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Prophecies: Signs Before The Day Of Judgement

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naamshahid Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Jul, 2009  Topic: 6  Post: 116  Age:  37  
Posted on:1st Aug 2009, 7:38am

Prophecies: Signs Before The Day Of Judgement

Asslamo Alaikum to all the members i am posting here the article which i have studied regarding the end time of the world, please study it and think about how we have reached so much close to the end of time, i am posting it, may be there is only one person or more turns to right way. It is my pray from ALLAH that SHOW US RIGHT WAY AMEEN.

Hudhayfah son of Al-Yaman reported that the Messenger of Allah sallalluhu 'alayhi wa sallam said,

"Prophethood (meaning himself) will remain with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain, then Allah will raise it up whenever he wills to raise it up. Afterwards, there will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood remaining with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, he will raise it up whenever He wills to raise it up. Afterwards, there will be a reign of oppressive (The reign of Muslim kings who are partially unjust) rule and it will remain with you for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, there will be a reign of tyrannical rule and it will remain for as long as Allah wills it to remain. Then, Allah will raise it up whenever He wills to raise it up. Then, there will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood." Then Hudhayfah said, "The Prophet stopped speaking." 

(As-Sililah As Sahihah, vol. 1, no. 5. The same hadith without any change of a word is also narrated by Hadrat Nauman Ibn-e-Basheer Radiyallaho Anhu in Musnad-e-Ahmad Ibn-e-Hanbal.)

Note: The 5th phase of Muslim rule, the Caliphate that follows the tyrannical rule, refers to the Mahdi. This is established by the fact that that other hadeeths, which we shall later see, state that the Mahdi would fill the Earth with equity and justice, as it was once filled with tyranny, oppression, and injustice. The rule of "tyranny, oppression, and injustice" is consistent with the 4th phase of "tyrannical rule", mentioned in this hadeeth.

The Prophet declared:

"This affair began with Prophethood and as a mercy; then it will be mercy and Caliphate; afterwards it will change into a cruel monarchy, and finally into an iniquity and tyranny." He also prophesied: "Surely, the Caliphate after me will last thirty years; afterwards it will be a cruel monarchy."

(Abu Dawud, At'ıma, 11; Tirmidhi, At'ıma, 39; I. Hanbal, 5.441.)

Note: In the above narration, it states that the Caliphate lasted 30 years after the death of the Prophet, which it did. It was followed by the rule of Mu'awiyah, which is the monarchy mentioned in the above hadeeth. 

Narrated by Jabir son of Samurah, 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The religion will continue to be established till there are 12 caliphs over you, and the whole community will agree on each of them." I then heard from the Prophet (peace be upon him) some remarks, which I could not understand. I asked my father: What is he saying: He said: "all of them will belong to Quraysh." 

(Sunan of Abu-Dawud, No. 4266)

Note: The Prophet died in 632 CE. Abu Bakr was the 1st Caliph, and he ruled for 2 years, until 634 CE, when he died. Following that was the 2nd Caliph, 'Umar son of al-Khattab, and he ruled for 10 years, until 644 CE, when he was martyred. Then there was the 3rd Caliph 'Uthman, who ruled for 12 years, until 656 CE, when he too was martyred. After that, was the 4th Caliph 'Ali son of Abu Talib, who ruled for 5 years, until 661 CE, when he was also martyred. Finally, his son, the 5th Caliph Hasan son of 'Ali, ruled for 6 months, and then was abdicated. On the Gregorian calendar, it comes to 29 years, while on the Islamic calendar it comes, as the Prophet had prophecied, to 30 years. So in a 30 year period, we had 5 Caliphs. That Caliphate is known as the Rashidah Caliphate. Then of course we had the partially unjust rule of monarchies, sultanates, etc. in the form of the Umayyads, the 'Abbasids, and the Ottomans, which lasted from 661 to 1924 (or 1908, depending on whose opinion you subsribe to), which means that period lasted for 1247-1263 years on the Gregorian calendar. Now, we're in the period of tyrannical, oppressive dictators, which started when the Ottoman Sultanate ended, and continues until this day.

This period of tyranny, oppression and injustice, at the hands of the corrupt dictators, would come to an end, by Allah's will, at the hands of the Mahdi, who would replace it with a revived Rashidah Caliphate. Going by that, we'd only have 6 Caliphs from the Quraysh, which would thus mean the remaining 6 must've come from among the monarchic, and sultanate Caliphates, because the Mahdi is going to be the last Caliph that comes/descends from the Quraysh tribe, as the hadeeth, as we shall see later, states that after him, the authority of the Quraysh would be taken away, with the return of the Messiah, 'Eyssa ("Jesus"), son of Maryam. In this case, the 12 Caliphs, are not going to necessarily be actual "Caliphs", but simply put, 12 rulers, from among the Quraysh, that the whole Ummah (Muslim community) agreed upon.

A hadith reported by Hadhrat 'Ali, Abu Hurayrah and Ibn Abbas states:

"The war of the end of time is the war of the world. There will be a third war after two great wars in which many are killed. He who will light the fires of the second world war will be known as the 'Great Leader.'..."

(Al- Mahdi-ul Munthazar, Asmal Masalik Lieyyam Mahdiyy Maliki Li Kull-id Dunya Biemrillah-il Malik, Qalda bin Zayd, p. 216)

Note: As is quite evident from the hadeeth, there will be two major world wars in the end times. The world wars in the first half of the 20th century were indeed two of the most momentous events in history. Again as revealed in the hadeeth, Hitler, who started the Second World War and virtually declared war on the whole world, was known as the 'Führer,' meaning 'leader, guide, commander.' Under National Socialism, this word took on a new significance: the Führer was the 'undisputed leader,' or even the 'deified leader.' The German people regarded Hitler, who initiated World War II, as the 'undisputed and great leader.'

Narrated by Abu Hurayrah (?):

"...1300 years after the Hijra, count a few decades. At that time, the Greek King wants to wage a war against the entire world. Meanwhile, Allah commands the war for that man. ..." 

Note: In this part of the narration, the expression, "the Greek King wants to wage a war against the entire world" calls attention to a great war that will spread all the world. The Arabic word for the "decades" is "ukud", the plural form of the Arabic word "akd", which implies the meaning of "at least three." In this case, when we add three decades to the 1300 of the Hijra, we have 1330. the First World War started in 1332 of the Hijra, that is 1914, the Gregorian calendar. 

"...A short while later, that is, in two decades, a man whose name is associated with a cat name from the German lands, appears as a scourge on the Romans. He starts to bother people and wants to hold control over the world. He wages war against the entire world, both the warm and cold lands. After years filled with severe war fires, he meets Allah's punishment. Then, he is killed as the Russian's mystery..."

(Asmal Masalik Lieyyam Mahdiyy Maliki Li Kull-id Dunya Biemrillah-il Malik ("The Best ways to know the time of the Mahdi, King of the World, by Allah's command"), Qalda bin Zayd, p. 216)

Note: In this part of the narration, it calls attention to the occurences due to appear after a great world war. According to the narration, two decades after this great world war, a German will appear with the will to reign all over the world. Indeed, the Second World War started twenty years after the First World War, with Hitler's invasion. Just as how the hadith informs, the war raged throughout the Scandinavian lands as well as the North African countries.

naamshahid Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Jul, 2009  Topic: 6  Post: 116  Age:  37  
Posted on:1st Aug 2009, 7:42am

Asslamo Alaikum

Actually yaha per option nahi hai font ko large krne ki aur isy kisi aur color mai lane is lye mai is ki liye mazrat chahta hu, laiken ap log please isy read lazmi kre.
Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:1st Aug 2009, 5:34pm

reference url likhe

aap ke post ka holya sahi ker dia gaya hai, lekin aap se request hai keh aap ne yeh article jaha se copy ker ke paste kia hai os ka reference url likhe. kio keh without reference url doosre website se koi article copy ker ke yaha paste kerne ki ijazat nahi hai.
Azfar-K Group: Members  Joined: 01st Mar, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 766  Age:   
Posted on:1st Aug 2009, 10:43pm


interesting sharing.

paroot Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Nov, 2008  Topic: 67  Post: 1665  Age:  37  
Posted on:2nd Aug 2009, 10:25am


acha tu app ne ketna jaga reference deya hai.. app tu sharai ho ya koi aur latest news copy karte hai app ke tu har post mein refernce nahi deya hua hotaaa.
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