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Effects Of Hand Practice - Harms Of Masturbation

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stranger_1 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Oct, 2009  Topic: 10  Post: 133  Age:  38  
Posted on:15th Oct 2009, 7:36am

Effects Of Hand Practice - Harms Of Masturbation

What Is Masturbation -What Is Hand Practice:

As everyone know that masturbation or "Musht Zani" is the name of self pleasure i.e. stimulating your sexual organs by rubbing, fondling or squeezing.

Hand Practice And Masturbation: According To Medical Science

Medical science says that masturbation has no bad effect on our health or sexual organs, in fact some doctors encourage to masturbate as according to them masturbation is a sexual exercise, and just like if we exercise our biceps, shoulders, chest etc. it improves the shape/strength of that particular muscle, same is the way if we masturbate it will strengthen our sexual system.

Masturbation, Self - Pleasure- Hand Practice: In Islam

Seeing it in the light of our religion i.e. "Islam". Allah ney humey har cheez amaanat kay taur per dee hai, aur qayaamat kay roz har cheez ka hisaab hoga kay oos ney apney hissey mey sey kitna paani waste kia, kia food waste kia etc. same is the case with this body, iss jism ka bi hisaab hoga kay humney issey kab aur kis waqt kin makaasid kay liey use kia. 

Masturbation And Hand Practice: Allah Will Ask On Dooms Day

Same is the case with our sexual organs; Allah ney humey semen and sexual pleasure sirf aur sirf nasl-e-insaani ko aagey barhaaney kay liey ataa kia hai. It is very wrong if we are going to waste it in the sewerage pipes just to get some timely "sexual pleasure".

Masturbation And Hand Practice: Medical Science Always Not Correct

Medical science is not always correct, there are a lot of things on which medical science is quiet and research is under way e.g. Spirits, life after death etc. Medical science has not accepted these things yet. Also there are several theories that were in use a few years ago but now they are proven wrong or un-applicable. Perhaps after few years scientists will discover that masturbation is bad for health, who knows?

Effects And Harms Of Hand Practice (Masturbation) - Personal Opinion:

I would personally suggest that one should masturbate if and only if his/her spouse is not available, he can't get hold of his/her feelings and there is a danger that his/her feelings will make him commit ZINA.

Masturbation And Hand Practice: Opinion Of Ulama And Scholars:

Ulmaa ney iss baat per itefaaq kia hai kay agar sexual feelings per control na ho aur spouse bi available na ho tou baraa gunaah (zinaa) karney sey behtar hai kay chota gunaah (masturbation) karli jaaey. But do note that this is for the "extreme condition" when you really cannot control yourself. Otherwise your first priority should be to control yourself, offer namaz and divert your mind from sexual thoughts.

Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:27th Feb 2010, 3:00pm

Effects Of Hand Practice - Harms Of Masturbation

Masturbation And Hand Practice: Harmless According To Medical Science

In Medical Science if any thing is proven on evidence then it could not be wrong. After so many surveys and experiments, it has been proven that masturbation or hand practice is harmless procedure, therefore; it doesn't have any impact badly on human body.

Masturbation Hand Practice: Scientific View Vs Islamic View

The remaining debate is that whether it is lawful or unlawful. Look this debate is going on since centuries, and still all the scholars of the world are not agreed on the same point. Some declares unlawful, while others are silent. However; if any body thinks that it is unlawful then it could be. If any body thinks it is allowed in certain conditions, then it could be as well. Every one should follow his or her school of thought and the decision of leaving or continuing the habit of masturbation should be on the basis of this point of view. People should not intermingle science and religions together. Some times what science says some thing that's not allowed in the religion. Therefore; on the basis of religion the decisions should be made, not on the basis of science.

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