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Less Breast Milk: Please Suggest The Treatment?

Married Women Problem   >>  Breast Feeding
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FaisalNED Group: Members  Joined: 10th Jun, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 1  Age:  37  
Posted on:10th Jun 2009, 7:10am

Less Breast Milk: Please Suggest The Treatment?

My wife having low milk supply problem when she does breastfeed to the baby.......If any one can suggest a proprt diet plan or some GHARELOO NUS-KHEY to incease mother milk supply then we will be very greatfull.
zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:10th Jun 2009, 7:35am


un se kahyen milk ziada se ziada piya keryen
rosey24 Group: Members  Joined: 01st Jun, 2009  Topic: 4  Post: 38  Age:  34  
Posted on:10th Jun 2009, 3:05pm

faisal bhai

salam apni wife ko milk pinay ko bolan aur raat may b milk lay wo aur pani zada piye jub feed karwana hoo tu 1 ya 2 glass of water zaroor piya kare is kay elawa raat ko 1 egg achi tarah sugar kay saat mix ker kay then pour a hot milk is say bi dood ata hai aur zeera bon kay pani kay saat khati rehay any time
rosey24 Group: Members  Joined: 01st Jun, 2009  Topic: 4  Post: 38  Age:  34  
Posted on:10th Jun 2009, 3:08pm


market may asay pwder milk bi miltay hai jis kay peenay say dood ata hai like ensure ya phir mama sustagen kuch b
koyal Group: Members  Joined: 17th Dec, 2008  Topic: 0  Post: 500  Age:  31  
Posted on:10th Jun 2009, 5:55pm


drinking milk has nothing to do with feeding, it cannot enhance milk production.

The first n foremost thing that matters is how many times u feed, suction is a natural stimulation which causes the milk to flow, the more the baby sucks the more milk is produced, no matter the baby is hungry or not he/she would definately start sucking when brought near the breast n make sure ur in the correct position because at times if the mother's position is not comfortable for the baby he/she would not suck hence milk production would be slower

If u think ur baby is full u can buy a suction pump n use it, u can also store that milk if you want.

keep in mind that some people also restrict the use of milk during nursing, so milk production has nothing to do with drinking milk

just maintain a balanced diet, fresh coco water can also increase milk production, u can use sesame seeds as they are rich in calcium, fish also enhances milk production, but remember all of this would not work if breasts are not stimulated. Remember if a woman does not feed for 2 or 3 days the milk stops coming

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