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Putting Caster Oil Or Honey In Vagina Before Intercourse: Would It Make Sperms Alive?

Medical Discussion   >>  Sexuality
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Arshad100 Group: Members  Joined: 01st Dec, 2008  Topic: 6  Post: 9  Age:  39  
Posted on:26th Jun 2009, 7:07pm

Putting Caster Oil Or Honey In Vagina Before Intercourse: Would It Make Sperms Alive?

Salam to all friends,

First of all i would like to request all friends especially senior members and moderators please read and answer this unique question.

Allmost 6 months have passed and my wife is not still pregnant. What should i do.

Is it true that women will get pregnant only and only in fertility days and how fertility days are calculated in mensetural cycle.

3-Now unique question?
I have heard from some elder relatives that if a women will put a swab of honey or castor oil before intercourse into its vigina in such a way that her vigina will be coated with honey or castor oil, than the sperms will not die and her chances of being pragnant will be high.
Is there any scientific reason behind that ?

I would like to request all readers especially senior members and moderators, please answer to the best of their knowledge


BeautyStar Group: Members  Joined: 16th May, 2007  Topic: 52  Post: 3584  Age:  31  
Posted on:27th Jun 2009, 1:43am

Re: Unique Question

1. Go for the Medical Checkup! Consult your Doctor, He/She can tell you the reason(s)

2. Yes, it's true!
From 8th Day of Periods to 18th. The chances are higher on 14 , 15 & 16 th day with respect to monthly periods.

3. I have not come across the information you provided regrading enhancing sperm life by placing Swab of Honey or Castor Oil before intercourse into Vagina.
The energy required by a Sperm to live longer is already provided in the Semen in the form of Fructose. Among millions of Sperms, there is only one sperm which alives and wins the race, rest are died.
Sperm are more active and alive during night, specially after 2/3 part of night. The chances of getting pregnant from 8th to 18th day of periods during these times are higher.

H/dr_Qasim Group: Members  Joined: 10th Sep, 2010  Topic: 185  Post: 6533  Age:  40  
Posted on:27th Jun 2009, 1:49am


dear brother dont never practice this idea on wife okk

vagina meh jub sperms jaty hen tu khuch tu vagina ki tyzaabiyat ke waja sy mur jaty hen khuch fillopintubs meh devide ho jaty hen or khuch he sperms buchty hen jo huzaro meh hoty hen or wo egg meh enter hony ke koshish kurty hen or ek he sperms under enter ho pata hy

ap hony or khuch b chez under ni dalin Allah ny esy acha intzaam kur rukha hy already es k leye vagina meh. baki sperms etny active hony chaieyn k wo apny mukaam tuk ponch sukin ,

agur vagina meh koi problem hy acidity ziyada hy ya infection hy tu pher sperms mur sukty hen eska elaaaj kurwana chaieye kisi achi dr sy .

hur month egg ovary sy nikalta hy one by one dono turaf sy yani ek month ek side sy dosry month dosri side sy r wo travil kurta howa uterus meh aa k stay kurta hy agur es doraan intercourse keya jay tu hamal ho sukta hy lykin fertile days meh sub sy ziyada chances hoty hen .

agur hamal na ho tu pher ye egg periods k doraan nikal jata hy muzeed details k leye ap meri 25 june ke post purin , pregnency detials and care asaan urdu meh hey r asaan kur k sumjaya giya hy ,

or wo hony wala idea na istimaal kurin .

baki olad ni hoi tu ho jay ge ap study kurin es foram py sub khuch or achi batin apni life meh practice kurin





rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:28th Jun 2009, 6:56am


Great reply by BS very informatical 
For Detail Click On Page No: 1
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