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What Islam Say About Oral Sex And Drinking Of Wife Milk?

Religion and Sex   >>  Oral Sex
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nOMAn Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 5  Age:  34  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 8:26pm

What Islam Say About Oral Sex And Drinking Of Wife Milk?

mera naam ...MOD EDIT: Removed real name... hai or meri march end main shadi honay wali hai. mujhey yeah pochna hai k kya ik shohar apni bivi ka doodh p sakta hai ? or ager us ki biwi penis ko moun main laina chahay to kya yeah theek hai ya ghalat?

Whether it is lawful in Islam to drink wife's breast milk and to insert penis in her mouth if she desires to do so?

Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 35  Age:  47  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 8:36pm

Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu - Oral Sex And Drinking Wife Milk

this case is already discussed today. As per islamic point of veiw it is not good . Oral sex in Islam on wedding night a contravarsial issue and hence better to be avoided. On the contrary there is no clear cut instruction about the behavior of drinking wife's milk In Islam. Again it is better to be avoided since the baby possess the right over that milk not husband. In Islam Wedding night rules are clear and that has to be followed by every one.

nOMAn Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 5  Age:  34  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 8:48pm

Wedding Night Tips In Islam In Urdu - Wedding Night Tips In Islam In Hindi

also tell me k kya first nite light off rakhtay hain ya apni marzi hai ??

Is it mandatory to put off the lights on wedding night?

Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 35  Age:  47  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 8:52pm

Wedding Night In Islam - Romance And Fun On Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu

Hukam hai k lights off honi chahian. But depends . For the sake of emergency you may use dim lights. Wedding night should be celebrated in darkness rather than in brightness

faisee Group: Active Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 78  Post: 773  Age:  35  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 9:40pm

Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu - Oral Sex And Drinking Wife Milk - Sex In Brightness Vs Darkness

Naveed, what kind of emergency you are talking about? and this is my question from married people, what do they recommend for the first night, that could be considered as a good manner, should the lights be dim or fully on? one has to read the wedding night tips in Urdu and Hindi for more details

Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 35  Age:  47  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 9:44pm

Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu And Hindi - When To Make Lights On?

Some times female may bleed more than expected , or due to internal friction immidiate swelling may occur. So some may turn the lights on and provide first aid to his partner.

faisee Group: Active Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2007  Topic: 78  Post: 773  Age:  35  
Posted on:21st Feb 2007, 10:26pm

Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu - How To Avoid Hassles On Wedding Night?

thanks naveed. But can anybody tell that for first night, since there is a major chance of bleeding and one would not like that blood should go to bed sheet and their parents know about their activity that night. So husband always keep tissue paper in his hand or towel ? or its not considered bad if blood goes to the bed sheet? Please tell me any good manners to do that so that wife also get impressed?

Naveed Group: Members  Joined: 19th Feb, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 35  Age:  47  
Posted on:23rd Feb 2007, 6:49pm

Reply: What Islam Say About Oral Sex And Drinking Of Wife Milk?

We are new generation but even than on the first night it was taken into consideration that everything like towel , bucket of water , hot milk, apples , etc must be in the room of newly married couple.(Mostly happens in 87% lower middle & middle class )

rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:2nd May 2008, 5:37am

Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu - Rules Of Islam On Wedding Night

bhi mery aap full light ki roshni may sex ker sektey ho is ki ijazat ha 24 hours may kabi bi sex ker sektey ho is ki bi ijazat ha bus namaz say phely sex ker lo yehen tek ha k aap sex ker rehay ho to azan ki awaz sunai dey do ap sub say phely apna sex complete karo us ko adhora mut choro. bivi aur shoar ek doosrey ka poora jisim dek sektey heen ek doosrey k saath ghusal ker saktey heen. Es k elawa oral sex ki buth say ulma ijazat deeten heen ur kuch neehen aerab ulmas is k barey may is ko allowed kertey heen. agar aap ko is k barey may details may maloom kerna ho to kisi bi search engine per just type  : islam oral sex allowed permissible : you have your correct answer. Yes aap bivi k doodh ko choos sektey heen leken agar wo pregnant ho aur in may milk aa reha ho to phir milk neehen peena chayee qk is per bachey ka haq ha leken agar aap ney during sex pi lya to koi bat neehen. kisi bi cheese k barey may saheeh malomat leny hoon to kisi search engine per you write : islam milk wife allowed permissible: or any other thin you want to search.

yehan per is forum may loog aapni aapni khylat lik deety heen maloom kuch hota neehe ha aur logon k zehan khareb kerty heen islm jo kuch ketha ha us k barey may in ko kuch maloom neehen bus apney zehan say suni suni bat mar deeten heen.

islm ney shoer bivi k pyar sex nmay buth kuch allowed kya qk yeh doono ek doosrey ka libas heen. Islam on Wedding night allows many things which people consider unlawful wrongly

NO there is ni problem go ahead if you do mastaburation but it is nit good but in PAF test no problem for men who r doing mastaburate go for test good luck

On the subject of male/female mastaburation islam not encourage to peoples to do  self mastaburation even when you are married or unmarried.

If you r unmarried mostly ulmas says this is sin very few r suggest k zinna say bechney k lyee ager koi kerta ha umeed ha k ALLAH us ko maaf fermayee ga

But if you r married then you have to right to do mastaburation but not self do ,doing self mastaburation not allowed for married peoples ,but you do mastaburation with your wife/ husband helps this means a husband discharged his wife by his hand, and a wife discharged her husband with her hand and vice versa

Vice versa means ek mard apni wife k jisim k kisi bee hissay per apna penis rager k discharged ho sakta ha ita allowe 

TheRock Group: Members  Joined: 24th Aug, 2008  Topic: 33  Post: 768  Age:  34  
Posted on:20th Dec 2008, 1:19pm

Wedding Night In Islam - Drinking Wife Milk Not Allowed

yeah u can suck u wife breast but islam not allowed to drink milk of ur wife ok..............u can gently tease or suck the upper part of breast nipples but do not suck hard agar moo me ah b jaayee ghalti see milk to spit it out its makrooh..........or wse b market me bht saare milks mil rahe hain Olpers..Dairy milk , Good milk hehehheheehheheh ewoo piyoooo biwi k doodh k peechay na parhooo its only 4 the babies buddy :P

mdomarali Group: Members  Joined: 24th Dec, 2008  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  40  
Posted on:24th Dec 2008, 4:45pm

Wedding Night In Islam In Urdu - Fatwa On Wedding Night In Islam

Dear Brother of Islam.

I have read too many q & ans in this forum but the one who answer all these question is and not having any knowledge about Islam. Prophet use to sex in day, how this guy is suggesting to make switch off lights. and I have asked the question about orel sex with various prominent scholars of the world by net this is the best answer which i get please read and forward and enjoy your life with wife by halal way. don't fear 



 Islam's Stance on Oral Sex 

 Respected scholars of Islam, As-Salamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh. I have a question that perplexes my mind, and I want you to clarify. What is the Islamic stance on oral sex between the husband and his wife? Jazakum Allah khayran. 
 Name of Counsellor
 Group of Muftis
 Intimate relations
Wa`alykum As-Salaamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh. 

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. 

Dear questioner, thank you so much for your concerns about your religion and Allah’s teachings even in what concerns your sexual life with your wife. 

As regards your question, it is to be noted, first of all, that all acts that aim at satisfying and pleasing the spouses are allowable so long as two things are avoided, that is anal sex and having sex with a wife while she is still in her menstruation. Thus, it is permissible for a husband and a wife to practice cunnilingus and fellatio. Following we’d cite the opinions of some well-known Muslim scholars in this regard: 

The eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi states: 

“I was asked about oral sex in America and Europe when I began to travel to these countries in the early 70s. We are not used to be asked these questions in our Muslim countries. Those Western people are accustomed to stripping naked during sexual intercourse. These are communities of nakedness, and from the licentiousness of the woman that she wears nothing to screen her body in her daily life. 

So, they are in need of more excitements during copulation. However, men in our Muslim societies see nothing in the Muslim woman that can excite them on the basis of her wearing either Hijab (veil) or Niqab (face cover). But concerning whether being in complete nakedness during practicing copulation is lawful or not, the Prophet of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, is reported to have said, "Guard your private parts except from your wife or your slaves." 

Muslim jurists are of the opinion that it is lawful for the husband to perform cunnilingus on his wife, or a wife to perform the similar act for her husband (fellatio) and there is no wrong in doing so. But if sucking leads to releasing semen, then it is Makruh (blameworthy), but there is no decisive evidence (to forbid it). 

These parts are not dirty like anus, but it is ordinarily disgusting to man. But there is no decisive evidence to make it unlawful, especially if the wife agrees with it or achieves orgasm by practicing it. Allah, Exalted and Glorified be He, says: "And who guard their modesty, save from their wives or the slaves, that I heir right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy, but Who so craveth beyond that, such are transgressors.” (Al-Mu'minun: 5-7)” 

In the light of this, scholars maintain that the husband is allowed to enjoy his wife through any means of enjoyment except anal sex, for that is strictly forbidden. 

Dr. Ali Jum`ah, professor of the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar Univ., says further that licking, sucking and kissing spouse's sexual organs are all allowed, as long as it gives a person sexual gratification that will keep him away from Haram (unlawful) or starring at opposite sex (marriageable). But every Muslim must keep in mind that sexual intercourse is just a lust and passion that must be satisfied in a lawful way; it's not to be perceived as necessary as foods and drinks, as it's the case in the Western perverted ideology. 

Shedding more light on this, Dr. Sabri `Abdul Ra’ouf, professor of Islamic Comparative Jurisprudence, at Al-Azhar Univ, says that it's allowed for the married couple to enjoy each other as long as what they do does not run counter to the teachings of Islam or violate the public norms. He also gives support to the view of Sheikh Al-Qaradawi that oral sex or kissing private parts of the spouse is something viewed disgusting to Muslims, but if the aim is just kissing (without having constant indulgence in it) it's not sinful to do that, but people of high morality normally keep away from that, as not to give in to imitating non-Muslims.” 

In conclusion, it has become clear now that oral sex is not prohibited, but it is not the normal choice for committed Muslims and Muslimahs. That's, despite that oral sex is not Haram, it is completely disgusting and does not conform to the pure taste and decency of a Muslim personality. 

Here, it should be noted that one of the main objectives of Shari`ah is to safeguard the life of people and keep them healthy. Based on this, if it is scientifically proven that oral sex or such practices cause mouth cancer or form a danger on the health of a person who practices it, then it becomes totally prohibited. 

asassin Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Aug, 2010  Topic: 8  Post: 35  Age:  29  
Posted on:13th Sep 2010, 6:22pm


very well answered brother....ure the man
shoiii Group: Members  Joined: 13th Feb, 2012  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  29  
Posted on:13th Feb 2012, 2:09pm

oral sex

oral sex haram nahi balka aiknapasandeeda amal ha. uski waja yea hai ke oral sex mein mun ka istaimal hota ha jo safai ke usollon ke khilaf ha aur bimariyan bhi phailti hain. lakin kya shadi ke baad jo log family planning na karna chahien aur oral sex karien bajaye iske ke direct intercourse (mubahsrat) karien to unko ye haq hasil nahi hoga kya?
alipj6 Group: Members  Joined: 01st Mar, 2012  Topic: 0  Post: 4  Age:  34  
Posted on:1st Mar 2012, 3:07am

can kiss to wife's vagina

plz reply
Raja 22 Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Sep, 2013  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  24  
Posted on:3rd Sep 2013, 11:08pm

Oral sex

In oral sex what r the diseases?
lali1212 Group: Members  Joined: 25th Jul, 2013  Topic: 1  Post: 6  Age:  30  
Posted on:14th Sep 2013, 8:29pm

oral sex

mere husband chahte hain main unke sath oral sex kron or main b unhey khush krne k liye krna chahti hon bas muje darr lgta h k gunnah hoga ap islami poin of vieow se bata den k oral sex gunnah h ya nai ager mani monh main na nikali jaye to kiya oral sex kr sakte hain? plz reply soon

Guide Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 7  Post: 1172  Age:  55  
Posted on:19th Sep 2013, 1:49pm


Deleted Topic No: 34845 posted by DELLHP

Oral Sex
Deleted Topic No: 34884 posted by newidfiroz
assalamu alay kum kya biwi ki vagina chatne se koi bimari hoti hai doctor sab aur mera penis biwi mu mein le sakti hai please reply
SALMAN.12 Group: Members  Joined: 17th Feb, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 3  Age:  30  
Posted on:17th Feb 2014, 8:39pm

bivi ko pinis suck karwana

kiya me apni bivi ko apni pinis suck karwa akta hon pls reply
soberkhi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Jan, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 7  Age:  45  
Posted on:18th Jun 2014, 12:42pm


I think for full satisfaction of both we can do oral sex but only with your love one neat n clean wife . it can makes your love bond strongs
soberkhi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Jan, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 7  Age:  45  
Posted on:18th Jun 2014, 12:42pm


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