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Kya Leukorhea Se Wadu Aur Ghusl Toot Jata Hai?

Unmarried Girls Problem   >>  Leucorrhea
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hina156 Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2015  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  23  
Posted on:20th Mar 2015, 1:49pm

Kya Leukorhea Se Wadu Aur Ghusl Toot Jata Hai?

i m 20 year old girl.. i have a common problem of leoucorrhea. my problem is that, when i talk to my friend(girl) about sex, i feel myself wet.. as i have read all the issues in the forum. i feel that it is a common problem. but i am unable to found any difference between leoucorrhea and this liquid.. i want to ask that is this break my wadu are ghusal??  kindly give me a detailed answer about ghusal and the effect of liquid.. thankyou
dr.huma Group: Members  Joined: 21st Feb, 2015  Topic: 2  Post: 627  Age:  26  
Posted on:21st Mar 2015, 7:02pm


As far as my understanding goes the only difference is whether u were aroused or not

If it comes out when you are aroused and so is the case when you talk about this stuff ghusl becomes compulsory

And it will not be termed Leucorhea

Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:22nd Mar 2015, 7:09am

leucorhea se wazoo aur ghusl ka tootna

Wazoo toot jaata hai, lekin ghusl nahi toot-ta. lehaza wazoo dobara ker liaa jaaye, ghusl dobara kerne ki zaroorat nahi. Ziadah behtar jawab deeni Ilm rakhne walay member dain ge.
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8429  Age:  59  
Posted on:22nd Mar 2015, 9:10am

wet feeling aur ghusal

sirf wet feeling say nah ghusal farz hota hai aur nah wazoo. jab tak sexual pleasure k saath liquid bahr nah niklay, kapRay ya outer body parts ko nah lagay, ghusal farz nahi hota.

aur agar without sexual pleasure k, just khel kood yaa chalnay phirnay say liquid ander say bahar nikal kar kapRouN yaa outer body parts ko lag jaa.ay tab bhi ghusal break nahi hota, albattah wazoo break hojata hai.

aurat par ghusal in halaat maiN farz hota hai
  1. mard k saath intercourse karne say, bay shak khatoon wet nah ho /liquid bahar nah niklay. agar mard ka penis ander chala ja.ay to ghusal farz hogaya
  2. sex k baray maiN sochnay, baat karnay, pics /movie dekhnay books paRhnay etc k dauran agar sexual pleasure k saath liquid vagina say bahar nikal jaa.ay, kapRouN ya outer body parts ko touch kar jaa.ay
  3. sexual pleasure ki ghars koi bhi cheez apnay ander enter karlay ... bay shak wet nah ho / liquid bahar nah niklay
  4. haiz o nafaas k end honay par (jab bleeding completely stop hojaa.ay) ghusal karna farz hai
wallaho aalam bissawab
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8429  Age:  59  
Posted on:22nd Mar 2015, 9:18am

Bewaqoof Bhai ka statement

apni jagah durust hai k leucorhea (yaa kissi aur marz yaa khel kood) se agar liquid vagina say bahar nikal aataa hai to ghusal farz nahi hota, sirf wazoo break hoga.

aur agar aisi beemaari wali pads /undergarments etc use karay aur liquid kapRay ko kharaab nah karay to kapRay bhi paak rahtay haiN just pad /under garment change karkay, new wazoo karkay namaaz adaa ki jasakti hai.

wazah rahay k ahaaees ki roo say sirf namaaz aur kaabah k tawaaf k liyeh wazoo karna lazmi hai. kissi aur ebadat like telawat, rozah rakhna, hajj umra ki saee, etc k liyeh wazoo laazim nahi hai. waqoofay araafaat, waqoofay muzdalfah, qeyaamay minaa, jamraat ki rammi (shaitaan ko kankaryaan maarna) k liyeh to paak honaa bhi laazimi nahi hai. haiz o nafaas wali khawateen bhi yeh tamaam manaasakay hajj adaa karsakti haiN... sirf tawafay kaabaa /saee k liyeh ghusal zaroori hai

wallaho aalam bissawab
hina156 Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2015  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  23  
Posted on:22nd Mar 2015, 11:59pm

thanks to all of you...

very helpful information but there is a bit confusion. what is the point of arousal?? is this when you feel lust while talking to someone?? but i have read about this liquid that " This is most probably mazi which comes out when you feel lust talking to someone. Ghusl is not farz. . . . .
will be very thankful to you if you explain mazi(colour, smell etc).
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8429  Age:  59  
Posted on:25th Mar 2015, 9:41am

point of arousal

it is the peak point of sexual enjoyment, after which sexual desire gradually decreases. women iss point say pahlay wetting feel karti haiN aur iss point pay liquid discharge karti haiN, jo bahar nikal jata hai.

men maiN iss point say pahlay colorless thick fluid (called mazi) nikalta hai aur iss peak point par milky whitish thick fluid (called mani) with preassure nikalta hai. issi fluid maiN millions k hisaab say male sperm hotay haiN... yeh sperm female k ander eneter hokar mature egg say milkar women ko pregnant karta hai. mazi ki smell nahi hoti jabkay mani ki makhsoos smell hoti hai jo dair tak feel hoti hai.

point of arousal intercourse yaa masturbation k elawah bhi hosakta hai.
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