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First Intercourse: Please Clear The Confusions
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First Intercourse: Please Clear The Confusions

Unmarried Boys Problems   >>  Suhagraat Tips And Guide
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mohdyousuf Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Jun, 2007  Topic: 17  Post: 17  Age:  36  
Posted on:8th Jan 2008, 7:46am

First Intercourse: Please Clear The Confusions

Assalam-u-alikum all,

I want to ask some questions plz aap log mujhay in questions kay answers reply karain

1. Mujhay yeh maloom hai kay islam mein anal sex aur licking ka mana hai. magar mera sawal hai kay sirf forplay ka dooran 

aurat kay vagina ko kiss kia ja sakta hai "Not Licking" only Kiss aur agar haan tu kia kiss karnay say aurat kay sexual power

mein kitna izzafa hota hai.

2. First time intercouse kay waqt vagina ki wall bohot sakth hoti hai aur jab mard apni wife kay indar apna penis first time

insert karay ga tu kia aurat ki cheekh ziyada zoor say nikilti hai mein is liye pooch raha hoon kamray kay bahir agar awaaz

chali jaye tu e.g aap kay parent's ya phir app ki sister ko awaz jaye tu.

3. first time intercouse mein aurat kay vagina mein say blood bhi nikalta hai, tu kia yeh blood bohut zyada hoga is mein

pareshani ki koi baat tu nahin hogi agar blood niklay tu intercourse us waqt rokh lay na chaiye ya phir nahin, kahin aisa na ho kay vagina kay andar koi zakham ho jaye, aur blood kitni dair mein stop ho ga. koi medicine use karni chahiye.

plz in kay replies karin

thanks for all
allah hafiz 

pinky7861 Group: Members  Joined: 06th Oct, 2007  Topic: 44  Post: 1348  Age:   
Posted on:8th Jan 2008, 2:55pm

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions

   Sab say achha hay kay aap shaddi kay baad 2,3 din tak sex kernay ki bajay sirf forplay say kaam chalain kayounkay jis kisam kay fears aap bata rahay hain in say bachnay ka yahi aik acha tareeqa hay.  Jab gher main rush hatam ho jata hay tu phir kisi ka khoaf nahi hota aur na hi shirmindgi ka masla hota hay aur wife say bhi tini jaan pahchan ho jati hay kay wo aap ka sath day gi aur shore nahi machay gi.

aur ORAL sex kay liay yahan bohat dafa answer aa chuka hay aap ko tafseel mil jay gi dhondnay per waisay yah allowed hay.

Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:8th Jan 2008, 6:15pm

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions


U are facing general tension and mostly people who was think about sex or intercourse before marriage must think all these questions.

  1. Well i personally dont konw about it cause i didnt do it.
  2. Depend on specific person and capacity of pain bearing ability also depends upon ur behaviour and it also depend how u insert ur penis slowly or smoothly in the vagina. Dont worry no one of ur family members will stick his/her ear on ur door as all adults know what are u doing behind this door.
  3. It Also depend upon the body structure of ur wife and her general health. Well when u are doing intercourse then u will not know about the bleeding and when u will finish all this then u both see the bleeding. Durig bleeding dont do intercourse again till it stop.
nikama Group: Members  Joined: 15th Oct, 2007  Topic: 47  Post: 1807  Age:  39  
Posted on:8th Jan 2008, 6:38pm

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions

u r trying to impose those probs which are actually nothing...there is not any fear for intercourse,forplay or all these....

first night,just avoid intc for 1-2 days but its up to...u can start interco by putting urs one into her,slowly & steadly,if she gewt pain,put some oil & then try otherwise before doing all these try with urs fingure & put 2 if no pain then attack ...

about oral sex its lots of confusion..well i think its not forbidden as for as i know..

zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:9th Jan 2008, 7:51am

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions

agreed to aag

1. it is a dirty act...plz dont do it...beshqak kiss hi kion na ho but na kareyn to ziada behter hai...baki poori body kiss kerney k liye thori hai kia? baki sub jaga kiss kertey raheyn

2. dont worry, jesa k aag ne kaha, ap is barey mein na sochen k us ki cheekh nikal aye gi to kia ho ga,,, just relax ho k sex kerna chahiye....aur han jub ap penis insert kereyn to wife k sath french kissing start ker dijiye ga, is se cheekh nai nikley gi

3. bleeding jitni bi ho, is se koi problem nai hoti, isi liye to kaha jata hai, jub intercourse start kero pehli bar to araam araam se aur relax ho k kerna chahiye takey larki ko ziada takleef na ho....aur is ka better solution yahi hai k forplay time ziada ho takey larki bi orgasm hasil ker k pehle hi satisfy ho jaye

imran4 Group: Members  Joined: 28th Feb, 2007  Topic: 10  Post: 81  Age:  33  
Posted on:9th Jan 2008, 10:11am

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions

Aag is right you are facing this tension coz u r thinking before marriage.

1- DIRTY Job don't do it.

2- cheekh toa zaroor nikalte hain lakin tub jub pain ho aur koee asee baat ka notice laye ker sawal nahi kerta ka raat ko kia howa tha. Behter hain ka french kissing sai kaam chaliya jae/

3- Spread a little piece of cloth So bleeding will not go onto bed sheet. (ur mother or younger sis can give them. U don't need to say what u want before saying anything u will find them in ur room).  lubrication, ur dress, fruits.

Gor fermaye: behtar toa yae hain ka sabar ka daman hath sai maat choro aur kuch roz baad intercourse ker lo.

Aag Group: Moderators  Joined: 21st Nov, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 1130  Age:  39  
Posted on:10th Jan 2008, 5:47pm

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions

This is not  a drama that u said dont need to spread suspense...... U know alot of families have break in wedding first night becouse of such type of fears and mis understanding. I agree that member shouldnt gave response on such type of question asking by unmarried person. But if any one think that asking person have problem with that then its our job as a muslim to solve his problem. i think u got it what im tring to say.
BeautyStar Group: Members  Joined: 16th May, 2007  Topic: 52  Post: 3584  Age:  31  
Posted on:10th Jan 2008, 6:25pm

reply: First Intercourse: General Questions

If someone reaches puberty, the he has the right to ask questions .... There is hardly any forum of other coutries which discourage these types of questions, Then why we people answer it discriminately..... I think if you don't guide our youngters properly then they will try get the information from some unreliable sources or from bad companies ..... So in my opinion we should provide information to others , because it is better to seek information from reliable course rather than unreliable sources.

Nobody knows the time of marriage or etc . only ALLAH subhana hoo ta'lah knows ... if at that time this man has no source of gaining knowledge about these things or suppose he gets marry in a hurry or under some emergency then what ? then how he will seek information about these things as there is a rule of learning:

There is no Short-Cut to Learning
smartfaizy Group: Members  Joined: 22nd Aug, 2010  Topic: 0  Post: 73  Age:  30  
Posted on:26th Aug 2010, 10:10pm

lagay raho

bhai lagay raho jab tak kuch samnay nahi ajata simple bata bata k thak gaye hai lagy raho must hokar regular
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