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Prolactin level High

General Health   >>  Endocrine System
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Mrs. K Group: Members  Joined: 01st May, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 5  Age:  38  
Posted on:1st May 2007, 1:37pm

Prolactin level High

i m married from 3 yrs & during that time i did'nt concive once.due to my high prolactin level which is 40%.i m taking med under's dr adviced.but what shud i do i want to get pregnant soon......
doctorpk Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 25  Post: 590  Age:  46  
Posted on:1st May 2007, 5:58pm

prolactin level and pregnancy

Hyperprolactinemia (HI-per-pro-lak-tin-E-me-ah) is a disorder in which your pituitary gland produces excessive amounts of the hormone prolactin.

Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates milk production in women. Prolactin normally circulates in the blood in small amounts in women who are not pregnant, and in large amounts during pregnancy and right after birth.

Hyperprolactinemia (excessive prolactin) can cause irregular or no ovulation, resulting in infertility (means no pregnancy). Women who have this disorder often have irregular periods, and may also experience galactorrhea (ga-LAK-to-RE-ah) - milk production when not pregnant.

One of the most common causes of hyperprolactinemia is a benign tumor growing on the pituitary gland - the gland that produces prolactin. The pituitary gland is located in the base of the brain near the vision center.

Other causes of excess prolactin production may be an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), or certain medications you may be taking.

Sometimes, the cause is unknown.

You are advise to follow the instruction of your doctor who is treating you.

Dr Rizwan Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 1  Post: 511  Age:  51  
Posted on:2nd May 2007, 7:14pm

prolactin level

Mrs. K: My prolactin level is getting increased during 1 year now its 40% n i m taking Dopergin,but i dont have irregular perods,i have regular periods plz let me know that is there any chance for pregnancy or not?

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