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May My Wife Suck My Penis?

Religion and Sex   >>  Oral Sex
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miang Group: Members  Joined: 02nd May, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 3  Age:  39  
Posted on:2nd May 2009, 10:47am

May My Wife Suck My Penis?


main ney aik baat pochni hai keh meri wife mery penise ko suck ker sakti hai ager us per condome cherha huva hoo. plz reply me

May my wife suck my penis if there is condom on it? Please reply.

dom_man Group: Members  Joined: 13th Mar, 2009  Topic: 80  Post: 1430  Age:  39  
Posted on:2nd May 2009, 10:50am

read this

read this article

is oral sex permitted.

miang Group: Members  Joined: 02nd May, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 3  Age:  39  
Posted on:3rd May 2009, 2:50am

read this

thanx for replaying. i have read this topic. but its not cleared to me. plz tell me its allow or not
Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:3rd May 2009, 6:19am

re: May My Wife Suck My Penis?

Well dear as far as I have studied about the Oral sex after this question that does it permissible in Islam has been raised so many times, I have come to the following conclusion:


There is nothing advised in Quran as far as oral sex is concerned and even in Hadith there is no clear cut demarcation that either it is right or wrong. However majority of Ula’ma and Islamic scholars have Ijma on the fact that this act must be avoided. The Fatwa is that semen and pre-seminal fluid and the fluid that comes out from the vagina during sexual excitement all are Nujis that is Impure. It is haram that any of the above mentioned fluid will touch the mouth of either husband or wife and if in any case it so happen then he or she must wash it away. These scholars declared oral sex as Makru’h-e- Tahremi (The dis-liked act in the eyes of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him).

I have also come to the conclusion that there is a difference between Oral sex and Oral stimulation. Most of the people who coutes Ahadits deliberately don’t show any demarcation that whether the subject being discussed in that hadit is about oral sex or oral stimulation. They try to make amalgam of it and present in such a manner that it seems like oral sex is permissible.


Has it been thought that why the God has awarded humans the brain and conscience. Whether they are useless thing? Once we proceed to do some thing it’s our brain and conscience that guide us on the righteous path. As it is said that Allah is in our insight. Yes! It is true. He is Allah who guides us on the right way. Why he has made the man His Khalifa. Why he descended us on earth. If we think over these questions we will go in the world where we can get our true identity. The degree and dignity of the humans are supreme and as we know that in the heavens All angels including Hazrat Jibra’eel has offered Sajdah to Hazrat Adam, except only one named, Iblees or so called Sattan. Now let think over:

  • Does this act of oral sex consides with the dignity and honor that the God has awarded to Adam
  • Whether we should keep tight our Nfs or act upon its order, as in Quran, Allah says that “there are some who have made Nafs their God. They act upon what the Nafs ask from them”.
  • What is the role of Khalife and What are the misguidance of Sattan

Although Allah Taa’la haven’t declared oral sex Haram in Quran and even we will not find hadith over it, but there are always some rationales that guide us for which is right and which is wrong as Allah says in Quran:


ﺍﺱ ﻣﻴﮟ ﻋﻘﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﻮﮞ ﻛﻴﻠﻴﮯ ﻧﺸﺎﻧﻴﺎﮞ ﮨﻴﮟ.


In my opinion oral stimulation like kissing on genitals could be right to some extend till the mouth or lips don’t touch secretions, however no way of Oral Sex.



Dr R Group: Experts  Joined: 01st Apr, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 128  Age:  42  
Posted on:3rd May 2009, 4:45pm

re: May My Wife Suck My Penis?

brilliant reply dr kk , i second all that you have said in a logical and proper manner, plus the thing that people do not realise is that they may be prepared for once but the seminal fluids once ingested may cause severe harm in the form of STDs and VDs transmitters. 
Kali Zuban Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 30  Post: 1790  Age:  33  
Posted on:3rd May 2009, 10:38pm

re: oral sex

Oral sex ke bare mai aksar logo ko confusion hai. is confusion ko door karne ke lia yeh article likhi gai hai

kuch log Quran pak ka hawala de kar kahte hai keh tumhari bivi tumhari kheti ka matlab yeh hai keh oral sex bhi allow hai. jab keh haqeeqat mai aisa nahi hai. oral sex asal mai sex hi nahi hai. kio keh allah tala ne har kam ke lia alag alag organ banaya hai. mslan kan hearing ke lia, nose soonghne ke lia, urethra peeshab ke lia, mouth khana khane ke lia, anas stool pass karne ke lia aur vagina sex ke lia.

2. lehaza mouth se sex ka koi sawal hi paida nahi hota. jis tarah kan nak se understood hai keh is se sex nahi kar sakte isi tarah mouth se bhi sab ko samajh lena chahia keh is se sex nahi karna chahia.

3. chukeh vagina aur anus aik doosre ke qareeb hai isi lia anus ke lia wazeh tor par hidayat kar di gai keh vavina aur anus mai farq samjha jai. agar kan nak aur mouth bhi vagina ke qareeb hota tu shaid os ke bare mai bhi wazeh hidayat hoti (allah behtar janta hai)

4. oral sex fahashi phailane aur illegal sex karne walo ki ijad hai. chukeh vaginal sex se pregnancy ke chances bahut ziadah hai is lia illegal sex karne wale pregnancy se bachne ke lia oral sex karte hai.

5. aam shareef logo ko tu oral sex ke bare mai maloom hi nahi tha. aj bhi jo log oral sex ke bare mai jante hai woh bata sakte hai ke is ilm ka source blue film ya friend ke darmian hone wali fahash guftagoo hai.

6. aise hi logo ne na sirf porn movie aur fahash guftagoo se oral sex ka word seekha balkeh is forum par oral sex  ke bare mai sawal kar ke shareef member ko bhi yeh lafz sikhaya.

7. warna aj bhi aise shareef log mojood hai jinho ne aj tak lafz oral sex nahi suna hai.  yeh aur bat hai ke western culture se mutasir, girl/boys friend ke hami, porn movie ke shaidai, mahfil mai fahash goi karne wale meri bat se ittefaq nahi kare ge. aur kahe ge keh har shakh oral sex ke bare mai janta hai.

8. jabkeh yeh haqeeqat hai keh aise shareef log jo western culture, girl/boy friendship, porn movie aur fahash mahfil se na-ashna hai. woh oral sex ke lafz se bhi na-ashna hai.

9. ham intehai afsos ke sath kahte hai keh is forum par mojood bhi kuch logo ne oral sex ke mozoo ko shuru kar aise shareef member ki maloomat mai oral sex ka izafa kia hai jo keh pahle is lafz se ashna nahi the.

my articles

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:4th May 2009, 8:10am



zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:4th May 2009, 8:10am



zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:4th May 2009, 8:11am


Dr k k ka reply bht acha hai

no more words to say

very nice

sub kuch clear ho gya mujhey

rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:5th May 2009, 7:19am


I have no comments on your point of view on oral sex , oral sex is  many many times discuss here ,i have only comment on mani you said mani is not pure (NAPAK) but saudi supreme ulmas given a mutafiq fatwa on this issue that mani means sperms of male is pak and pure this is a mutafiq fatwa given by saudis ulmas
If you dont agree with me go on and search on many many islamic web sites and books are available in the market also
SHR Group: Members  Joined: 05th May, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 26  Age:  33  
Posted on:5th May 2009, 7:28am


never its not allowd in islam

Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:5th May 2009, 5:20pm

Re: Rafaz

When we talk about some matters I especially studied alot. I dont like to throw the arrow in the air.
Well if there are fatwas that Semen is pure and there are certain books and web sites. Then I would interestingly ask you to please give referances. So that I and other people would get benefits. I am waiting for your reply. Please Provide the referances of books and web sites. Thanks
Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:6th May 2009, 1:36pm

re: Rafaz

Dear friend We are waiting 
Where are those referances that says Semen is not najas!
rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:6th May 2009, 1:52pm


First of all i am given the refrence to you by a book name " TAHARAT KI KITAB"
in urdu written by Hafiz Imran Ayub ,nashir Fiqa ul Hadees Publications
On this book on page no 70 a detailed discussion weather mani is pure or not .
the discussion is started from page 70 to page 74
And the final judgement is mani is taahir pure pak
Saudi ftwa committe has also given that fatwa that mani is pure.
Now i am given you the web site refrence to you on this above issue a web site please read the fatwas no 2458, 47693,99507,50404 on this web site pleasr read the fatwas no 82518, 91755
pleasr see also the web sites
rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:6th May 2009, 1:57pm


I am sending you also the phone and email address of the above writer book
Writer name : Hafiz Imran Ayub
Phone (mobile0: 0300-4206199
System Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Jun, 2008  Topic: 40  Post: 2284  Age:  37  
Posted on:6th May 2009, 4:49pm

rafaz bhai

saudi fatwa  aik specific maslaq se hai... aur mostly suadi arab main wahabi maslac hai... But pakistan main Multiple different maslac ke loog will not follow only saudi fatwa... aur hosakta hai Hafiz Imran saheb bhi same maslac se hon....

I dont think ke tmam ya Most Maslac ke Ulma will allow oral sex...  ager most Maslac agree nahee hain to hum her kissi ko nahee keh sakte ke Oral sex allow hai...  may be allowed for specific maslac group...

Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:6th May 2009, 9:12pm

re: May My Wife Suck My Penis

 Well rafaz has given me a very nice and brilliant answer and I am really happy with it. I don't want to make some body up or down however I wanted to invite in discussion over the issue. He has given a lot of references. Name of a book as well and its author. Before starting the discussion lets take all his references one by one:

Reference 1. "TAHARAT KI KITAB"
in Urdu written by Hafiz Imran Ayub ,nashir Fiqa ul Hadees Publications

Doctor K K: Unfortunately I did not see that book therefore I would get it and read it as soon as possible.

Reference 2. at this web site the display was- Site Temporarily Unavailable

Reference 3.

Fatwa No 82510 Following is the fatwa:

 All the Muslim scholars agreed upon that al-Madhi are impure (Talking about semen). Third, Al-Wadi this is a thick white fluid that comes after some people urinate. It is also considered impure. Ibn Abbas said: "Mani (sperm) required Ghusul. As for Madhi (semen) and Wadi they require cleaning the parts and clothing and making Wudu (ablution).

Doctor K K: See sperm requires ghusal it comes in Najasat-e- ghaleeza, Semen don't require qhusal if comes out un- intentionally since it comes in Najasat-e- Afeefa. Make sure one more thing semen with out sperms cant come out.

Fatwa no 91755

If a man ejaculates drops of sperm without any desire he is not obliged to perform Ghusl (ritual bath) according to the majority of the scholars. However, the Shaafi'ee school and the scholars who are of their view are of the opinion that it necessitates Ghusl. Nonetheless, the most preponderant opinion is the view of the majority of the scholars.

Reference 4:

        They quoted as evidence the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): "O 'Ammaar, garments should be washed in five cases: stools, urine, vomit, blood and semen." 

Reference 5: – No web site opened

Reference 6: – Following have been found on the top:

Upon His Messenger. The impurity of semen is a controversial issue among scholars. Imam Ahmad (may Allah bless his soul) believes it is pure, but the majority of scholars consider it as...

Doctor K K: The sentence is incomplete may be it would be said that majority of scholars consider it as impure. There a lot of Fatwa there on that page but all of them where not completely shown. Some of them were on the side that semen is pure, while other on the side that it is impure. For proving and dis-proving that little abstracts were insufficient.

Reference 7:

Doctor K K : That is the forum where people discuss their matters. I did not find it authentic for proving or dis-proving any matter


Doctor K K: What we have seen on it is as follows:

As for oral sex, it is only permitted as a way of stimulation and foreplay. Scholars say that it is Makrooh to do it with the intention of ejaculating in wife's mouth. This is based on the jurists' views regarding the impurity of sperm and Madhy. Anyway, if a husband does have oral sex with his wife, and ejaculates sperm, then Ghusl is obligatory; however, if he only releases Madhy then Wudu' is only required, and the wife has to wash the Madhy away because it is Najis.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and an Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, answers:

"There is a difference of opinion among the founders of the Four Schools of Jurisprudence regarding whether Mani (semen) is Najas (impure) or not. While both Imams Abu Hanifah and Malik consider it Najas, both Imams Shafi`i and Ahmad do not consider it as such. These differences notwithstanding, all of them insist on washing it away if it is wet, and if dry, scrubbing or erasing it from body, cloth or any other surface it may have come into contact with.

When we inquire into the cause behind the above differences of opinion, we can readily see that it stems from the different ways the Imams interpreted the various traditions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, as well as from the analogies they based their views on.

As far as the "oral sex" question is concerned, we had deliberately avoided the phrase "oral sex" to avoid confusion with "oral stimulation". Further, we must clearly indicate that any deliberate act of sexual intercourse must be done in the place created for it (i.e., the vagina), while oral stimulation itself is permissible. (Doctor K K: Clearly indicating that intercourse must only be in vagina, the natural route, no other way.).If, however, during the course of oral stimulation, ejaculation takes place, one must wash it away if it gets in one's clothing or mouth. We must further add that no Muslim should ever consider consuming it in any way.

As far as Madhy (pre-seminal fluid) in males as well as its lubricating equivalent in females is concerned, it is considered Najas (impure) in all of the accepted Schools of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and, therefore, one must definitely wash it away."

Doctor K K: Some scholars calling Madhy semen, while some as pre- seminal fluid. Both are same and remember semen always comes with Mani ( Sperms) which is Najis in the eyes of all Ula'mas.


Doctor K K: I have found following things that I want to share with you:


Fatwa No: 89730

Can a husband kiss the vagina of his wife? Can the wife swallow the semen of her husband?




All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad  is His slave and Messenger. Swallowing the sperm is forbidden even according to the scholars who do not consider it impure. ImaamAn-Nawawi said in Al-Majmoo': 'There are two opinions about swallowing sperm. However, the most correct opinion is that it is forbidden because it is filthy. Allaah says (which means): {And forbids them what is khabaa'ith (evil things, evil deeds, evil beliefs, evil persons and filthy food).}[Qur'an 7:157].' (source:

There are two opinions as to whether female ejaculation (sexual discharge) is impure or not. One group of scholars say that it is not, supporting their view with the fact that it is part of the person and from it humans are created. They also argue for the purity of semen and sexual discharge by quoting the report that `A'ishah(may Allah be pleased with her) used to wipe off the clothes in which she found the Prophet's semen after they had dried. Had it been impure, she would not have wiped it off, she would have washed it. 

The second group of scholars argue that sexual discharge (semen or women sexual ejaculation) is like any other secretion such as urine, and it is therefore impure.

However, the strong argument is that semen and sexual discharge are pure. This does not mean that the person does not seek extra purification or wash whatever he or she finds disgusting, but this is a different issue.(source: )

There is a Hadith please see it:

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,'Avoid that which is doubtful', for, 'thereby one keeps his honor and religion intact.' 


Doctor k K: Final words: semen is pure or impure remained controversial. But according to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him avoid doubtful things. Therefore, with out going into the depth of whether it is pure or not any body should avoid oral sex.


System Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Jun, 2008  Topic: 40  Post: 2284  Age:  37  
Posted on:7th May 2009, 2:41am

*** Doctor k k ***

MashAllah... SubhanAllah

you have done amazing work here..  

Agreed to Doctor K K

rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:7th May 2009, 5:33am


Hum log theek cheezoon ko q qabool neehe kertey heen sub say phelay to may herat mey hoon k aap say web site neehe open hoowe
yee to buth assani open ho jati ha .this site as well in urdu also
aap is web site per ja ker is k search page may sirif yee type kareen  "mani pure" then you get the right answer ,aur isi waqt jeb yee page ager english may khulley to phir aap is k urdu vision per click kareen gey to yee he jawab aap ko english may mil jayee ga.
Second thing islam kis country say phela saudi arab say to kya hum saudi jo khe rahee heen un ko ghalat kaheen k neehe hamara islam sahee ha , may yee samejta hoon k k ager koi cheez galat ha to galat ha aur ager sahee ha to us ko zaberdasti galat saabit na ki jayee
ALLAH fermata k us ki halal cheezon ko haram met karo ,aur haram cheezon ko halal twaqte k esa waqt aa jayee k wo haram cheez waqti toor per jaiz ho jayee(FOR TEMORARY PERIODS)
but halal cheezon ko kabi haram qarar nahee dya gya ha
Jeb log saudi arab jatey heen to asar ki namaz ka jo hanfi maslek may time ha us say taqreeben 1 hour before pertey heen to kya un ki yee asar ki namaz neehe hoti ha kya, sub indian pakistani saudi time k mutabiq he pher rahey hootey heen
I think saudi arab say he islam phela ha aur wo islam k barey may hum say buth bether janteey heen, is k elawa ek bat aur Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa ka ek qool ha k mery ager koi bat galat sabit ho jayee shawahid ki bunyad per to us mery bat ko deewar per mar deena yani kinara kashi ektyar ker lena
Baqi GOD IS GREAT ,GOD knows better
rafaz Group: Members  Joined: 14th Mar, 2007  Topic: 20  Post: 941  Age:   
Posted on:7th May 2009, 5:49am

Dr KK please open the site name and in thisweb site you check the fatwas no 2458,47693,99507,50404
go to in advance search and type the no of fatwas you will get the right answer
yee site ka he doosra part hathanks
For Detail Click On Page No: 1 2  >>
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