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Second Marriage Issues: Should I Commit Sucide?

Social Problem   >>  Me and My Family
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sema Group: Members  Joined: 29th Aug, 2007  Topic: 10  Post: 14  Age:  42  
Posted on:13th Dec 2007, 6:30am

Second Marriage Issues: Should I Commit Sucide?

mujhay yah pohacna hai jo orat shadi karti hai or as kai husbend ki as sai dosri shadi ho or 1st wife sai olads ho or husbend apnay bacho sai bohat pyar karta ho or un kai bolnay par meray saat rawayah acha na ho un kai samnay bazati karay jub kai orat har tarah sai os ki olad or admi ka khayal rukhay tu orat yah hi chahay gi kai os sai olad ho jahay takay woh os orat ki azat karay as leyah mai olad chati ho lekin meray husbend nahi chatay jub olad nahi ho ghar mai tu meray saat achay rahtay hai boltay hai yah log mujhay kuch nahi dai tum sub kuch ho or un kai samnay meri bazati tu orat kiya karay sucide kar lay kiya
nadeem AOL Group: Members  Joined: 26th Nov, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 265  Age:  35  
Posted on:13th Dec 2007, 9:18am

to seema

Hope you are doing well seema !!

Just read you post and got an idea what's the matter.

Dear first decide that what do you want : Just respect from your husband or you want baby also ?

If you think that you could live without your own babies then your target would be to get respect from your husband. No one else at this forum could know your hausband better than you. Find some time when he is free and can listen to you by his heart. Discuss with him that what things make him angery and he insults you in from of children, then you must try to avoid those acts. In our family system, espacially in Pakistan, there is a huge gap of communication among members of the family which results in tiny things to become big issues. Try to tell him that it hurts your self respect when you insult me in front of children. In response to this what he says listen carefully and then try to assess yourself that r u on the wrong side or not, if you are on the wrong sie then try to be good and avoid those acts, if you are not wrong then try to convince him that he is doing wrong and encourage him to find out some solutions and tell him that you want to end up this insultive behaviour from his side.

Second option you have is this that you get "Khula" not "Divorce" because you want to leave him. It's very easy but you must think about it 100 times before doing that. You may find a person ready to give you babies but not again giving respect to you. I would say that keep this option at the end and find some positive solution and save your relationship which only lucky people have in their life...... but don't keep yourself in miserable condition ( if you feel so )

Further, i m sure that inshallah you would find some better solution with out ending up your precious relationship. This is your life and you have 100% right to live it according to your wishes. But in life we have to give away something to get something in response and that the way life is on it's way.

Hope to have your comments on this.


Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:13th Dec 2007, 7:08pm


Well seema jee jo bhi step uthain bohot hi soch samajh ka uthaiyaga... meri advice apko yahi hai ka ap ALLAH sai dua karain aur namaz qaim karain.. yah apka aik imtihan hai ALLAH ki taraf sai. ALLAH apko es imtihan mai kamiyab karaii . ameeen.

Ghareloo mamlat ko nimtana ka liya sab sai acha yah hai ka agar apka ghar mai koi bara buzurk hon yah apka husband ki side paa to ap unsai discuss karain taqai woh apka husband ko samjhaaii. dekhai jab log beth ka discussion kartai hain to big big problems solve hojatain hain. Mai to apko yahi advice karonga koi bhi big step uthana sai pahla ap yah karlai.

maaz1247 Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Oct, 2010  Topic: 2  Post: 6  Age:  29  
Posted on:13th Mar 2011, 6:02pm


aap pareshan na hoin bs Allah sy dua karain k apk husband ko aqal aye r wo achy r bury ma fark krna seekhain:)
s4u Group: Members  Joined: 18th Mar, 2011  Topic: 99  Post: 5380  Age:   
Posted on:14th Mar 2011, 6:47am

uff itna old topic

ab tak to wo sucide bhi kr chuki hon agar nahi to phir aik do bachon ki Maa ban gai hon gi:)
Neha_83 Group: Members  Joined: 17th Dec, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 166  Age:  35  
Posted on:14th Mar 2011, 9:53pm

s4u Madam

 kabi koi achiy bat bhy soch liya karen.kisi ko dua bi de diya karen .
debater Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2011  Topic: 0  Post: 31  Age:  38  
Posted on:15th Mar 2011, 6:02am


s4u madam ko dosro ki jasosiya krny sy furst mly to ye kisi ko dua dey ye to hr tym bs jasos bni rhti hai or khod ko bri chlak smjti hai ALLAH iss ko aqal dy
s4u Group: Members  Joined: 18th Mar, 2011  Topic: 99  Post: 5380  Age:   
Posted on:16th Mar 2011, 4:01am


ab maine kis ki jasosi kr li?
Neha_83 Group: Members  Joined: 17th Dec, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 166  Age:  35  
Posted on:16th Mar 2011, 8:31am

s4u Madam

 na na na jasusi to bohat buri bat hay sweetie
waisy s4u Madam apky andar itnay tajujus kyu hay??
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