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Interest (Sood) In Islam: In Which Cases Not Haram, Means Halal?

Religion and Culture
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pakiyaar Group: Members  Joined: 19th Aug, 2007  Topic: 25  Post: 87  Age:  44  
Posted on:21st Aug 2007, 4:11pm

Interest (Sood) In Islam: In Which Cases Not Haram, Means Halal?

First of all i play special thanks to moderator, who have started this good web site. secondly to all of my female and male collegues who have good thinking and helpful mind.

Now i want to discuss one issue, which one of my freind discuss with me and i fail to answer.

As we know that interest( sood) is harm in islam. but my freind save some money for purchase of house and put in bank. according to his saying that he have put this amont only for saving of money till he get as much money to purchase house, not for sood. He is also saying that at that time he had thought that as much as interest(sood) he will recive he will give to needy students for education and for marry of poor girls.

As we know that wife, children and parents are our responsibilities and they are not included in the category to whom we pay Zakat.

but brother and sister(reals) are not actuall resposibilites. we can pay zakat if they desirve for it. but in our society we think they are as responsibility.

My actuall question is that my freind have two sisters and one  brother. he say that if he give this interest(sood) money for his own sisters marry or brother eduaction, then what are saying of islam? he is not a rich person, also married. please if some one have islamic knowledge please share with me. i am outside country if some one have some source then please ask from any mufti or alam for my help. i know that it is socaily not good to be think but i need answer acoording to islamic views.

i think i will get good help from u.


Kali Zuban Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 30  Post: 1790  Age:  33  
Posted on:21st Aug 2007, 4:40pm

Interest Sood In Islam: Can Not Be Given As Zakat Or Sadqa

Bank par rakhe hui raqam par sood lena haram hai. sood ki raqam chukeh haram hai is lia is se zakat nahi di ja sakti. lekin sood ki raqam kisi ghareeb ko de dene se (beghair sadqa o zakat ki niat) baqi manda asal raqam halal ho jati hai.

agar bhai bahan ghareeb hai tu yeh raqam bhai bahno ko di ja sakti hai. lekin ziadah behtar hai keh apne aziz o aqarib ke bajai kisi ajnabi ko , jo ghareeb ho, beghair niat sadqa ke di jai.

halal raqam bator zakat, ghareeb bhai bahno ko di ja sakti hai. agar bhai bahno ko zakat lene mai jhjhak ho rahi ho tu onhai yeh batane ki zaroorat nahi keh yeh zakat ki raqam hai, sirf niat kar lena kafi hai.

pakiyaar Group: Members  Joined: 19th Aug, 2007  Topic: 25  Post: 87  Age:  44  
Posted on:21st Aug 2007, 7:39pm

Sood Or Interest In Islam: Can It Be Used In Marriage Of Sister?

Thanks to kali zuban for ur replay. i know this. my question was actually that this sood amount can be given to sister and brother(real), if these are unmarried and dependent upon parents.

Actually my freind want to use amount of sood as he get from bank for marry of his sister. he say as unamrried sisters are responsibility of parents not responsibility of elder brothers and sisters (as never mentioned in hadis books and holy quran). in over society we think they are our responsibility.

so please find an answer that this sood money can be used for marry of really sisters or education of brother younger one.

safeena Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Jul, 2007  Topic: 15  Post: 240  Age:  38  
Posted on:21st Aug 2007, 9:29pm

Interest And Sood In Islam: Do Not Open Account With Interest Sood Riba Or Profit

Assalam o ALikum

Kali Zuban ne jo bataya hay bilkul theek hay lekin main us main ek cheez ka izafa keroon gee jitni mayri knowledge hay aur jitna main ne abhi search kia hay sood k liye 

humain aesa account bank main lena hee nahi chaheyye jis main sood  shamil hota hay aaj kal taqreeban her bank main nahi tu ziyada tar banks main sood  se paak banking bhi ho rahi hay  aap apni amount fix deposite k bajaye check in account ya jo bhi sood se paak account hota hay us main karain ,theek .

kali zuban k 1st pera. main thori sa izafa  kerna chahon gee k aap k paas moujooda raqam pe jitna sood hay us ko kisi ghareeb ko de dein aur ainda aesa account na open karain kion k sood se hasil kee gai raqam ghreeb ko dena bhi koi acchi baat nahi

sadqa  zakat  kheraat  jesa k oper aap ko bataya Kali zuban ne sood  kee raqam se dena jaiz nahi

sadqa denay k liye ye hay k aap jis ko sadqa dein us ko bata ker dein lekin ager ZAKAT   dein aur khass tur per apnay behan bhai ya kisi AZIZ ko tu batana zarori nahi k wo koi shermindagee feel na karay

sister kee shadi aur bhai kee education k liye sood kee raqam dena bilkul bhi sahi nahi  kion k wo raqam HARAm hoti hay kia aap ko accha lagay ga apnay sis. bro. ko haram raqam dena?

behan bhai aap kee responsibilty nahi lekin ager aap un kee zimadari lein tu us ka ajar aap ko buhat milay ga( bara bhai baap kee tarah aur bari behan maan ka darja rakhti hay ) 

uahan website batana allow nahi lekin aap se itna kahon gee k aap islamic websites likh ker search karain tu beshumar sites open hoti hain behtar ye hee hay k aap sood k baray main tafseel se wahan read karain tu aap ko andaza hoga k SOOD kitni bari BURAI hay



Oppal Group: Members  Joined: 27th Aug, 2010  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  38  
Posted on:27th Aug 2010, 9:14pm

Interest & Sood in Islam

Asalam o Alaikum,

I have read the above posted comments. 

I have also a confusion about the pure concept of sood in islam with respect 

to our current economical and social surroundings. I can explain my question 

by discussing a case study:

There is a rich man. He is a father of two children(2 sons). His wife had already passed away(died). After his death his children gets their share accordingly(as per islamic rules). Suppose his both sons get an equal amount of Rs 5 million each. The 1st Person(1st son) utilize that amount by making a house and after that gives it on monthly rent to some tenant, and he gets some amount as rent on monthly basis. He visualizes that he will get his amount of 5 million back in certain time period and after that the rent will become the profit.

At the same time his 2nd son utilize that amount by giving that to a person who is a businessman, and that businessman requires money for his business as working capital so he borrows that 5 million from the 2nd son, and agreed to pay it back in 2 years by paying in monthly installments and they also agreed that the borrower will pay him back a sum of Rs. 5.5 million or 6 million.
The 2nd son also thought that the person whom he had lent an amount will pay him back within a period of 2 years and he will get 0.5 million as profit.
The amount above the actual borrowed amount is 
The Both sons of that rich man, thought in different ways and started earning money. 
The 1st son gets a monthly rent on the house he has made of Rs 5mn nad the 2nd son gets a monthly installment on the 5 mn. Is this amount will be called as sood??
Or it is just a jugglery of words between monthly rent and monthly installment???
Matlab yeh ke aik banda kch raqam se ghar banata hai aur us ko rent(Karaye) pe deta ha aur apni marzi ka rent leta hai ya jo market me chal rah ho. aur us pe monthly rent ke tor pe kch raqam ajati hai. aur doosra banda usi raqam se ghar banay ke bajaye us raqam ko ksi aisay banday ko udhar de deta ha is niyat se k wo yeh raqam wapis karey ga aur phir us se monthly kch amount wapis leta retha yeh sood hogya...Shariyat is silsilay me kia hukam deti hai?? Islam aik logical mazhab hai. 
Please state your answer in very clear words.
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