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Eid Mubarak...

Social Problem   >>  Me and My Family
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zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:10th Dec 2007, 4:05pm

Eid Mubarak...

The story that I'm going to tell you is mine and every word of it is true. The drop scene of this story has yet to be done by me. Its very long but please read it all and after you finish please give me your suggestions how to end it.

First a brief introduction:
My nic name is zam. I'm 26 male unmarried from lahore. I belong to an extremly sarif family. People who know my parents, give examples of their sharafat. My parents have brought me up with similar attitude. I've never smoked, never did any drinking. Since when I was 17, I was very cute and innocent looking guy and my attitude has also been innocent. Since then, I've been under great femal attention. Whereever I used to go, girls used to stare at me again and again. Even the most beautiful girls of my college used to stare at me like crazy. Due to this, I've never been among those who go after girls or try to be-friends with females. Girls, to me, have always been just like a human being first and then a female. In my life, I've never ever did anything bad to anybody. Last year, I completed my masters in computer science from GC lahore. Throught my educational career I've been among the toppers of my class. In my bachelors and MCS i got 2nd position in my university. Apart from that, my close friends think i'm very mature and pratical minded and that my observation power is very good.

Last year, in my 2nd-last semester I was hired by a well-known egineering firm as a software engineer at 15000 Rs. I've worked their very hard and due to my skills, I won employee of the quarter 3 months ago. From a research and development department of 60 people, my company chose me, along with 2 more colleagues, to be sent for training in shanghai, china in june,2007. Just after an year, now my salary is 25500 Rs.

I'm the only son of my parents. My 2 sisters got married 6 years ago. Since then I live alone in my house with my parents. By nature I'm very jolly but extremely sensitive. I can't afford failure in my relationship, therefore I make less but highly qualitative relationship. We are not very rich and we have a medium sized house, but we have everything in excess. I live in karim park, lahore.

During my graduation, i fell in love for the first time with my class fellow. This was not started by me. That girl used to stare at me like crazy everyday and everywhere. A lot of girls used to stareat me but this girl was completel crazy. She was cute and sharif, so I also started liking her and fell in love with her. We used to talk very less, but mostly stare at each other. Sooner we realized that she belonged to a highly rich family in defence and because of status difference, it was impossible to marry her. so we decided to break up very soon. After this incident, I used to remain very upset becauseof my sensitive nature. I was just like a zinda laash. Main ne kuch feel kerna aur kuch wish kerna bilkul hi chorr diya tha. To relax myself, I used sleeping pills-not regularly but from time to time. I just wanted to die, but because I'mthe only son of my parents, I stopped myelf from committing suicide. I hated our culture and people who come between truly loving people. This period of grief and sorrow continued for 2.5 years, untill i went to shanghai this june.

There I saw a different world, full of life and happy. There was no status difference and all people were equal. I lived the happiest days of my life there and I forget my painful love story. I started living again and i was happy and jolly again.
Enough said.

I'll divide my story in 4 parts as follows.
BeautyStar Group: Members  Joined: 16th May, 2007  Topic: 52  Post: 3584  Age:  31  
Posted on:11th Dec 2007, 11:26pm

Re: My Pathetic Story(Zam123)

As'salam - O - Aluikum ,

Dear brother same sort of problem is with my friend (i.e. Status Barrier) ..... its one of the great weakness of our culture and we people blindly follow it ... I don't know why ... People should only accept good things of culture and reject the bad one like Status Barrier pretty much common these days ......

Well , I & You can not do anything about it ...... because Pakistan & India ma aaisa hi hota hai or shayad hota hi rahey ga because lack of Education and thats all ..... I was suprised that Bangladesh is out of it even they are not so much educated but they pratices the marriage of people belongs to different status ... They only see the Khoobsurti + Management(Shuggardh) of Girls &  Sharafat of Boys and we make fun of these people (Bengali) who are doing better than us .... So  we should individually avoide these things.

I have seen few successful marriage where there is great status barrier but very few ..... so it means some people don't follow it which is good and we should increase this ratio individually or overall , Thanks ...... !

I am waiting for remaining parts of your story as well ..... ?

ALLAH app ko khush rakhey ... Ameen !

Take care ,
ALLAH Hafiz .
zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Dec 2007, 2:23pm

To Beautystar

It was just about my past life. That girl was real good and we never even touched each other. She is married now and i pray she always remain happy.

The story that I want to tell you people is about a family girl who wears ubaya, but her character is just like that of a prostitute; even worse than a prostitute.

I'll write the first part of my story tonight. one part per day. Its very long and i want to tell every details here.
zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:11th Dec 2007, 5:44pm

Part 1 - First Round

Please moderator don't edit anything in my post. In context of my story, all of this post is necessary. Its my request.

Part 1 First round - Start of so called friendship

It started in july, when I returned from shanghai after living their for a month. While I was at my office, I got a wrong SMS from some girl which was like:
"zuni ki bachi, aj tum academy kyun nahi ayi? main tumhari dost hoon seemab malik. preshan mat hona main ne tumhara number haris se lia tha".

I was very busy but in a jolly mode. So I replied like:
"Listen girl, can't you write the number correctly.I'm a busy man, you have wasted my time,so now you have to pay for it.Submit 5000 rs. in my account."

She also replied and nok-jhok chalti rahi. We introduced and she told that she is seemab malik from model town and graduating from queen marry. Her age was 20. I told her everything right about me. After some introduction, she herself started sending me flirty messages like she is a very fit and beautiful girl and her physique is 36-28-36 but height is 5.2. Then she asked about mine. After a few messages she told me that she is impressed by me and suddenly she sent me a vulgar message stating:
"tum ne to mujhey sexually warm ker dya na.mere pass ao.itni door kyun khare ho.itni dair main to you know......koi sexual problem hai to mujhey btao.Kitne sluggish ho.Kitni maze ki feeling ho rahi hai.ah.ah.ah"

Halanke main ne us se sex related koi baat nahi ki thi. I'm somewhat shy, so I replied:
"mujhe sharam aa rahi hai"

she answered:
"sharmao nahi.ab to u and me jeevan sathi hone wale hain.plz mujhe se dosti kero.pleez.i request you."

I agreed and we became friends. She said goodbye for then.
Next day she said sorry that she talked vulgar to me.

For about a month months,our sms-chatting continued.From the beginning, i took her as a friend first and then a female.I never called her and not even gave her any missed-calls,because i didn't want to disturb her.I thought may be her family would mind if i called her.Sometimes we shared some adult jokes,mostly of which were from her side.

I had told her my area.She had also told me that her khala was also from the same area and that she often visits my area.She had said that now when she comes to my area, she will meet me.

After about a month at about 9:00 PM,she said that she is in my area and i should come to meet her at minar-e-pakistan.She said she was with her cousins.I went to see her.There for the first time she called me and asked me to come at gate number 1.I went there but she was lying.Then she asked me to come to gate number 2.I went, she was not there.Then she called and said I was too slow and that she has returned home.I remained angry for 2 days.She said sorry and we became friends again.

Then again for about another month, our SMS chatting continued. I'm very sincere and careful for my friends, and so was i with her regardless of her gender. In 2 months of our chatting, she disappeared 2 times for about one week. Upon asking she said, she suffers from some breath disease and she was in hospital.I cared so much about her and advised her to take proper rest and care. She told me that she is a sudent of double math,physics.I told her that i'm a position holder in those subjects and i can assist her in her studies.She thanked me and said she will ask me if she need any help.

During our chatting,she told me that in the evening she goes to an academy and she has 4 friends:2 girls and 2 boys.Her male friend umair was real close to her,but she said both of them treat each other like brother and sister.And she even calls her "umair bhai".I again advised her that academy nalaiq log jate hain.Is age main insaan ko khud parhne ke qabil hona chahiye.

After those 2 months of sms chatting, she said ab messaging bohat ho gayi.Ab phone pe baat hoya keray gi.I said fine.Then we started talking on mobile phone.She said that my voice is very sweet and she likes my voice very much.Mostly our contact was still on sms:not daily but like after each 1-2 days.We used to talk on phone 1-2 times in a week. It continued for another month. During our talk on call, she told me that she wear ubaya(burqa). I told her about our lust-filled culture and that in our society, children from 12 to uncles of age 50 stare at young girls as a sex object. Mostly people have no respect for women here.I said its a very good thing that she wears burqa.I also told her that she should never take off her clothes at any place outside her home at places like beauty parlors, try-rooms and even in college wash-rooms she should be aware of cameras, because hidden cameras are widely being used everywhere. I told her that i really care about her as a friend.

Nothing about love yet.
anum Group: Members  Joined: 24th Sep, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 77  Age:  34  
Posted on:11th Dec 2007, 6:30pm


zam i want to tell u after reading ur story that u critisize that girl but u never think that aap ny bhi apnay cell phone ki sim nahi change ki thi at the start when u got her initial msgs & plz don't say any girl wrong doseron ki baaton per parda dala krn,khuda aap ki her baat per parda dalay ga and remember that float is never caused by a single drop of rain so she is not totaly responsible for all this.


zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 6:31am


Anum, I can't change my sim so easily because I'm a professional man and to change my sim means giving all of my contacts a new number again, which is very difficult for me. Even then I can lose come contacts.

Secondly why should have I changed my sim? Even in the first 3 months I never had any romantic feelings for her. She was just a friend, not a female to me and she was good so far. Another reason for not having such feelings was also that i considered her quite younger than me. She had just turned into 20 and i was 26.

You said dont call any girl wrong. Since this part of this, you have the right to say so. Just read the remaining parts and decide for yourself, how she turns out to be. Tonight I'll post 2nd part.
zeb Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2007  Topic: 114  Post: 13598  Age:  37  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 8:51am

to zam

mujhey intezar rahey ga a ka 2nd part perhney ka

anum Group: Members  Joined: 24th Sep, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 77  Age:  34  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 10:21am


zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 1:54pm

re - anum

For following three purpose:

1) As i wrote, the drop scene of this story has to be done by me yet. I'm confused and i need suggestions.

2) I want to warn others like me to be aware of such girls.

3) I want to inform parets, brothers and elders of young girls that in this age of so-called modernism, do keep a watch on their girls.
Kainaat111 Group: Members  Joined: 16th Nov, 2007  Topic: 1  Post: 5  Age:  32  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 6:22pm

Re: Pathetic Story (zam123)

Dear Mr. "zam123", quite frankly I agree with anum's comment about your "pathetic sotry". Fault obviously sirf aik banday kaa nahee hota hey, app nay apnee post mein apnay app ko in such a way potray kya hey kay jaisey app tow naa janay kintay "shareef" hein ager app apnay app ko itna hee shareef mantey ho tow aisee larkiyon say batein hee kyon kertey ho. If you call yourself a "professional and from a sharif" family, why did you actually get yourself involved with this kind of stupid thing in the first place. I mean I can understand your first "love story" and what happened to you at the end is something that (sadly) does exist in our country/society and nothing can be done about it except as rightly said by BeautyStar "Education" but one thing that is difficult for me to understand is that young and so called professional men like yourself rather proudly do these kind of things themselves and then in the end put all the blame on girls. Okay she sent you a Text Message (may be by mistake) and you replied back because of your "jolly mood or whatever" but if you look at your Text Message that you sent back it obviously gave her an indication that you wanted a reply from her too. You obviously enjoyed that "nok jhok" with her (whether it was an "adult joke or her Text Messages in general).

I know that it is very easy to criticize other people but obviously you know better then me and anyone else about what happened to you and what kind of girl she was. However, what actually made me reply to your post was your comment about girls (girls of today unveiled). Just want to tell you that not everyone is same in this world. If a girl or a guy has cheated on you it does not mean that all the others are like him/her. Please do think even for one moment that what you would feel if someone (God forbids) say or even do the kind of thing to your sisters that you did to that girl. I think you actually gave her the encouragement to keep in contact with you, if you would have stopped replying to her messages, who was she to keep on sending you the Texts. Our society is not bad, do not say that and besides what have you done so far to make it any better as a "sharif and professional" young man except taking "sleeping pills" and making stupid comments about it. Why are you informing others when you, yourself do not know what to do. If you are that wise young man why are you asking for other people's suggestions?  No need to be confused, you know and everybody knows that THE BEST thing to do is to stop talking to those kinds of people.

I might have been a bit harsh in writing this reply and you may or may not like it and for that my apology in advance!

May God help you and keep you all happy!

anum Group: Members  Joined: 24th Sep, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 77  Age:  34  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 7:32pm


ok zam u carry on ur story i want to know all about it phir aap ny kiya kiya es ka drop scene.and also i want to ask 4rm u that wo girl aap ko pelhay se janti thi ya pelhay kabhi mili thi in past life.aap ny kisi aur ko ye baat batahj hy jo uss lerki ko janta ho bcoz buchiyon k matter bahut sensitive hotay han un ki aik choti se nadani un ki pori life kherab ker dati hy.u must keep this story secret 4rm anyone specialy 4rm those who r her reletives or friends etc u must pray 4 u,her hidayat.ghalti insaan se hoti hy but may be wo future me ya abhi sahi ho jaye tu khuda bhi uss se khush ho.u must undrstand that each girls has just one desire in life that acha ghar ho,husband caring and loving ho wo khush rahay aur baki sub bhi uss k sath sahi hon this inocent desire me wo aur kuch nahi sochti aur jab koi sherif insaan mil jaye tu kitna dernay k baud wo kuch kahti hy but ager mard uss ko ghalut lay tu pori life k liay aik prblm.this is natural but her koi ghalut nahi hota.mard ki zindagi mees sub  bahud koi prblm nahi hoti but aik choti si baat aurat ka sara future kherab kr dati hy.plz consider it. 
anum Group: Members  Joined: 24th Sep, 2008  Topic: 2  Post: 77  Age:  34  
Posted on:12th Dec 2007, 7:57pm


i think buchon ko her ghalut cheez se dour rukhnay k liay unhan right sex education dena bahut zurori hy bcoz jab unko unke parents sub kuch nahi clear krn gy tu ho sakta hy wo suspnse me net ya doston ka sahara lan aur ye sib un ko galut way me bhi lay ja sakta hy.mostly every parent wanttbat before marige un ko in sub baaton ki khaber na ho aur wo inocent  rahan but risk lenay ki aur buhon ki pori zindagi se compromise krnay se better hy that tell her all about it so that she avoid 4rm wrong aur save rahay.

zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:13th Dec 2007, 7:17am


Dear Kainaat, at this point i agree mostly with you.
You need to hear all the story first and then decide.
Obviously after knowing the truth about her, i have disconnected myself with her. But she is deciving someone else too, maybe more than one people. I need to make her stop this, so that she doesn't deceive others.

As I have said again and again, that girl was a human being to me first and a female later.
I want to make good friends, whether male or female. On sms-chatting and in the past, on internet chatting, i have made a lot of friends mostly male. So if instead of this girl, it were a male, i would have treated her the same way.

I agree I shouldn't have generalized it for all girls. But then with this girl and all her gang, i feel like most girls today are like her.
zam123 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Nov, 2007  Topic: 3  Post: 16  Age:  37  
Posted on:14th Dec 2007, 5:44pm

Part 1 - Second Round

Somethings that i missed in first part:
1) My parent were looking for a girl for me right after i got my job. Mere liye bohat ache rishtey aye. But I clearly refused my parents for one-two years because main apni kamai se apni khwahishaat poori kerna chahta tha. Also after a long period of tough studies, i wanted to relax for some time.

2) After about 1.5 month of messaging with this girl, she had told me that she loves her cousin ali.

3) her father (named liaqat malik) does a job in saudi arabia as software engineer. She comes after each 6 months to lahore for living with his family.

Part 1 - Second round

First Fight:

She used to tell me that their family is very modern and they attend dance parties with famous stage/theatre dancers. Once she was asking me very bold questions like "do you like hard romance or soft romance?". I asked whats the difference between the two. She said "soft romance main bohat pyar aur sakoon milta hai and hard romance main bechaini hoti hai, but i like hard romance.". I asked how do you know so much things have you ever even kissed anyone. She replied
"yes. main ne apne academy friend ko hard french kiss ki thi. We were playing truth and dare. As a dare i did it."

I was shocked to know that and i became very angry. I replied:
"how can you do it, when you love someone else. All over the world this is known as cheating your partner.If you can't be sincere to the one u luv, u can't be sincere to anybody else.Girls like you are worse than prostitute,bcaz even a prostitue takes money.But girls like you do it free to anyone.Dont contact me again bcaz i can't be friend with such a girl."

I turned off the mobile and deleted her number.
when i turned on my mobile, he has sent me 4-5 messages saying that she was just gossiping and whatever she said was not true. She also added that she wasn't such a girl and she was good. All day she kept sending me sorry-messages after some interval.

I felt ashamed that she was just kidding and i was so harsh with her.So i excused for my harshness and we were friends again.

After some days, she said that messaging was enough and now we will be mostly talking on phone. So our messaging became less and phone contact became more. she used to say that "midnight is her favorite time, so talk to me after midnight." So mostly we used to talk at random times of night. I never called her at my own will. She used to give me missed-call and i used to call her back. Her time of talking to me was always random from 11:30PM(night) to 6:00 AM (Morning).

She was becoming more and more frank with me everyday. I was wondered to know that how this girl knows so much. She told me that she watches blue films on internet in her college labs and sometimes at her friend's home. I said this was not good and she said "larke bhi to dekhte hain." I said its your life do whatever you want.

I had no romantic feelings for her so far. Just that she was becoming very frank.

Start of Love

After some days, i got a message from her that "aar main kahoon ke tumhein mujh se mohabbat hai to tum kiakaho gay".

I replied:
"First of all, i don't think you are mature enough to differentiate between what u love and like. So i think that u just like me and u think u luv me. secondly, u luv someone else. So i dont think that u luv me."

She didn't reply me at all. But at that time I had this feeling of love for her for the first time. But this went away very soon.
In the next days, she sent me a lot of romantic poetry messages.
One day I received a message from another unknown number "i luv u. i luv u. i luv u. i luv u and i luv u."

At that time seemab was chatting with me from her number. First i thought it was her. I asked her whether she knows that number and she refused, I ignored that unknown message but then i reeived 4-5 more romantic messages from that number. I called, a girl picked up. I asked why she was sending me such messages and she just refused that she had sent me such messages.

Next day, that new-number again start sending me messages and miss-calling me. I talked and she said she was interested in making me a friend. Her name was madiha and she lived in shalimar town, lahore. I said ok, but i was not interested. I just disconnected and didn't call her again. (Remember this girl. She will come back).

Back to seemab. In the next few days, she kept sending me romantic messges and poetry like she was falling in love with me. I also started feeling like I will fall in love with this girl. She was such a frank friend and I though if she loves me and i also like her as a friend, maybe we can marry.

After having this feeling for about a week, i talked to her at night.I clealy asked her whether our relation was going beyond friendship. She replied:

"For me now, you are much more than a friend, but one step less than a lover."

I told her that i was having almost the same kind of feelings towards her, but for my age i can control myself. I have stopped myself from falling in love with you because now after experiencing so much in life, i dont want to take risks of failed relationship. I also told her about my first love-relation and how my life was miserable for 2.5 years.

i said you should not fall in love with me and we should discontinue this relation right now. she asked why? i replied beause if you want to love me, you'll have to assure me that you will never leave me for entire life and that you will have to marry me. I'll send my parents to your home and it will be perfectly like an arrange marriage. I can almost guarentee that we can get married. Aaj kal to parents apni bachion ke liye khud aise rishtey dhoondhte hain. Iklota beta, own house, rich family, good education from good universities, good salary and good job and no bad habbits. So there is no chance that ur parents will refuse.

I said anyways the choice is yours. I give you a time of 2 weeks. As now we can't rollback our love feelings, so if u agree to pass ur entire life with me, its fine and we'll continue this relation. Oherwise I'll break my sim and we will never contact again. I said but if you continue with me and then leave, maybe this time i'll commit suicide; its that serious for me. And even if i don't commit suicide, my life will be just like zinda laash. So please be careful in deciding.

She said that she can't leave me and after hearing this much, us ke dil main meri respect aur bhi bharh gayi hai. She told me that there were tow problems on her side.
1) her father is very strict and he can't allow for an out-of-caste marriage.
2) She can't allow herself to come in someone's life because she had a birth defect. She has a hole in her heart. Thats why after regular intervals she suffers from breath problem. Even at her birth, she was almost dead but doctors saved her.

I replied wholeheartedly and sincerely that
"these two are not problems for me. Choice is yours, but if you chose to continue. We together will struggle to agree your parents. I 'll send my family again and again to your house . We are good , so your parents will agree. Also we'll give religious reference that islam  doesn't allow caste-system.
Secondly i wholehearetdly say that either you immediately for a heart operation, because this is the most common heart diseases and can be treated by operation. Otherwise you just get ready and get a heart exchange with my heart."

Yes, i offered a heart exchange of my perfectly healthy heart with her defective heart. And i was 100% sincere and serious in that offer. I said even this thing will provide your parents a proof that how much can i love. I said that 'I'm ready to come to her house tomorrow and go for this heart exchange."

I said anyways the choice is yours. Decide whatever and never look back at your decision.

Next day she called and said "main ne tumhe nahi chorna. nahi chorna. nahi chorna. Mujhey itna acha larka nahi milega, main ne tumhe nahi chorna."
That day she confessed that she loves me now wholeheartedly,but she needs one-month time for making that decision instead of 2 weeks time."

I replied that 2 weeks time is enough. I dont agree to her request, but i'll think about it. Because being in contact more will only make it difficult to break the relationship.

That day she expressed me her love very much. she insisted again and again to give her a time of 1 month as it was not her fault. She also requested me again and again for not breaking my sim. She asked for my home ptcl number again and again. But i said "life emotions se nahi, practical hone se achi chalti hai".

Unfortunately the 2 week time was ending exactly at eid-ul-fitr. Also she requested me so much, so i decided to give her that time.

In my next call, i informed her about this decision of mine and i also confessed that now after her confession, i also love her and that i couldn't stop myself from falling in love.But i can still break my relation with her if she decied to get seperated.
muji Group: Members  Joined: 29th Sep, 2007  Topic: 22  Post: 70  Age:  37  
Posted on:21st Jan 2009, 6:04pm

Get ready for constructive critism

Bhai aap bohat zabardast aur achay hain

but your personality has little conceit and narcism.

Aaap ko khud bhi nahi pata chalta lekin aap ki adat hogayee hai baat kerne ke doran apni itni tareefen kerne ki

agar ye baat ko thora sa manipulate ker ke kehen is tarah ke apki tareef Allah ki taraf direct hojaye to kia hi acha ho

Aaap ye keh sakte hain ke Allah ke fazlo karam se me parhne me bohat acha tha, Allah kee madad se top position li thi waghera waghera

Aur sab se ziada narcissist baat ye lagi

"Aaj kal to parents apni bachion ke liye khud aise rishtey dhoondhte hain. Iklota beta, own house, rich family, good education from good universities, good salary and good job and no bad habbits. So there is no chance that ur parents will refuse."

Allah ne har sair ke ooper ek sawa sair rakha hai, ye bhi hosakta hai ke aap se bhi acha proposal us ki maa ke pass pahle se ho to is tarah kabhi nahi kehna chahiye insaan me aajzi nahi rehti

I hope you will understand



saira khan Group: Members  Joined: 15th Dec, 2008  Topic: 13  Post: 164  Age:  30  
Posted on:22nd Jan 2009, 9:48pm


zam bhai ap bohht achhhyyy ho khuda ap ko khush rky Ameen.

mere to exams hy 2nd feb ko sary log dua kry k achy number aye ye to aj aisy hi yha ka chakr lgya to ap ki post pr nazar pri. ap ki story k agly part ka wait krongi..

asalat Group: Members  Joined: 24th Oct, 2008  Topic: 0  Post: 3  Age:  31  
Posted on:23rd Jan 2009, 12:37pm

what happened next


Yaar eidulfitr ko guzray huay 4 months ho gaye hain ab app ki story ka kya hua the end kab ayega.


Andleeb Group: Members  Joined: 22nd Jan, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 66  Age:  29  
Posted on:25th Jan 2009, 11:16pm


Salam To All

Im waiting for the next part........
mabrish Group: Members  Joined: 26th Dec, 2008  Topic: 15  Post: 150  Age:  36  
Posted on:25th Jan 2009, 12:41pm

waiting tooo

aap sab ko salam....

main bhi w8 kerraha hoon....for next part
sumairakha Group: Members  Joined: 24th Jun, 2010  Topic: 6  Post: 30  Age:  33  
Posted on:5th Sep 2010, 3:25pm


we are waiting desperately for the next part of ur story
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