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Semen Oozes Out From Vagina After Intercourse

Married Women Problem   >>  Pregnancy
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neela Group: Members  Joined: 28th Jul, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  38  
Posted on:28th Jul 2007, 7:41pm

Semen Oozes Out From Vagina After Intercourse

salam doctor.plz main bohat parashan hoon.mairi shaadi ko 5 maah ho gaiye hain.after sex saari mony nikal jati ha mairay ander say.kiya sab k saath aisa hi hota ha ya sirf maray saath aisa ho raha ha?sex k baad ma kaafi dair tak laiti rahti hoon magar jaisay hi khari hoti hoon saarai geeli ho jaati hoon plz mairay maslay ka hal bta dain.shukriya

Dear Doctor, I am very much worried. I got married 5 months back. Every time after intercourse the whole semen comes out from my vagina. Whether it happens with all the couples or it is happening just with me? Although I donít get up after having sex with my husband and keep lie down till much time but whenever I get up, then the whole of the semen comes out. Please let me know what should I do?

peace full Group: Members  Joined: 16th Jul, 2007  Topic: 30  Post: 436  Age:  28  
Posted on:28th Jul 2007, 9:18pm

aisa hota hai

jab mard ki money ander jaati hai to us mein ek hi cell kaam ka hota hai jo hamal paida kerta hai aur baki jo money us k saath nikalti hai wo us ko force kerne k lye hoti hai yaani us kaam wale cell ko presure se vegina k ander dhakelti hain aur jaise hi female ki ovam male k sperm ko pakerti hai to baki money jo force ka kaam kerti hai wo wapis vegina se bahar nikal jaati hai aur kaam wala sperm ander hi paker jata hai to aap ko do ya teen maha k ander ager mehsoos ho k pregency ho rahi hai to samjho aap ko kuch nahin howa hai ager nahin ho to phir kisi dr:sahab se poocho mujhe 9th class mein mere teacher ne jo parhaya tha wo mein ne bata dya ab ziyada aap ki merzi.
tsalam Group: Experts  Joined: 07th Jul, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 104  Age:  49  
Posted on:28th Jul 2007, 10:57pm


It is my understanding that you are trying to get pregnant, and that is why you are concerned about the loss of semen after sex. This is quite normal. The semen become more liquid within a few minutes. The purpose is to let the sperm swim in the semen and help those to cross the vagina and the uterus and finally reach the fallopian tube where sperms meet with ovum (if it is that part of the menstrual cycle when an ovum is likely to be alive and staying in the fallopian tube). The ovum only allows one sperm to enter usually.

Now that you spend sometime after sex lying on the bed, that would be sufficient to let the sperm travel to the fallopian tube. And you should not worry about the remaining semen that comes out later.

Hope this helps.

khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:29th Jul 2007, 8:19am

re: neela

  • attain proper position during stroking( both wife and husband) which provides full penetration
  • at the time of ejaculation, the penis should be completely inside the vagina
  • ask ur husband that don't withdraw penis immediately from the vagina after discharge
  • remain in the same position for 20-30 minutes after the intercourse is over.
  • don't get separated immediately after intercourse.
  • wipe out the extra semen oozing from vagina after the whole above said exercise, as some quantity of it normally comes out.
khoobsurat Group: Members  Joined: 06th Jul, 2007  Topic: 32  Post: 325  Age:  33  
Posted on:29th Jul 2007, 8:26am

re: peace full

aap ki tamam batein ghalat hain aur aesa nahi hota hai, semen ka bahir ana aur pregnancy ka koi taluq nahi hai. yeh to normal baat hai. har intercourse mai semen bahir aata hai,to kiya har intercourse se pregnancy hoti hai? (according to ur theory).

asal mai yeh cheez normal hai ke semen ka kuch portion vagina ke andar reh jata hai aur kuch bahir nikal jata hai, agar aap glass ko water se fill karna shuru karo to ek limit tak hi water glass ke andar rahega naa us ke baad overflow ho jayega, same is the case here.

aap ek unmarried aadmi hain, aap ko kiya pata en cheezon ke baare mai, aap please ghalat information naa deen.

clickhere Group: Members  Joined: 26th Jul, 2007  Topic: 0  Post: 9  Age:  31  
Posted on:1st Aug 2007, 2:06am


yeh baat pehle bhe aik user ne share keh hai keh sexual intercourse keh badd ounhain money vagina se nikalte nazar ate hai so waise baat yahi hai keh jitne sperms chahiye hote hai woh ander reh jate hai baki bahir a jate hai money so dont worry i think comments plz
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