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Different Information Required About Sex Health

Unmarried Boys Problems   >>  Sex Education
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ahmad65 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Dec, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 10  Age:  28  
Posted on:23rd Dec 2007, 2:11pm

Different Information Required About Sex Health

i had a question that what is transparent drops which comes out of penis and what is their purpose and how they come out
what are whitish drops which comes out of penis after mastaburation and what is there purpose
i had passed many time boiling water on penis. does it had any effect
if it is then what should i do
how does penis curves and whats its healthy curve limit
and last question is that how i can test myself that i am sexually perfect as i m doing mastaburation many times regularly 
plz explain legthly
ahmad65 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Dec, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 10  Age:  28  
Posted on:24th Dec 2007, 4:57am


kya yeh drops napak hotay hain
ekhtalam kahan say hota hay
kal maney mastaburation kee too yak dham saray drops nikal aaey
aur jab raat ko sonay key baad subh ko uth kar baray urine walay hole say waste excrete kiya to buhat saaa usss drops say milta julta material nikla, jiss mein kuch blood bhi shamil tha, joaftermastaburationpenissayniklaaurwastegreenrangkatha
aur aik baat aur keh mastaburation kay baad kiya ragain pohlteen hain kiya aagar pohlteen hain to merey penis kay nichley side par scotrum say aggay ubhar hay tohra sa bara kiya yehi hay rangoon ka pohlna
mastaburation ke vaja say kiya penis pay emerging point from body par danay nikaltay hain kiya aagar nikaltay hain to merey penis par lakeer main tohray say danay hain
so i need help and plz dont refer me to doctor and give me treatment if any physically and about food and plz answer every question one by one
aik aur baat yeh keh main physically bhi bohat weak hoon

khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:24th Dec 2007, 6:45pm

read the topics



         Boys Sex Problems and Solutions

         Discharge of Semen  


         Nocturnal Ejaculation (Ehtalam) 

         Masturbation (Musht Zani) 

         Adultery (Zana)

         Male Genitals (Penis Testis etc ) 

         Misconception of Male Sex

         Size of Penis  

         Size of Testis

         Semen (Mani) 

         Drops (Qatra) 

         Burning micturation

         Other misconceptions

         Impotence (Naa-mardi)

         Treatment of Impotence

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