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Masturbation; Do I Have Psychiatric Problem?

Unmarried Boys Problems   >>  Musht Zani (Masturbutation)
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gul Ahmed Group: Members  Joined: 09th May, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  36  
Posted on:9th May 2007, 7:58am

Masturbation; Do I Have Psychiatric Problem?

Dear Dr. sb AOA Mera masla yeh hay ke kabhi kabhi raat ko jaab so raha hota hoon tu mujh se Edit..... Slang Word For Masturbation.....hay main aisa nahi karna chahta hoon lekin os waqat meri halat esi hoti hay jaisay main neem behos ho main apnay aap ko rokna chata hoon lekin rook nahi sakta os waqat mera mind meray sath nahi hota or main zabar dasti musterbution ho jati hay es ke baad main normal ho jata hoon mujh ko yeh batain ke meray saath koi nafsiyati masla tu nahi hay

Dear Dr, at night when I have been sleeping then involuntarily I use to do masturbation. I lose control over my self and do it un willing fully. I want to ask whether I have any psychiatric problem.

Kali Zuban Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 30  Post: 1790  Age:  33  
Posted on:9th May 2007, 8:08pm

re: gul Ahmed

agar masturbation karne wale ko nafsiati masla qarar de tu phir 90% se ziadah log nafsiati kahlai ge. medically musht-zani karne wale nafsiati nahi kahlate. ap bilkul normal hai
gul Ahmed Group: Members  Joined: 09th May, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  36  
Posted on:10th May 2007, 6:08am

Gul Ahmed

kali zuban main aap ko jo samjhana chahta hoon wo aap samjh nahi sakee

meray saath aisa kabhi kabhi hota hay main aisa nahi karna chahta lekin mujh se musht zani ho jati hay jab meray saath aisa hota hay tu os waqat meray mind mein yeh chal raha hota hain k main yeh galat nahi kar raha hoon or meray saath koi larki hay ya phir aisa lagta hay k mujh ko es ki zaroorat hay meray room mein mera bhai bhi so raha hota hay mujh ko maloom hota hay lekin main khud ko rook nahi sakta main es adat se nijat chahta hoon main Musht Zani karta tha lekin ab chor choka ho main es adat ko bhi chorna chahta hoon please help me.

chaudhry Group: Members  Joined: 22nd Apr, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 29  Age:  31  
Posted on:10th May 2007, 9:55am


yaaaar try to cool down thandi chzain khaya kroooo or obvious se baaat hai jub baradst nahin hoga to hand to hilain geh hai so dont worry ab aik he solution hai shadddi ager nahin to koi masla nahin yaaar liya kro hand pracrtise"""""""""""""""
khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:10th May 2007, 10:02am


u r normal and donot have any problem. its ur own psychological thinkings which are leading u towards wrong direction. almost all the men (married/un married both) do masturbation in some part of their life or even for the whole life. its normal desire which u are taking so seriously. dont worry and get married as soon as possible.
Faisaliub Group: Members  Joined: 28th May, 2008  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  32  
Posted on:29th Jun 2010, 9:22pm

Tell the Soultion

Its not the solution, Tell Him Some tip,
bad.boy Group: Members  Joined: 27th Jun, 2010  Topic: 4  Post: 13  Age:  30  
Posted on:1st Jul 2010, 9:28am

solution is here

yar tension mat loo bs ziada sy ziada sports ya exercise kea kro, gym join kr lo, ya koe yoga wagaira kea kro to control ur self.agar porn movies ya pics daikhty ho to chorh do.
ho sky tou Namaz parha kro aur mind ko har wakt masroof rakha kro.
INSHA-ALLAH yae masla solve ho jae ga...
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