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Un-Descended Left Testicle

Married Men Problem   >>  Male Infertility
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gouhar Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Oct, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 4  Age:  50  
Posted on:4th Oct 2008, 7:34pm

Un-Descended Left Testicle

Dear Doctor Sahib, AOA,

My name is Gouhar and age is 40 years. Have small body 5'0 with skinny health.

I am married since last four years.Enjoying normal sexual life except that I don't have any children yet.......and this what made to search and I got your
web site.

I have a small and soft Right Testicle and Soft rudimentary retractile left testicle -   these are the the comments of Urologist whom I recently consulted.

Before that I thought that i have only one testicle.

I do feel pain on left side of my abdomen and a few doctors hav told me that I do have an "UN-DECENDENT LEFT TESTICLE".

When I was young I remember one night I got very very acute pain in my stomach and vomit like my intestines will get Out from my mouth and my mother thought that i will be dead.

Next morning i woke up with my left testis was swelled about the size of an egg. I got medical treatment but didn't exactly remeber what medicines except Septran DS

Anyway I had an ultrasound and Report says "LEFT TESTICLE NOT SEEN"

Got complete file of all types of tests

My two semen analysis with 03 and 04 days of Asstinence shows

volume             =    0.5 ml

Total sperm Count     =     0 Million/ml


Special Chemistry results

Testosterone        =    58.5 ng/dl

Please tell me how can I send scanned reports to you.

now I need your help as it is getting very very serious as my age is increasing and my wife and family is getting frustrated.




Kali Zuban Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 30  Post: 1790  Age:  33  
Posted on:5th Oct 2008, 3:00pm

re: undecended testis

Undescended testicle ke ilaj ke liye kisi general surgeon se consult kare. testis ka kaam sperm banana hota hai, baby ki paidaish ke liye normal sperm count 40-200 million honi chahiye. aap ka sperm count 0 hai, zahir hai keh 0 count hone ki wajah se baby paida nahi ho sakta.

aap pehle undescended testis ka ilaj karai, ho sakta hai keh ilaj se sperm banna shuru ho jaaye.
gouhar Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Oct, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 4  Age:  50  
Posted on:30th Oct 2008, 9:25am

undecended testis

Dear Docs,

As per your advise I consulted with a surgeon, advised for local ultra sound which reveals that I do have a very small left testicle.

The size of my right testicle is also not  normal and prostate glad is also of small size.

In his opinion 0 sperm counts are due to very low testosterone.

I am really very very disturbed. I also want to ask you that should I consult  with Fertility Clinic. Please give the right direction as I do not want to loose time and money for nothing.

Can I some some how meet any one of you and show my medical records or some how send you that in any form.

Thanks a million in advance.

Is it possible for you to answer me at my email address.

boby12 Group: Members  Joined: 28th Oct, 2008  Topic: 13  Post: 85  Age:  32  
Posted on:30th Oct 2008, 9:40am


dear Gihar pls vist page where u found doctors address and telephone numbers contact them them n visit them thanks.
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