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Watching Pornographic Movies

Religion and Sex   >>  Sex Movie and Photo
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Waleed Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Apr, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 12  Age:  32  
Posted on:10th Aug 2007, 1:55pm

Watching Pornographic Movies

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), states: 

"Pornographic pictures and movies are haram (prohibited). Muslims should not watch, sell or make such movies. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said: 'The eyes commit adultery, the tongue commits adultery, the hands commit adultery, the feet commit adultery and then the private parts confirm it or deny it.' (Reported by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) 

This means that watching pornographic movies, listening to such songs or singing them, using one's hands and feet for this purpose, all these are sins that are related to Zina and then the final act of Zina takes place through haram intercourse. 

Of course haram intercourse is a major sin but that which leads to sin is also a sin. If one persists in a minor sin, it also becomes a major sin. 

Those who are involved in such addiction should repent sincerely and implore Allah earnestly to forgive them; they should pray to Allah to clean their hearts and give them the strength of resolution and protection from the Shaytan

It is better for a person who is suffering from this addiction to stop watching TV for some time, until he gains control over himself. 

In addition, one should not leave obligatory prayers if one is involved in this sin. If one is involved in one sin, this does not mean that one should start other sins as well. One should try to get rid of sins, not to increase them. Sometimes, people make promise to Allah and repent and then, under the influence of the Shaytan, they break their promises. It is for this reason that it is recommended that one should move from the place of sin or do something extra to get out of this vicious circle. It may be good to disconnect and put away the TV and VCR. This will remind one more about the promise made to Allah. 

As far as the punishment is concerned, I can say that sin is a serious matter and one should not take it lightly. Only Allah knows what will be the punishment. May Allah protect us from sins and save us all from His wrath and punishment, Amen!" 

Also on this issue, the prominent Muslim scholar,Sheikh `Abdul-Khaleq Hasan Ash-Shareef, adds: 

"The person who watches such pornographic movies should repent to Allah sincerely and should not mosey around boasting about such nasty habit. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said: 'All of my Ummah would not be punished except for those who crow over their sins (i.e., sins they commit in private).'

khan_80 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Mar, 2007  Topic: 8  Post: 2591  Age:  38  
Posted on:10th Aug 2007, 7:16pm

copy right material

please donot copy paste copy right material. specify if it is a copy right material?
Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:10th Aug 2007, 7:58pm

chori karna islam mai mana hai

Walid: ap ne yeh article kisi aur ki website se chori kar ke yaha post kia hai. is qisim ki harkat ko copy right violation kahte hai. ap ne doosre ki mehnat ko chori kar ke kisi aur website par paste kar dia.

sahi tareeqa hai keh ap article ko read kare aur khood woh article apne style mai likhe. ya phir baqaida written permission ke sath kisi aur website par publish kare.

ap ne jo article chori karne ka gunah kia hai os ke lia allah tala se mafi mange aur ainda kisi aur ki mehnat ko chori kar ke kisi aur website par publish na kare.

is forum ke moderator ne bhi wazeh alfaz mai warning di hai keh chori karne wale member ko block kar dia jai ga.

tafseel ke lia dekhe:


Member will be blocked for this forum if they

1. Post their email address, contact number, msn and yahoo messenger id, or any personal identification for contact.

2. Post irrelevant or abusive reply.

3. Post in favour of Harbal, homoeo and hakeem theory.

4. Copy and paste of copyright material of other website.

5. Prescribe any medicine.

Waleed Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Apr, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 12  Age:  32  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 6:54am

No Violation

First of all I would say that I didnít commit any copy right violation. The problem is everyone here on this site has been giving the solution of some questions asked by different people according to their little knowledge about Islam without any valid references. A little knowledge is dangerous for man. So this is the only reason I tried to reveal everyone about these articles with some valid references.

Now come to the second point, about Copy Right Violation. The articles which I have pasted here are the replies of some questions regarding Sex from Muslim scholars. I just omitted the Question and some part of Reply so that anyone who may read this article may not get fluster. I have searched about these articles on many Islamic sites and picked these articles from the Question/Answer Forum, where different people asked different questions regarding Sex from Islamic Scholars and theyíve replied them in the light of Islam. The question/answer forum is not ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Anyone can visit that and may tell to anyone for the sake of good deed.

Now for the people who are so much conscious about Copy Right Violation, I have a serious advice for them. Please immediately Un-Install your pirated Windows right now, and buy the original Copy of Microsoft Windows worth Rs 8000 roughly. The violation which you are making is much more serious than my so called violation because you are making the Microsoft company loss of money which is their right. Do it right now! And ask Allah to may forgive you for this sin. So please donít rebuke at anyone and think before you leap. What Iíve done is just for the sake of good deed and it neither harmed anyone nor did it make any loss of money to anyone. My Allah better knows my intensions and I have a devilís may care attitude towards everyone who deem that I am wrong.

I am not a nitwit that I copy some material from somewhere else and paste it here without any change so that the people might think that these articles are written by me. I must have changed something if I had some other intension like that. My only mistake for which I repent is that I ought to write that this article is written by so and so Muslim Scholar because many people may get flustered and blame on me that I am trying to manifest that these articles are written by me. I didnít deem that before so thatís why I admit this mistake only and Iíll write the name of Scholars who would have given the answers of questions, in future.

As far as writing the answers in my own words are concerned, I wouldnít do that. Because I want people to let know that what the opinion of Muslim Scholars on these issues is, in their own word which, on the other hand obviously has more impact that writing them in my words.

Thanks and Allah Hafiz

Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 7:18am

re: walid

walid sahib: agar ap ne yeh article khood se likha hai tu phir yeh copy right violation nahi hua. ap ka article bahut hi achcha tha. aam tor se is qisim ke article log copy paste karte hai isi lia mai ne comments dia tha. ab jabkeh ap kah rahe hai ke yeh ap ka apna article hai jo keh doosre article ki madad se tayyar kia hai tu bhai mai apne comments wapis leta hoo. aur ap se ummed karta hoon ke isi tarah keh mazeed article post karte rahe ge.

really ap ka article bahut hi zabardast hai isi lia copy paste ka khial aya. ab jab keh ap kah rahe hai keh yeh copy paste nahi tu I am Sorry.

Waleed Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Apr, 2007  Topic: 2  Post: 12  Age:  32  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 7:30am

re: bewaqoof

Thanks for taking your words back. No need for Sory because it is the human who make mistakes. Its okay Allah Hafiz


josh Group: Members  Joined: 30th Jul, 2007  Topic: 47  Post: 2282  Age:  41  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 7:40am

Copyright Violation?

bewakoof bhai ji iska naam waleed hai ap usay walid keh rahay ho. kisi ka naam bigarna bohat bara gunah hai apko Allah say mafi mangni chahiye... kaisa laga sun kar ?? ye waisi hi bat hai jaisi apnay waleed ko kahi regarding copyright violation.
for your kind information, yahan bohat say log hai jo deeni websites say copy kar k yahan paste kartay hain, jismai girls bi bohat hain, deeni websites bani hi is liye hain k wahan par mojood ilm ko phelaya jaey, the purpose of religious material available in religious websites is to spread everywhere, and if someone copy some material and paste it to somewhere for reference then we cannot call it copyright violation bcoz it is permitted by the religious websites.. we can say "Ye aik naiki ka kaam hai.."
copyright violation usay kehtay hain jab koi firm ya koi insan apni mehnat say banaee chez ko bechna  chahta hai or usey website par rakha hai bechnay ki niyat say (selling purpose) lekin koi dosra bina uski ijazat k or usay us software ki Keemat diye bina us software ya material ko use karta hai to isey copyright violaiton kahain gay. jaisa k Pakistan/india or dunia k kaee mumalik mai, har ghar mai pirated windows chal rahi hai, or shayed yehi chori shuda windows apkay ghar mai bi chal rahi ho, to ap apnay ap ko kia kaho gay???? bcoz apko pata hona chahiye k Original windows ki kia price hai, hazaro Rs. pay karnay partay hain sirf copyright k liye, and we pay only Rs.30 or 25.
i appreciate weleed's efforts, keep it up bro.
kim84 Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Aug, 2007  Topic: 113  Post: 786  Age:  34  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 7:48am


Kisi k copyright sy agr kisi ko knowledge/faida hasil hota achi baat hi...

Wesy ham sb copy hi to krty Quran ki batein copy kr k ap tak ponchty hi,Habidh ki,Parents ki achy logo ki yaha tak k in noorclinic waloo ki hi batein copy kr k post ki jati hi....

Ab koi dobara write kr k copy krta hi koi copy-paste....


Your Bro

josh Group: Members  Joined: 30th Jul, 2007  Topic: 47  Post: 2282  Age:  41  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 8:31am


aik or baat kehna chahonga,, is website par meri likhi hui koi baat "Copyright Material" nahi hai,, is liye agar kisi insan ko meri likhi hui koi bat achi lagay to usey mujsay ijazat lenay ki zaroorat nahi, meri likhi hui bato ko jaisey chahay utilise karain, reference dain ya link day dain ya apnay dost ko batain... koi bi achi baat KarNay say or phelanay say sawaab hi milta hai.......
Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:11th Aug 2007, 8:58am

re: copyright ki ijazat author se nahi publisher se leni hoti hai

kisi website ya newspaper par article write karne ke bad copy right author ke bajai os website ya newspaper ki ho jati hai jis par publish hua hai. is lia copy karne ke lia author ki nahi publisher ki ijazat leni parti hai.
Kali Zuban Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 30  Post: 1790  Age:  33  
Posted on:14th Aug 2007, 2:01pm

porn movie ke nuqsanat

porn movie dekhne se insan apni bivi ke lia na-mard ho jata hai. ose apni bivi ke lia penis mai sakhti nahi ati. sakhti lane ke lia ose porn movie ki actress ko zahan mai lana parta hai jo keh gunah hai.
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