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Attractions Towards Homosexuality

Religion and Sex   >>  Homosexuality (Gay and Lesbian)
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chayn098 Group: Members  Joined: 13th Apr, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 1  Age:  28  
Posted on:14th Apr 2009, 2:35pm

Attractions Towards Homosexuality

I want to sex with males and I love males. Is it a mental or psychological problem?

How can I rid of it? Please help me.


simpleguy Group: Members  Joined: 14th Apr, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 60  Age:  34  
Posted on:14th Apr 2009, 3:10pm

big problem

its a big problem, its called homosexuality and its strictly forbidden in islam, avoid.
simpleguy Group: Members  Joined: 14th Apr, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 60  Age:  34  
Posted on:14th Apr 2009, 3:13pm


read namaz 5 times, read quran and pray to ALLAH that is the only possible solution, also getting married with a girl may help,
hope that answers
dom_man Group: Members  Joined: 13th Mar, 2009  Topic: 80  Post: 1430  Age:  39  
Posted on:14th Apr 2009, 3:24pm

agreed with simpleguy

it is a psychological problem,consult any psychologist.
zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:15th Apr 2009, 8:04am


it is very serious psycological problem

ap kisi achey se psychatrist se treatment kerwayen

it can be resolved

is k ilawa namaz aur Quran k paband ho jayen

ALLAH ka ziker kertey raha keryen

firewater Group: Members  Joined: 19th Jan, 2009  Topic: 9  Post: 59  Age:  32  
Posted on:22nd Apr 2009, 8:27am


You are a gay for the first time in my life i am talking to a gay
watch porn as much as you can and start taking interset in women and try to avoid men

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:29th Apr 2009, 5:54am


jani aisa nahi kehtey kisi ko

dear chayn.....ap kisi achey psychatrist ko dikhayen

roza rekha keryen

namaz aur Quran perha keryen

aur acehy kamon mein dil lagayen takey ap ka zehen aisi gandi baton per na jaye

kuts Group: Members  Joined: 26th Apr, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 7  Age:  27  
Posted on:30th Apr 2009, 5:49pm

khod sochain

aap dosro se mashwara lene k bajaye akelay tanhai main khod sochain k kiya yeh sahi hai ya nai aapko aapka jawab mil jaye ga .
System Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Jun, 2008  Topic: 40  Post: 2284  Age:  37  
Posted on:30th Apr 2009, 7:33pm


agreed to zeb...  

 zeb zinda bad..

firewater bhai jan zeb ki baat thek hai...

Chaman Group: Members  Joined: 24th Aug, 2008  Topic: 9  Post: 60  Age:  38  
Posted on:30th Apr 2009, 9:14pm

Daro Us ALLAh Sy Jiss Ke Taraf Lotay Jao gyy


        Offer 5 times pray and Recite Holy Quran specially Read  What Allah Said in Quran Kareem about QOOMAY LOOTE



Dr Faeez Group: Members  Joined: 04th Apr, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 3  Age:  44  
Posted on:3rd May 2009, 5:26pm

re:Attractions Towards Homosexuality

the reasons for homosexuality have not been found as yet, some say it is by birth, some say it is a psychological problem, some say it is a genetic problem, but all agree it is a problem.
the reasons may be shrouded in sectrecy but the causes are also not open, you can now make a homosexual but i have not heard of anybody curing one.
islam defines it as the things that the tribe of 'Lot(A.S.W.T)' did and they were punished but it also defines in the same suran that the people of the tribe also did not use the correct weights and measures for trading.
when you are married and you have such feelings, try to concentrate on the issue at hand islam does not allow such behaviour, period.......therefore try and commit your mind to the fact and try and make your wife the object of your desire:
think of her whenever your arousal is there and take time to admire her and then try and live with her and for her
understand you dont have to prove anything to the world by worying that you have been married long enough and blah blah blah but concentrate on what you have to do that is have sex
try and concentrate yourself in the field and i would say that you can use soft or hardcore porn for the issue too but dont get too involved
these are the first steps that you can take but the road is long and hard, oh yes the most important thing
PRAY that Allah delivers you from this test that you are in, if you fear Allah this might be the very small test of your willpower.
i will be praying for you
let me know who it turns out to be
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