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Sucking Breast And Breast Milk Of Wife In Islam

Religion and Sex   >>  Breast Sucking
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usman85 Group: Members  Joined: 12th Jun, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 6  Age:  33  
Posted on:20th Jun 2009, 6:50pm

Sucking Breast And Breast Milk Of Wife In Islam

meri shadi ma 10 din baqi ha.i want to islam ma husband apni wife ki chest ko mu lga sakta ha. i mean ,kia wife ke doodh ko mu lga ker chosan jayez ha.

Can a husband suck wife's breasts according to Islam? Or can he suck her breast milk?
~~HITMAN~~ Group: Members  Joined: 09th May, 2011  Topic: 122  Post: 4238  Age:  33  
Posted on:20th Jun 2009, 7:23pm

rE: Milk Shop

is kism k questions per pehle hi answer diya jachuka hai, app search karsaktay hain.

mukhtasir jawaab yehi hai k wife doodh ki factory nahi hai jo doodh ko moun laga lia jaye, usko angrezi main breast kaha jata hai.....ji haan app sab kuch karsaktay hain siwaye doodh peney k, doodh peney k liyain apko bazaar se milk khareedna pareyga...warna anay wali nasal k liyain dam khali hoga phir.
Azfar-K Group: Members  Joined: 01st Mar, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 766  Age:   
Posted on:20th Jun 2009, 7:30pm


Wife k boobs ko suck,kiss,lick karsakte hain.
lekin 1 female ko milk pregnancy k baad ata hai.

During the life-time of the Prophet’s Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) it happened that one of the Companions was making love with his wife, and in the course of love-making he (the Companion) sucked her breasts to the extent that some of the milk reached his stomach. Following that, the Companion went to Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari (may Allah be pleased with him) and asked him about the ruling. Replying the man, Abu-Musa Al-Ash`ari said that the man’s wife had become forbidden for him. (i.e., like his mother)

After that, the man went to ask `Abdullah Ibn Mas`ud (may Allah be pleased with him) about the same ruling and Ibn Mas`ud stated that there was nothing wrong with what happened. Ibn Mas`ud backed his argument by citing the Prophetic hadith, which clearly states that suckling is confined only to the two earlier years of a child. Ibn Mas`ud cited this Qur’anic verse: 'Mothers shall suckle their children for two whole years; (that is) for those who wish to complete the suckling…' (Al-Baqarah: 233)
Komos Group: Members  Joined: 15th Jun, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 95  Age:  48  
Posted on:21st Jun 2009, 8:01am


Dear usman

Shadi ki pashgi mubarak or is sawal per buhat lambi bahas ho chuki hai or azfer bahi na complete jawab b da dia hai or abi app k life main dodh wala chaker dur hai lakin sucking of breast is allowed or apni bivi say humbistari karna say pehla bismillah zaroor par lana takay iblees tumhara sat shreek na ho. once agian shadi mubarak

usman85 Group: Members  Joined: 12th Jun, 2009  Topic: 3  Post: 6  Age:  33  
Posted on:21st Jun 2009, 6:21pm


Ap ka buhut shukria.Ma recently is website pe ayay hu is liye me ne is barey ma discussion nahi perhi.

Ap ne buhut achi bat kahi.Ma BISMILLAH zaroor perho ga.Thanks again

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