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Married Men Problem   >>  Male Infertility
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Abdul R Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Jun, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 2  Age:  38  
Posted on:23rd Jun 2008, 7:05pm


I've been married for approximately 2 years, in which we have been trying for children.  Unfortunately this has not happened so far.  we have just been to the doctors and they have informed me  that my sperm count is very large (111 million) and have a percentage of 5% normality.
I am really upset about this - have you any advice that you can give me.
doctorji Group: Experts  Joined: 21st Apr, 2008  Topic: 3  Post: 540  Age:  43  
Posted on:23rd Jun 2008, 10:47pm

abdul saheb

janab aap apni poori report ki tafseel idher copy kar hi deejiye.

phir zara baith kar iss muamle par ghaur karte hain. mashware aap ko buhat se mill jayege phir. inshallah

chaliye janab ab aap ki baari hai.
sunehri76 Group: Members  Joined: 04th Aug, 2007  Topic: 100  Post: 4632  Age:  42  
Posted on:23rd Jun 2008, 10:50pm

dont want

devert topic...drji where u???
zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:24th Jun 2008, 7:28am

abdul R

copy ur report here plz

khalid0006 Group: Members  Joined: 22nd Oct, 2012  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  31  
Posted on:22nd Oct 2012, 12:04pm

oral sex

...MOD EDIT: Removed off-topic question...

MOD NOTE: Oral sex question is not related to fertility topic.
Khushka Group: Members  Joined: 01st Jan, 2015  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  34  
Posted on:1st Jan 2015, 6:17pm

My Report

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
This is my report kindly check and do tell me if it is not good then what should i do ? like Diet and also medicine... one medice i already using According to Dr prescription ( Capsol MObikare DR 42 days) only

Age 30
Volume: 2.7ml, Colr Creamy white, Consistency Viscous, Reaction : Alkaline,
Liquefaction Time: 25min

Microscopic Exam
Total Sperms Count :55, Actively Motile Sperms:30, Sluggishly Motile Spem :35,
Dead,Non Motile Spm: 35, Spermatozoa Showing Abnormal Morphology:25-30,
Pus Cells 4-6, Red Blood Cells : NIL, Epithelial Cells: 1-2
Conclusion : Asthenospermia.

Kindly advise me thanks
eagleyes Group: Members  Joined: 31st Aug, 2016  Topic: 0  Post: 16  Age:  29  
Posted on:31st Aug 2016, 7:50am

semen report

is my report normal
liquefaction time normal
appearance creamy white
consistancy normal
volume 3.0ml
ph alkaline
sperm motility
rapid progression 65%
slow progression 10%
non progressive motility 25&
immotile nil
count/ml 60
normal 70%
abnormal 30%
head defect 15%
tail defect 05%
neck % mid piece defects 10%
headless pinhead 10-12
pus cells 1-2
red blood cells 0-1
epithelial cells nil
miscellaneous nill
Dr.Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2009  Topic: 6  Post: 441  Age:  41  
Posted on:31st Aug 2016, 7:40pm

Semen Report

Aap ne Sperm Count Nahi Likha hai..Agar Sperm Count 20milln/ml se zyada baaqi tamam chize to sahi lagti hain.
eagleyes Group: Members  Joined: 31st Aug, 2016  Topic: 0  Post: 16  Age:  29  
Posted on:1st Sep 2016, 12:16pm


...MOD EDIT: Removed question spammed in multiple topics...

MOD NOTE: Do not bombard multiple topics with the same copy-paste question. post in one place and wait for response.
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