hospital) wale keh rahe hain ke ye (Pariunal muscular disturphy) hai, Sir aap kuch kar sakhty hain plz mari madad karien .... .. Edited.. Email address are not allowed.MODERATOR.
Waterr Group: Members  Joined: 15th Jul, 2009  Topic: 59  Post: 3783  Age:  31  
Posted on:11th Oct 2009, 1:08pm

Muscular dystrophy

Apko apna masla alag naey post mai karain. Ye upper hena brown mai start new topic ko click karain usme.. Iska flat foot se koi taluq nai he ok
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