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Pco: Please Give Details About Ultrasound Of Fallopian Tubes?

Married Women Problem   >>  Women Problems
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sema Group: Members  Joined: 29th Aug, 2007  Topic: 10  Post: 14  Age:  42  
Posted on:1st Mar 2008, 6:48am

Pco: Please Give Details About Ultrasound Of Fallopian Tubes?

mai dubai mai rahti ho meri problem yah hai doctor nai ultra sound kiya jis mai report belkal thek hai or na hi mujhay pcos hai lekin meray egg ka size menses kai 14 days ultra sound mai 14cm tha jis kai badd doctor nai mujhay clomid de hai jo 5 din use karana hai or doctor nai yah bhi bolla hai kai mai apna menses band honay ki 5th days.  apni foliphen tube ka ultra sound karay mai smhaj nahi i hai kai woh kyun bool rahi hai or pakistan mai yah test hota hai or as kai leyah paysay kitnay lagtahay hai mai pakistan a reahi as test lai leyah yaha yeh test pakistani 9000/- ka hai waha kitnay ka hota hai  
Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:1st Mar 2008, 8:27pm


This is a disease related to hormonal disturbances in the body and it also affects the menstrual cycle of the person, since the cycles are anovulatory cycles(egg is not released) in PCOS hence the chance of pregnancy is minimum but if the treatment for infertility is taken properly, women with PCOS can become mothers. So do what every ur doctor said and dont take tension as tension is the main point to raise any issue. follow the instruction given by the doctor plz. Well i dont know about the cost of this test.

My Reply Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 2  Post: 2481  Age:  50  
Posted on:24th Apr 2008, 7:21pm

re: ultrasound of fallopian tube

aap ne apne post mai kaha keh "na hi mujhe pcos hai". aap ne yeh lafz pcos kio istemal kia. kia aap ki doctor ko shak tha keh aap ko pco hai. ho sakta hai keh mojooda test se yeh maloom hua keh aap ko pcos nahi hai aur woh mazeed confirm kerne ke liye fallopian tube ka ultrasound kara rahi ho.

aap ne yeh bhi nahi bataya keh aakhir aap ki doctor ne kio ultrasound kia, woh kia takaleef thi jis ki bina per yeh ultra sound hua. bahar haal mera mashwarah hai keh aap apni doctor ko follow kare. Karachi mai yeh ultrasound ketne ka hota hai mujhe nahi maloom, lekin bahar hal Rs. 9000 se kam hi hoga.
nutty Group: Members  Joined: 29th Nov, 2013  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  33  
Posted on:29th Nov 2013, 8:48am

IVFC injection

mera yeh masla hai k ovary main egg ban to rahay hian laikin nikaltay nahin hain.. .mainay medication start ki hai.. us say left ovary main mature follicle aya hai.. phir IVFC ka injection bhi lagwanay ko bola tha dr. nay ... is injection ka kia function hai? .. elaj ko 3 months ho gaye hain par abhi tak conceive nahin hua...
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