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Menses During Marriage: What Does You All Advice Me?

Unmarried Girls Problem   >>  Menses (Menstrual Cycle)
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Faiza.Khan Group: Members  Joined: 10th Apr, 2008  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  31  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 11:47pm

Menses During Marriage: What Does You All Advice Me?


How are you All?

Meri prolem yeh hai ke meri shadi honay wali aur mere ghar walon ne mujh se pooch ker meri shadi ki date fix ki thi but problme yeh hui ke meri periods ki date change ho gayee aur jis din meri shdi hai us din mere period ka 3rd ya 4th day hoga, Meri mere feancy se kaafi close understanding hai mei ne un k yeh baat bata di, mere feancy ne mujh se kaha ke woh mujh se us between intercourse nahi kren ge un ko meri kaafi care hai aur islamic point of ivew se bih yeh theek nahi hoga, but mein chahti hoon ke menses mujhe pehle aa jayaen kyun ke Life mein aisa chance bohot kam aata hia jab insaan ki her dua qubool hoti hai aur mein us din namaz parh ker khoobn dua maangna chahti hoon is liye Please kindly mujhe koi mashwara den is matter per, mein apne honaywale husband ki taraf se befiekr hoon kyun ke woh ek achay insaan hain but meri problem jo hai woh meirn aap ko bata chuki hoon umeed hai ke aap log meri problme samajh chukay honge, mujhe us din ALLAH se khoob dua maangni hai.


Waiting for your Kind & positive reply

Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 6:21pm

reply: Menses Problem

Dear faiza there are multiple medicine which help to change the menses time. I advice u to consult with the doctor and ur doctor will give u medicine which is suitable for u.

Dont worry about it.

pakimasti Group: Members  Joined: 21st Aug, 2007  Topic: 4  Post: 42  Age:  37  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 6:27pm

reply: Menses Problem

Your reply to best of my knowledge is, if Allah make things happen like this then he who knows best and accepts our wishes. U must dua on that special day. Allah is grateful. My good wishes are always with you.
pinky7861 Group: Members  Joined: 06th Oct, 2007  Topic: 44  Post: 1348  Age:   
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 6:40pm

reply: Menses Problem


Faiza aap kay liay maira mashwera yah hay kay plz koi medicine istimaal mat kerna, allah nay dua qabool kernay kay liay nmaaz aur wuzu ki koi shart nahi rakhi hay.  jo bhi dil say pooray yaqeen kay sath dua kerta hay wo allah zaroor qabool fermata hay.  Medicines kay bohat side effects hotay hain aur waisay bhi baaz auqaat iss kisam ki medicine kay istimaal say periods hona kuch arsay kay liay band ho jatay hain.  aap ko aisa risk lainay ki koi zaroorat nahi jab kay aap kay fiance ko koi masla nahi hay.


   Honestly, would u stop playing with ppl's lives?  I still dont understand that why u try to act like a doctor when u are not and suggest wrong things on wrong times to wrong ppl.  U need to get real man or u will be ruinning someone's life. 

Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 6:57pm

reply: Menses Problem

Pinky sister u give ur answer with your mentality which may not match to mine because 2 peoples in this world cannot think alike. If i have a point of view i will write it on the forum in my own style if u dont like my post then plz dont read it. Why u are wasting time in commenting on my posts if u dont agree to them.

U are living abroad and u dont realize the realities and facts of pakistani yuths problems. U post ur replies in extremly westernised way which some times are useless for the pakistani people. U may be right on some places and on some points but mostly u disagree to mature and educated members of the forum just because of ur unauthenticated knowledge taken from here and there and its amazing that u challenge masters of medical fields just on ur internet base knowledge ( i am not talking about me as u always challenge others). I think u are over confident person and u r tring just to impress all the members.

My advice to her is 100% correct and if u have any issuue or misunderstanding with it then i advice u to must consult with any gynecologist of ur country and pakistan also...

I think u already have negative impact of my post cause if u read it again then u will find that i already tell her to consult with the doctor and get the medicine according to doctor prescription.. Please stop pasing comment on me and if u think i am wrong then u must first consult with the doctor and then point out my post..

Veer Group: Members  Joined: 12th Oct, 2011  Topic: 85  Post: 4723  Age:  35  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 8:07pm

reply: Menses Problem

i am agreed to pinky7861

aap koi bhi medic le kar apna cycle kharab mat karo aap perieds ki data to change kar lo gi mager baad mein bhut si prob bhi ho sakti hai

es liye mera mahwara yehi hai ke aap koi medic mat use karo aur wese bhi aap ke hone wale hasband bhi aap ka sath de rahe hain jab on ko koi prob nehin hai to aap koi medic mat lo aur ager aap dil se dua kare ge to inshallah Allah zaroor sone ge..

Allah aap ki shaadi khairiyat se kar de aur aap ko aur aap ke hasbund ko bhut khosh rakhe aap ki jori salamat rahe Ameen.

Seemi Group: Members  Joined: 11th Sep, 2007  Topic: 14  Post: 3812  Age:  32  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 10:22pm

reply: Menses Problem

Pinky said perfecly right. Dear Faiza, dont use any medicine to disturb your natural menstural cycle. Apnay paoon pe kulhara marnay ki koshish mat karein. It will lead you some more problems. You already told, your husband has no problem at all with this issue, so why are you so upset. you can pray without ablution and without offering prayers. You can offer Nafals after your mensis. Dilon k haal ALLAH khoob janta hai.

Aag bhai jaan, aap apna point of view us soorat mein share karein jab aap ko yaqeen ho k aap sahih hein. Hawa mein teer chalanay ka koi faida nahin. Baat western ya pakistani society ki nahin hai, human health ki hai. Or na hi baa Internet based knowledge ki hai, a female can better understand a female's problem and can better suggest because of might be her own experiences or some general discussions with friends, cousins or doctors.  Ghalat mashwaray kisi ke liye nuqsaande ho saktay hien.

sunehri76 Group: Members  Joined: 04th Aug, 2007  Topic: 100  Post: 4632  Age:  42  
Posted on:10th Apr 2008, 10:54pm

reply: Menses Problem

in this case i agreed to Aag

becuase mensec cicle ko normal rakhne ke lye ek dawai milti hai(pk me bhi milti hogi) jo ke sath family planing ke lye bhi hoti hai ,us se ye hota hai ke 21-22 days wo dawa daily khate hain aur usko 21 days bad chodne se kuch din bad menses a jate hain..isi tarah agar koi wo dawai 10 days kha kar chod de to bhi kuch din bad period a jate hain..

and this medicine havent side effects..because they are harmfull family planning tabletts..

Faiza.Khan Group: Members  Joined: 10th Apr, 2008  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  31  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 6:03am

reply: Menses Problem

ok Thanks for you r replies

I want to ask ke medicine lene ke baad temporarily menses to ruk jayen ge but kahin phir periods mein koi problem to nahi hogi kyum mein mensis rokna nahi chahit blwke chahti hoon ke jaldi aajayen aur ager us ke liye taqblets use karoon gi to kahin mujhe pregnancy mein koi problem na ho?

Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 6:41am


Faiza: listen its better to consult with the doctor cause if doctor think its suitable for u to use any medicine then she will give u medicine.. Some time its good to consult doctor and not good to ask question here. Cause Every member dont have deep knowledge about every think just like seemi, pinky and lucky.

Seemi: I agreed that u are girl but if u talk about medical science then i think u are zero. Any way i already advice pinky to consult with the doctor related my answer and again i advice u too to visit any gynecologist and discusswith her.

Lucky: Sir jee u r right but for ur side. u must intereupt in boys problem cause u dont have knowledge. Only collecting information from internet is not enough.

Any way im not here to fight with any one and if u all read my post clearly with open eyes i already told Faiza " I advice u to consult with the doctor and ur doctor will give u medicine which is suitable for u."....

Kuch  chezain doctors per bhi chorni chahiyaa..

sunehri76 Group: Members  Joined: 04th Aug, 2007  Topic: 100  Post: 4632  Age:  42  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 7:08am


aag bhai ne thik kaha hai ap behtar hai doctor se mashwara le lain,wo apko sahi tor pe guide kar sakega...but jis medicines ki mai bat kar rahi hun dr se puchyega,aur wo medicin agar ap ek sirf ek bar use karengi(1month)to apko pragnancy me inshallah koi problem nahi hogi,us se problem ho sakti hain jab wo medicine contuiniue1-2 years use karo...

My Reply Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 2  Post: 2481  Age:  50  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 7:21am

dua during menses

Faiza.Khan: menses ke doran nimaz nahi perh sakti lekin zubani dua tu maang sakti hai. menses ke doran aap shohar se mubasrat nahi ker sakti. lekin foreplay ki ijazat hai. mera mashwara hai keh medicine ke zaria menses ke nizam ko disturb na kare, beshumar pechidgia ho sakti hai. qudrat ke nizam ko disturb na kare aur menses ko waqt per hi aane de. medicine ke zahria na rokain.
goodman Group: Members  Joined: 11th Oct, 2007  Topic: 66  Post: 7815  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 7:24am

good reply My reply

i agree with My reply.Good Reply.

Allah day Banai Nazam Noo Na Charoo

Serif Her waqat Allah he Allah Kiya keroo

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 8:37am


agreed to My Reply, Pinky and Seemi

dont use any medicine plz

Hangama Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007  Topic: 39  Post: 1284  Age:  42  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 10:10am


Achi khasi jang ka sa sama hogaya hai. Lagta hai bohot sarai log misconcept sai bharai howai hai aur kuch log apnai ap ko ucha dekhana chatai hai aur kuch log bila wajha mai shor macha rahai hain jinko kuch pata hi nahi....LOL.. Yah duniya ka dastoor hai kai aik dusrai ki leg ko khechooo. Chalain mai bhi kuch apnai khayalat ka ezhar kardoon yaha pai.

Faiza: Apka masla etna uljha howa nahi tha. Dekhain agar apkai fiance apkai sath hain means kai woh apki bat samajtai hain to mujhai yah lagta hai kai apko menses time ko chernai ki zarorat nahi hai. Achi bat yah hai kai apkai husband kafi samajdaar hain jo apki bat ko samajh gai. ALLAH sai dua karain inshallah sab set hoga.

Jaha taq bat hai menses kai time ko change karnai ki to mai aag aur sunehri sai agree karta hon kiyu kai aisi medicine hain mojod jinsi time change hojata hai aur yah bat bhi bilkul sahi hai kai baad mai time wapis normal hojata hai. Asal bat yah hai kai apko chahiya kai ap apni doctor sai milain jo apko apki medically health aur apki menses cycles aur bhi bohot se chezain ho sakti hain jinko check kar kai ap ko medicine ki advice karain aur yah bhi possible hai kai advice hi na karain. Bahtar yahi hai ka es silsilai mai ap doctor sai hi ruju karain.

Pinky: Pinky pajan kiya hogaya hai. Kiyu baicharai AAG bhai ki jan lainai per tuli hain ap. Merai hisab sai enhonai kuch ghalat nahi kaha hai. Sari baton sai mai agree karta hon aag ki aur aag kai replies mai nai bhi bohot dekhain hai aur woh bohot authenticated hotai hain aur aisa lagta hai kabhi kabhar kai experience howai hotai hai. Yar pinky pajan chorain kiya zarorat hai kisi per firing karnai kii. Information es duniya mai etni ziayda hai jis ki koi haad nahi hai. Aik doctor kuch advice karta hai to dusra doctor kuch advice dai raha hota hai. Yah chahai pakistan ki bat ho yah chahai america yah kisi bhi country ki bat ho.. Kuch batain aisi hoti hain jinka data agar dekha jai to woh kuch hoti hai laikin jab ap khud experince kartai hai to uska result kuch aur hi hota hai kiyu kai zarori nahi hai kai internet per likhi howi har bat durust ho. Hota yah hai kai internet per har bat aik general way mai hi hoti hai. Khair ap to khud samajh dar hai ab mai apko kaha samjhanai beth gaya. Sirf etna kahonga kai dusron ko point out karnai sai bahtar hai kai ap apni suggestion dain. Jaha taq bat medical answers ki hai to jo member bhi yaha pai sawal karaiga woh pagal nahi hai kai yaha kai members ka reply pharkai unper amal karlai. Woh lazmi doctor sai zaror milaiga han yah zaror hoga kai woh jo doctor nahi kaha hai usko aur yaha kai members kai mind sai milanai ki koshish zaror karaiga.

AAG: Aag bhai thandai hojain yar.. ap ki bat sai mai agree karta hon es liya kuch nahi kahonga apko. Han etna zaror hai kai jaha ap nai yah likha kai doctor ki advice lain waha yah bhi likhdaina tha kai "agar doctor samjhaingai to medicine daingai apko otherwise nahi daingai" aur agar ap yah bhi kah daitai kai "waisai to medicine use nahi karni chahiya laikin phir bhi ap doctor sai mil lai" to shayad kuch nahi hota.

Mera khayal hai kai aag nahi kahi yah nahi kaha kai ap foran medicine use karian aur apna menses time increase karain. sari baton mai yahi laga kai woh sirf yahi batana chatai thai kai menses time medicine sai increase hota hai aur koi prob nahi karta jo bat sunehri nai bhi kardi.

Seemi: LOL apki bat phar kar hansi bhi ai to kuch had taq sahi bhi lagi. Jaha taq bat hai kai female female ki problems ko bahtar samajhti hai to mai agree karta hon laikin agar har problem ka solution female female ko bata sakti to doctors ki zarorat hi nahi hoti. Ap kai es statement nai to doctors ki choti hi kardi. Ap ko kiya pata kai research kiya chal rahi hain. Ap ko to yah pata hai kai menses agar time per nahi ai to koi problem ho sakti hai, yah menses ka time agai pechai ho sakta hai to koi masla nahi kabhi kabhar hojata hai magar kuch time limits hain.. Laikin ap enka solution nahi bata sakti han etna manta hon kai female female ki problem ko sirf samajh sakti hain hal nahi bata sakti. Mera khayal kai kisi ko pin point karnai sai pahlai achi tarhan sai home work karna chahiya. AAG nai sahi kaha kai ap doctor sai pahlai consult karain...LOL

Lucky: lucky paji lagta hai tumko medical sai related kuch bhi nahi pata hai..

Sunehri: Waisa ap etna wasoook sai kaisa kah rahi hain kai medicine sai koi nuqsan nahi hota. Kiya apnai kabhi woh medicine use kari hai yah koi aisa experince howa hai apko. Please share karain warna yah jang jo shuru howi hai aag aur pinky kai darmiyan mujhai lagta hai hamesha chalti rahaigi.

Zeb bhai: Kiya hal hain tuwada. Kaisai ho yar. Ab apko mai kuch nahi kahonga kiyu kai ap es phadai mai nahi kudai hoo. heehehhe. Good.

Sab members zeb sai kuch sekhain usnai apni advice dee kisi ko bila wajha mai pin point nahi kara. good. Zeb ki yah adat bohto achi hai kai woh dusron kai maslai hal karna chata hai nakai woh dusron per firing karain aur member ki problem wahi ki wahi rah jai. Good zeb bhai keep it up.

Hangama Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007  Topic: 39  Post: 1284  Age:  42  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 10:12am


etni big post kardi koi pharaiga bhi nahi..... :(
zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 10:17am


thanks hungama.....

ap ne mujhey bilkul sahi pehchana....

thanku sooooo much

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 10:18am


heheheh main ne to perh li hai....baki sub logon marzi perheyn na perheyn :-)
Hangama Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007  Topic: 39  Post: 1284  Age:  42  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 10:27am


Waisa jo maina lekha uskai barai mai apka kiya khayal hai
zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Apr 2008, 10:40am


i think ur right....

im agree with u....

bohat hi acha reply hai ap ka....

aur sub ko un ki posts k hisaab se bilkul sahi sahi jawab diye hain ap ne...

im really very impressed...

u r very intelligent person :-)

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