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Is Kissing Sex Organs Allowed In Islam?

Religion and Sex   >>  Oral Sex
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sadafmalik Group: Members  Joined: 22nd Feb, 2007  Topic: 5  Post: 22  Age:  33  
Posted on:23rd Feb 2007, 7:50pm

Is Kissing Sex Organs Allowed In Islam?

I even asked yesterday about oral sex but no one again discuss on that serious issue, even today I don't find that topic. any way I want to know if husband force wife for oral sex then can she keep his husband happy by ONLY kissing her husband's penis. please please advise me regarding the islamic point of view. thanking you in advance.
faisee Group: Active Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 78  Post: 773  Age:  35  
Posted on:24th Feb 2007, 2:16am

Re. Oral Sex

I replied with a very very detailed answer yesterday on this topic and was hoping that it was enough on this topic, but was shocked to see that they were no more here. Anyways, lets try to give some comments.

First of all in my opininon, if both husband and wife are agree, then can enjoy themselves by every mean except two conditions mentioned clearly in Islam (1) Dont do sex during menstruation (2) Dont have sex in the anus (back hole/orifice) of wife. Other than that, every thing is allowed unless it comes under moral and ethical values of Islam. Now comes the question of penis sucking. In my opinion, this organ of husband is as same as other organs of body which can be excited to have pleasure. But there are multiple functions of this organ, so before kissing, sucking or licking husband's penis, make sure that it is totally washed and made pure. There shouldnt be any bit of NAJASIT, including seminal fluid(mani) or the pre-cum (mazi). In different maslaks of islam, there are slightly different opinions on this act, but never I have read that it is HARAM or break nikah. But it is considered MAKROOH because there is a great chance that during penis sucking by wife, seminal fluid can go to wife's mouth without even her notice. And mouth is the purest place in the body, so it cant be made filthy by unpure and NAPAK thing. But penis can be kissed with care that no secretion should go to mouth. For that a wife can avoid sucking, licking the orifice/hole/opening of the penis. Or she can do it just for a while and disconnect it way before husband's ejaculation process. All this knowledge is derived on the base of different materials available on the net on islamic point of view. Its better if some islamic scholar is contacted for some fatwa.

Here I am pasting a link from web, where this problem is asked from a mufti from africa and he has answered in detail. It may help you.

Other knowledgeable/married members are expected to give their comments and correct me if I am wrong. (May Allah forgive us for all our intentional or unintentional mistakes)


faisee Group: Active Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 78  Post: 773  Age:  35  
Posted on:24th Feb 2007, 2:31am

Re. Oral Sex (2)

In continuation with above, if we read above mentioned fatwas, according to that scholar, it is totally prohibited. So now I wont recommend any one to go for this act, unless you get any fatwa from other/local scholar too. Here is answer of one more question:

The reason of clearing out the opinion to avoid any spread of wrong knowledge. Now everyone is expected to use his/her own AQAL and responsible for her own acts. Thanks.

oral sex is a bad habbit like masturbation. Though masturbation has no harm for general and sex health, but oral sex is very harmful in some cases. In certain situation doctor advise people (medically) to do masturbation. But they never advise to do oral sex.

Group:   Joined: 01st Jan, 1970  Topic: 61  Post: 197  Age:   
Posted on:24th Feb 2007, 5:08am

Life Doesn't End without Oral Sex

Thanks for remembering us Dr Saheb, but Alhamdoillah my other friends has already gave details on this matter so I think I should not continue on it. It is really sad that why Pakistani are so much thinking about oral sex? I think people are inspired by watching movies but they don’t know the reality of their culture and society. But just come and see the real face of their culture, society and family system then we can realize.


I will just try to mention some good manner about sex according to Islam lights with Hadeeths, so we can know that if we follow the Islam in correct way it is more then enough to enjoy our sex life with our wives.


In Islam, Both spouses are permitted to see each other in the nude. Both are also entitled to enjoy one another to the utmost. Mu'awiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) asked Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), which reads as follows:“ Oh Messenger of Allah! To what extent should we protect [cover] our private parts? Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is reported to have replied: Protect [cover] your private parts [fully] except from your spouse or those whom your right hand possess” [46]. Both spouses are entitled to enjoy each other fully in terms of sexual intercourse in any position, if the husband approaches his wife in the proper place, i.e., where a baby is delivered.


Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) revealed to Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) , on the spot, the following verse in Sura al-Baqarah (2:223): Your wives are as a tilth unto you: so approach your tilth when or how you will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah, and know that ye are to meet Him [in the Hereafter], and give [these] good tidings to those who believe”


Something About Fore play,


Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is reported to have said, which reads as follows:“ If a husband has an intercourse with his wife he must be truthful with her. If he got sexually satisfied before she does, then he should wait for her to get her satisfaction” [52].


In addition, Omar bin AbdulAziz (may Allah be pleased with him) is reported to have narrated the following Hadith of Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), which reads as follows:“ Don't approach your wife sexually and have intercourse with her right away. You should wait until she is as sexually aroused as you are. The man asked: Oh Messenger of Allah! What should I do [in order to achieve that?] He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) replied: Kiss her, touch her, and try to arouse her. If you notice that is she is as ready sexually as you are, then perform the intercourse” [53].

Life Doesn't  End Without Oral Sex




khansaab Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 82  Age:  38  
Posted on:24th Feb 2007, 8:08am


Almost Agreed with the above two posts.

My brother asside from its restrictin or it is allowed, just think about this matter when you are not sexually aroused or you are not thinking about sex.Do u like to lick or suck those organs which are used to discharge the waste materials out of body???

Do u like to suck or lick those organs which are gradded to be the most unhygenic organs of the body???

Do u like to suck or lick those organs from that part of body which is most clean (ur mouth)????????

Do u like to suck or lick those organs from that part of body which is used to say prayers and dua???? Which is used to call the names of those personalities which are most respectable and secred?????

SO think about all the above claims!!!!!

Don't just think about it is allowed or not? Just think about the above reasons.

Would u like oral sex after thinking about all the above reasons?????


So don't be impressed with the pornographic films and the X-Rated videos.You can make sex extremely wonderful without oral sex or without sucking or liking the genitals like animals.

THINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dr.Saab what do you say about this? Give your opinion too)


Tell all these views to ur husband and make him agree upon these arguments.Because these post is complete acording to Islamic,Medical & General point of view.

Shah G Group: Members  Joined: 24th Feb, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  41  
Posted on:24th Feb 2007, 11:46pm

Oral Sex


 i think it should be from both sides like a typical 69 positions so man & woman should enjoy the sensation.


As for islam is concerned , we can't say with " authenticity" so, the " couple can do if both are neat & clean .

mwaqas Group: Members  Joined: 27th Feb, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  46  
Posted on:27th Feb 2007, 4:01pm

Life doesn't end without oral sex.......

I'm totaly agree with khansaab,  we should adopt values that different from animals...

I do have great desires to have oral sex, but I don't like, how can I justify myself that I like my wife and the pure and beatiful part of her body is face/mouth, and ask her to suck or lick my penis............. If someone true love with spouse never has these desires.........................   


Hot Fun Group: Members  Joined: 26th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 13  Age:  38  
Posted on:28th Feb 2007, 3:57pm

oral sex

If every thing to do with wife is allowed in Islam except 1. Anal sex & 2. Sex during her period.......... then why not oral sex allowed ?
khansaab Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 82  Age:  38  
Posted on:1st Mar 2007, 1:28pm

Reply for Hot Fun!

Dear brother try to understand!

We are not asking whether it is Haram or Halal etc.We are just describing the facts.After  reading my previous post do u like oral sex or not? First read the previous posts thoroughly!

minhas Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Mar, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  38  
Posted on:2nd Mar 2007, 9:00pm

Oral Sex

I read Your Question,so u want to know is it good or not?In islam that is not  good.And islam dont allow oral sex.we should follow the Islamic way how can we make sex with our wife and husband.My Advise for all its not good for every one.


Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 35  Age:  47  
Posted on:2nd Mar 2007, 10:07pm


General Observations:

We have seen a lot in National Geographic Movies that almost all mammels lick each others organs . This is natural aptitude of wild life. This can not be changed. One day when all these species will get qualified may be that is called organic revolution in this world.

Human Beings:

We human beings are because the most intellegent specie of this world have mind and religion to work under some sytematical way in all areas of life.We need to live like humans . For this sake God has given us Books so that we can programmed our sofwares to live in an organized way. According to that organized way of Humanship  we are suggested to avoide licking / sucking etc.


Adam knows that if he will eat that fruit he will be got out from heaven , even then he eat for Hawa. It mean it is in our Bios that sometime we can act without thinking what we have ordered. If some goes that point during sex so that his original wild characteistics overcomes humanism then it is really beyoun his controll to sotp licking / sucking etc. In this case we advise him / her that he must try to controll on himself / herself , but if he/she did then they immidiately goes for tauba.

But it is not compulsory  to adopt this thing as as fashion this is gunnah.







Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 35  Age:  47  
Posted on:2nd Mar 2007, 10:53pm



We have noticed  in  National Geographic movies that almost all mammals lick the sex organs of each others. Which is their natural behavior. This is called wild behavior ( What they actually need ) . They may be stopped to do so one day when all animals get qualified. This time may called as organic civilization era.


Because human beings are the best creatures of God. So they are advised to live very neat clean and controlled life. Which will made them ruling over all the species. For that purpose God has gifted 04 Books for human beings. In the light of these instructions human beings must avoid to lick/ taste things which are not best for human health. Nijasat is top of them. As human shit is not Nijasat when it keeps inside the body but just it comes out it become a nijasat. Similarly the most valuable thing of living world ( Seminal fluids ) comes out from human body it becomes Nijasat . So we must not lick these organs from which some seminal fluids may comes out during licking. But if some husbands force their wives to do so ,it is not ethical , for safety purpose their wives must use condoms before licking ( Just joke ).


Adam was stopped to eat that food. He knew that very  well , but even then he eat for Hawa. It means sometimes man knows everything but even then he did wrong things. As human being is programmed ( By Education / Culture )to live like humans  . It is solid posibility that he may act like a wild animal when he is deeply involved in sex . During this phase nobody can stop him to act like wild ( Kissing, Licking , Sucking etc). His aptitude at that time is not controlled  by his programmed mind. But it  works under the bios written in all animals. In such cases it is natural so No comments. Sex is typical a private life and it varies from body to body and mind to mind . But it should be beautiful for both partners then everything in sex is OK. Except rigid  Obligations.

Thnks .



zombie Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Mar, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  41  
Posted on:3rd Mar 2007, 10:04pm

Oral sex..

Dear all,

I have a different opinion.... I dont know, what other muftis have in their mind, but i know only two things....

1. Islam is quite about this issue... 2) Islam ask its believers to refrain from anal sex..

There is nothing dirty in sex.... Mani(semen) is not dangerous fro health (I am challenging to everybody... Just proof through science that semen is dangerous to health or human body... I know nobody can bring a single proof that it is dangerous for life. Even sucking down -semen- of an HIV infected person is safe if there is no cut/bleeding in the girls mouth, However one  should not do that, prevention is better still for HIV related cases). Semen is a collection of protien and other nutrients...

THere are two things which are a must if you going down in front of your Creator (ALLAH). You should be in Wazoo and wear neat and clean cloth. Thats it...

Do what you like, as I have said, there is also a misconception that masturbation is not allowed in Islam... It is also not true.

So, in my opinion, Enjoy sex in all forms.... It is halal between a man and his wife....





mariabcn Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 20  Age:  30  
Posted on:20th Mar 2007, 2:36am

Semen Is Not Dangerous However It Is Not Paak

HELLO ZOMBIE U might be  right about semen is  not dangerious but it  is  not paak even our blood is not paak in a case of bleeding from any part of body u cant pray nimaz and how  can you suck a priveate areas like vagina or penis with the  same toungue jis  se tum kalma  parte ho

death wave Group: Members  Joined: 20th Mar, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 27  Age:  36  
Posted on:20th Mar 2007, 9:55am

There Are No Clear Hadiths For Oral Sex


i think theres no clear ahadiths regarding oral sex so its hard to say its haram (like anal sex).but atleast i can say that its against Nizafat (seems sick to me :-)

plus theres always hight risk of getting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like syphilis,herpes and human papilloma virus and the list goes on.

semen is najis? i dont think so.i read a hadith where it was mentioned that our Prophet (s-a-wasallam) offered namaz in a cloth which had semen stain on i think its not najis but if sum1 has read abt it plz share it wid us.
saimalikhi Group: Members  Joined: 04th May, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 31  Age:  38  
Posted on:26th Mar 2010, 12:57pm


Mera sawal ha aap sy me or mere wife ka engagement kay bad sy bahut close relation ho gaya tha or aaj tak bahut he acha relation ha hamari aik beiti ha

me q kay shadi kay bad sy bahar he raha hoo ghar me sirf aik month kay leye gaya tha ab mere family permanent shift ho rahe ha mery pass mujy aik baat pochni jo shayad me abi tak wife sy nahi poch paya kay me kis tarah apni wife ko satisfy karoo ya kis tarah pocho kay wo satisfy ha ya nahi or mere wife kay sexual haq kia ha kia me us kay oral sex kay leye poch sakhta ho ya nahi ya q kay hum dono ny kabi aik dosry ko force nahi kia na mere wife ny na me ny tu me ye poch raha hoo kay aurat kay sexual kia kia haqooq ha jo mujy poray karny chayea plzzz reply me kay mere wife sex kay mamly me achi tarah satisfy hojay 

TheRock Group: Members  Joined: 24th Aug, 2008  Topic: 33  Post: 768  Age:  34  
Posted on:27th Mar 2010, 10:32am


meri nazar meee yeh kaam accha nahin hai aap penis pakar sakhti hoo massage rub kar sakhti hooo jo chaaye karooo lkn lips ya tounge se touch karnaa bht hi cheep act hai avoid karoooo

baaki sab jawaab day chuke hain islami tareekay seeee

Elegance28 Group: Members  Joined: 07th Jul, 2010  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  37  
Posted on:7th Jul 2010, 11:36pm

Sadaf Malik

Sadaf ! can i ask somthng 2 u? first of first tel me r u sunn..sister?plz tell me then i think i got u :-)
Logical Group: Administrators  Joined: 11th Sep, 2010  Topic: 4  Post: 362  Age:  44  
Posted on:28th Aug 2010, 8:15pm

oral sex

oral sex se nuqsan tu nahi lekin koi bhi doctor kisi ko bhi oral sex ka mashwara nahi deta hai.
loverboy4u Group: Members  Joined: 07th Jan, 2013  Topic: 0  Post: 6  Age:  32  
Posted on:7th Jan 2013, 11:01pm

does oral sex with gf is haram

hi im sameer 27yrs old married but this days im having an affair with hindu girl and she want me to have oral sex with her so its haram in islam to do this act who is not my wife as im not going to marry her.. plz reply me
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