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I Want To Become Virgin Again

Unmarried Girls Problem   >>  Hymen and Vagina
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r4r Group: Members  Joined: 28th Oct, 2008  Topic: 0  Post: 5  Age:  36  
Posted on:28th Oct 2008, 12:10pm

if money is no matter

ype of Hymen Repair

Hymen repair, hymen reconstruction, hymen surgery, Hymenoplasty or revirgination refer to the comestic surgery that restore your hymen. Hymenoplasty is a simple procedure that repair torn hymen. There are two most popular type of Hymenoplasty

Simple Hymenoplasty: Doctor will piecing together the remnant by closing the tear. It is a simple procedure and could be in three to seven day. The hymen tissue is pulled together so vagina will again cover by it. The risk of fever and infection is low since hymen is relatively avascular. However, the result is not meant to last long so it is best to perform in less than a month before your next intercourse.

Alloplant: If you hymen can't not be restore, a Tear-through biomaterial will be insert and act as your hymen. Hymen implant is an easy procedure than can be done under local anesthetic and as a day case surgery. It takes less than two hour and patient can return to work the next day. It is not easy to notice it is not a real hymen.

Price of Hymen repair
Many surgeon offer Hymenoplasty. It could be done in local anesthetic and require no hospitalization. Depend on the location and surgeon, it could cost as little as $1,800 to $5,000.

Here is some information of the cost of hymen repair i found on the web

Hymeonplasty Cost:
Depending on your geographic location and choice of surgeon the price may range between $2500 - $4500.
Source:-- Hymen Repair Surgery in Argentina , 9 nights - Cristal Palace Hotel accommodations and Billingual Assistant + Transportation has a price of USD 2435.
-- Hymen repair surgery with all anesthesia services, facility fees, and postoperative visits cost you $3900.
History of Hymen repair
In some cultures, women's hymen can affect her marriage prospects, her family's reputation, and even her very life. The -- of the bride is valued for religious, social, and even economic reasons. In many Mediterranean and African cultures, the husband's family may take revenge through violent punishments and banishment of the bride because the "non-virgin" bride "shamed" them. Clearly, those who seek Hymenoplasty believe that the procedure is necessary for their social status, happiness, and even preservation of life.
Where is Hymen located
Where many people believe hymen is inside the vigina, it is located outside of the vagina. -- is part of vulva, which is an external genital organ. Hymen is a thin layer of tissue that is easy to break. Some woman breaks their hymen during their first intercourse where other had their hymen broken during sport or other activity.
Imperforate hymen
Imperforate hymen is at the extreme of a spectrum of variations in hymenal configuration. Variations in the embryologic development of the hymen are common and result in fenestrations, septa, bands, microperforations, anterior displacement, and differences in rigidity and/or elasticity of the hymenal tissue.
raazdaar Group: Members  Joined: 18th Nov, 2007  Topic: 38  Post: 370  Age:  29  
Posted on:28th Oct 2008, 12:33pm



Jhoot ka sahara laina chahiyai app ka maqsad yahi hai.Kaam ho jayee uskai baad pachtana chahiyai appka maqsad yahi hai.App chahtain hain kai jis sai shadi honai wali hai usai shadi kai baad khabardar kiya jayee.Wah re wah bohat khoob.Main bi janta hon kai agar unai pehlai sai pata chal giya to shahyed wo inkar kardai.Is sai 1 faida to hoga kai sach pehlai sai hi samnai ajayeega.

App kya samajtain hain kai agar shadi kai baad kaha jayee to kya un kai husband kuch nahin kar saktai.In kwabon main rehna chor dain.Us waqt bi wo ho sakta hai jo abb nahin ho sakta.Mujai nahin lagta kai agar kahi app kai saat aisa ho jayee khuda na karai to app bardast kar payengai.Main bi larka hoon jitna kai main janta hon koyee nahin bardast karaiga.

Apnai liyai kuch aur aur auron kai liyai kuch aur na soochai.Apnai app ko us sawal par tool kar daikoo phir app ko pata chalaiga.Har insaan apni borayee aur achayee janta hai.Lakin khabi borayee ka aur khabi masomiyat ka sahara laita hai dunya kai samnai.Dunya main chalnai kai yai kuch usool hain.App muj sai barain hain iska matlab yai nahin kai agar app raat ko din kahain to wo din hoga.Soch samaj kar jawab dain.

Agar aik ki zindagi pehlai sai aisi hai to dosrai ki zindagi tabah na karain plzz.ALLAH hamarai dilo ko khoob janta hai khoob waqip hai hamari niyaton sai.ALLAH hamain apnai azaab sai door rakai.AMEEEEEEEEEEN

NOTE:-sorry if my words hurt anyone.



cosmo Group: Members  Joined: 18th Apr, 2007  Topic: 23  Post: 272  Age:  46  
Posted on:28th Oct 2008, 1:30pm


Hymen is not that important in these modern days. Girls are as much active as boys are. They take part actively in sports just like boys. Girls also uses tampons in menstruation periods. These things tends to damage the hymen. Considering intact hymen only as a sign of virginity is old days thinking.

If your coming husband is educated and if he has bright thinking mind, then I don't think that he will consider first-night-sex bleeding as the only sign of your virginity.

May almighty Allah bless you a loving and a great marital life.

maaaan007 Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Mar, 2009  Topic: 1  Post: 2  Age:  34  
Posted on:26th Mar 2009, 4:57pm

you must try this

ap patkari use karo pani main thori si mix kar k vagina par lagao rozana use karo tu kuch dino main ap ki vagina tight ho jay gi ....
zirkoon Group: Members  Joined: 25th Mar, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 10  Age:  34  
Posted on:26th Mar 2009, 9:40pm

boys who do sex b4 marriage

agar Quran mein aya hai ke virgin se shaadi kar lo which ever you like than same  thing apply on man too because  islam kise ke saath zayati nahi karta  i am not sure yahan tu 100 mein se 15% larkay hongay jino ne sex B4 marraige nahi kia ho gha phir on ke baaray mein kia khayal hai

phir tu on ke saath mein nikah nahi hona chahyen

i hope u dont mind and give me answer

...MOD EDIT: Removed real name...

gladiator7 Group: Members  Joined: 05th Mar, 2009  Topic: 4  Post: 118  Age:  40  
Posted on:26th Mar 2009, 10:55pm


well u r rite somewat ....

wel i feel tht who ever do sex before marriage .... there is one islamic punishment for him or her ... tht is 80 lashes ( if i am not wrong) but if someone does illegal sex after marriage (means with someone other than wife and husband) than he/she is stonned to death

these are wat islamic injunctions ... so if we apply these practises in our system then i feel tht many of our problems run away...

and islamic punishments are equally applicable on both men and women...


khu_2009 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Apr, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  29  
Posted on:15th Apr 2009, 7:27pm


hi dear yeah u can b virgin  again mean look u have to do a littel surger which will make u virgin again it will just take 2 or may b 3 min and u will be vigin agian but u have to do this surger before ur marrige 1 day

okey dear

alihaider Group: Members  Joined: 14th Apr, 2009  Topic: 2  Post: 17  Age:  38  
Posted on:16th Apr 2009, 4:27am

Aresha 786


Aresha tum bilkol theek kah rahi ho tali 1 hath say nahi bajte balkay 2 hathon say bajte hai sirf larki ka he kasoor nahi hota balkay es mai larkay ke b puree involvment hote hai es mai dono he kasoor war kahlatan han b-coz dono agree hotay han to intercourse hota hai app k x-feoncey ko asa nahi karna chahyah tha lakin app k feoncey ka pahlay say yeh plan tha kuk woh app say shaadi nahi karna chahta tha agarr us nay app say shaadi karne hote to woh kabi assa na karta barhal ghalti to huwe dono taraf say ab sochnay ka koye fayda nahi b-coz It's no use crying our spilt milk. Allah per barosa rakahan or sabar karan sab theek ho ga InshahAllah.


...MOD EDIT: Removed full real name...

oxford Group: Members  Joined: 16th Apr, 2009  Topic: 0  Post: 3  Age:  31  
Posted on:16th Apr 2009, 8:33pm


i read your message but in my opinion every thing is possible in this world but you have a passion and loyality. i suggest for you to contact with most merciful lord which make the world and he is enable to resolve your problem instantly
but have only a true believe on him so be qucikly say sorry with whole heartedly 
raazdaar Group: Members  Joined: 18th Nov, 2007  Topic: 38  Post: 370  Age:  29  
Posted on:17th Apr 2009, 6:39am

Ankh Band Kar Rahain Hai Ham.....


Is site main mainai aik baat zaroor note ki hai kai chahai koyee kaisa bi sawal pooch lai. Us waqt sirf ham jawab aik insaan kai natain daitain hain. Ham apni musalmani ko bhool jatain hain. Ham yai bhol jatain hai kai ham par aur musalman bahiyon aur behnon ka bi haq hai kai ham usai acha rasta dikayein. Borai sai bachai yai nahin kai ham unhain chahai acha kaam hoo ya bora sirf maswara dain kai haan sab kuch teeq ho sakta hai.

Jannat! Jannat! keh kai ham dil khush kartain hain apnai app ka. Lakin Jannat ko panai kai liyai dozakh sai bachna parta hai.. Lakin ham to dozakh ko bhool chukain hain. Hamari sooch azaab sai nikal chuki hai. Har insaan yahi soochta hai kai usai bakhs diya jayega. Phir wahi insaan yai bi kehta hai kai zarai zarai ka hisaab hoga. Kya sirf hisaab hoga ? Kai uski saza bi milaigi. Ham Qayamat ko khud nazdeek larahain hai aisai kaam kar kai.

Ham to kehtain hain kai musalman honai kai natain kisi kai boraye main saat nahin daingai. To yahan to ham kisi ko acha borai ka nahin kehtai sirf uski madad kartain hain.Iska matlab to yai hua na kai ham shareek ho gayee us gunnah main. ALLAH khair karaiga pata nahin hamara roz-e-hashar kya hoga hamara, Hamarai amaal to daiknai layak nahin rahai. ALLAH reham karain ham par.AMEEEEEEEEEEEN

NOTE:-sorry if my words hurt anyone.



prety angl Group: Members  Joined: 09th Sep, 2011  Topic: 0  Post: 6  Age:  30  
Posted on:9th Sep 2011, 8:24am

recovery of vigina

mai bht pareshan hun jo tragedy mere sath hui. actualy mai ek noble family se belong kerti hun per galti ho gai k meny ek cheap insan se pyar ker lia aur us ne mera najaez fida uthaya. ek din hm log mily aur pta ni us ne mere sath kya kia k mjy hosh b na rha aur us ny wo sab ker dia jo husband wife krty hen. mere thori c bleeding b hui per pain zra b ni. shayd us ne koi medicin use ki the jiski wja se mjy kuch feel ni hwa aur full body freeze the. jab me hosh me i to mjy realize hwa k yeh to bht barda gunah ho gya hy aur bht roi qk me sjadi se pehly esa physical relation develop ni kerna chahti the. story bht lambi hy qk hm dono ki families me bat b chal rhe the per us din k bad wo badal sa gya aur finlay hmara breakup ho gya. ab mai her namaz me ALLAH se mafi mangti hun, mujy apne kiye pe bht sharmindagi hy. meri is bat ka kisi ko ni pta per ab jb meri shadi hony wali hy to husband first night he pehchan le ga. ap mjy btaen k kuch esa hy jo me recover ker sakun ya wo looseness khtm ho jae. plz plz meri help kren, mai bht pareshan hun, aur ab sab kuch bhula k ek nai zindagi shuru kerna chahti hun. jitna afsos mjy hy us din ka shayd kisi ko kbi ni hwa ho ga. mere usi fiancey ne btaya tha k iska treatment  b hota hy. shayd koi spray ya phr water solution market me available hota hy per yeh ni pta k mai usey khan se purchase krun au kya wo use kerna effective b ho ga ya ni. plz khuda k liye mjy kuch btaen qk mai apne husbad se baten ni sun sakti k tmhra pehly kisi se affair tha. sometime to dil kerta hy mai suicide he ker lun per khyal ata hy k pehly he gunah ki mafi mang rhe hun aur ab phr se esa galt kam q krun??
plz plz plz koi mjy guide kry
WEHSHI Group: Members  Joined: 17th Aug, 2010  Topic: 46  Post: 2544  Age:  53  
Posted on:9th Sep 2011, 11:20pm

prety Angel

jo huwa us per behas ka fayeda nhn k kis ki ghalti hai ya nhn

asal bat yeh hai k aaj kal 30-40% grls physical masterbation kerti hain with insertion

ager to waqaee jo kuch ap ne kah awoh sahi hai k 1 bar insertion huwa to koi bat nhn apni ghalti ki muafi mangain Allah se aur sab us per chor den

koi stupid story sunanay ki zarurt nhn husband ko

jitna bolain gi utna phansain gi merd 1 sawal k 1 jawab se mutmain nhn hotasawal per sawal hon gay aur akhir main ap khud hi apna bhanda phor do gi is liyay khamosh raho anjan raho k ap ko kuch nhn pata

baqi Allah per chor do jab Allah se dua main help mangi jati hai to woh mayoos nhn kerta

Mr.Confuse Group: Members  Joined: 31st Jan, 2011  Topic: 1  Post: 158  Age:  37  
Posted on:10th Sep 2011, 8:49am

Attn to All Girlssssssss

Assalam o Alaikum,

Aresha or Prety Angel nay likha hai keh piyaar mai dhoka kha gain......Mard apna maqsad nikaltay hain. Ager koi bhee merd piyaar kay dhokay mai tm say akelay mai milnay ka kahay to samajh jao keh tmhari izzat looti jaay gee. Ager larkion ko apni izzat piyari hai to kissi bhee qimat per akalay mai na milain jahan zina kernay ka moqa ho (wesay to shadi sey pehlay milna hee nahee chahiay keh milna or romantic batain kerna gunah hai).

Dear Pret Angel,

Mr. Ali kee advise sahee nahee hai. Ager shoher shareef hai to poochay ga nahee keon keh ussay kia pata keh vagina kessi hoti hai or losse or tight ka kia pata. Ager poocha to kaho keh mujhay kia pata jessi allah nay banai hai.

Dear Alirajput Assalam O Alaikum,

Mujhay shadi kiay kai saal ho chukay hain laikin abhee bhee wasooq say nahee keh sakta keh vagina kis terhaan kee shapes mai hoti hai. Mai samajhta hoon keh ager kissi larki say koi sex ker lay to kia foran he vagina khul jaay gi?

Kia her larki ki vagina ankh, kaan, naak kee terhaan mukhtalif nahi hoti hogi?

prety angl Group: Members  Joined: 09th Sep, 2011  Topic: 0  Post: 6  Age:  30  
Posted on:12th Sep 2011, 4:37am

aoa to all

ap sab log apni apni jaga theak ho bt mai really bht upset rehti hun in bato ki wja se. yeh bat to thek hy k agar mere husband ne esa kam na kia hwa to wo ni pehchan paae ga per aj kal media itna advance hy k phr b boys is barey me sab jantey hen.
even mere ab waley fiancy ki demand hy k larki used na ho. no doubt wo muj se extreme ki muhabt kerta hy, isi liye dar lagta hy k ager us ne pehchan lia to kahen wo mjy chor na dey ya phr kbi kbar dil ko tasali deti hun k shayd uska pyar itna ho k wo meri is galti ko ignore ker dey.
meny suna hy k ager 3 ya 4 years tak na kia jae to wo sab cheezen apni normal position pe aa jati hen. kya wakai esa hota hy?

hi ali
ap ki bat se mai agreed hun. jese mard hon gay un ko bivian b wesi he milen gi. mai manti hun k gunah ho gaya per ab ALLAH sw bht deri hun k kahen us gunah ki saza ki wja se koi bura husband mil jaae. mera fiancey bht naek hy, though us ne start me mere se kuch esi baten ki shayd wo mjy chk kerna chahta tha per ab bht avoid kerta hy galt bato ko aur her time yehe kehta hy k mai koi galt kam ni kerna chahta jis ki wja se tme na paa sakun. uska pyar acha b lagta hy per dar b k agar usey kisi trah sach ka pta chal gya to kya ho ga
plz ap mjy kuch acha sugest kren
khiljitr Group: Members  Joined: 01st Nov, 2011  Topic: 0  Post: 4  Age:  48  
Posted on:1st Nov 2011, 8:05am

Artificial Hymen Available

Artificial hymen is available with us this hymen is made By japan and it is in wooden box 2 pieces with a great and fintastic easy to use.restore your virginity in just 5 minutes contact --
saif776 Group: Members  Joined: 31st Jan, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 8  Age:  33  
Posted on:1st Feb 2014, 1:37pm

shot her

ap ko to zinda jalana chai petrol charak kar. dokhy baz. tum use sy shadi karo na nhe. us ny tojhy tesue paper ki tara istimal kia pher phenk dea us sy mango apni zindagi ki behk.............

1. Do not promote violence (orange highlight).
2. Use respectful style (green highlight).
3. If you cannot make positive contribution towards questioners problem, make no post at all.

sanam89 Group: Members  Joined: 09th Oct, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 1  Age:  24  
Posted on:14th Oct 2014, 10:27am

sanam memon

hi mera b yahi msla hai mai b dubara virgin hona chahti hun... yahan ap masly ka solution btaye plzzzzzzzzzz...... hr ksi ka kia msla oga ya us py kia guzrti hai ye ap or mai nhi janty......kindly ap solution bataye......
Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:14th Oct 2014, 12:42pm

dobara virgin hone ka tareeka

dobara virgin ki khahish aisi hi hai jaisay koi dobara paida hone ki khahish kerta ho. agar aap dobara paida ho gayee tu yaqeenan aap virgin hi paida hongi. Ab sawal yeh paida hota hai keh aap dobara kaisay paida hongi iss ke kai tareeqay hai.

1. aik mazhab aisa hai jis mei saat janam ki baat hoti hai lehaza agar aap ka taluq os mazhab se hai tu phir samajh lain ke aap dobara paida hongi. lekin mujhay nahi maloom ke os mazhab ke aqeeda me mutabiq aap dobara virgin paida hongi ke nahi.

2. doosra tareeqa Cloning ka hai, yeh aik scientific tareeqa hai. iss mei bilkul aap ki photocopy ban sakti hai, aur mei aap ko yaqeen se keh sakta hoo keh iss photo copy mei aap ka hymen bhi intact ho ga yani ham keh saktay hai keh aap dobara virgin paida hongi. lekin filhal iss waqt poori dunya mei HUMAN CLONING ki ijazat nahi. waisay maloom karain keh shayed kisi underground scientific laboratory mei yeh kaam ho raha ho.

3. teesra tareeqa surgery hai. yani surgery ke zaria aap apna parda-e-bakarat dobara lgwa sakti hai. iss qisim ki surgery ko plastic surgery kehtay hai, suna hai keh yeh surgery Pakistan mei bhi hoti hai, lekin bohot mahngi hai.

Virginity aur Kunwara Pan
agar aap samajhti hai keh hymen intact ho tu woh larki kunwari aur virgin ho jaye gi tu os ka tareeqa oopar likh dia hai. lekin agar aap mazhabi point se virgin hona chahti hai tu yeh jaan ker afsos hoga ke aap ab dobara virgin nahi ho sakti chahye surgery ke zaria dobara hymen yani parda-e-bakarat lagwa lain aur suhag raat mei os ke rupture se bleeding aur pain bhi ho.

mazhabi point of view se jaisay hi kisi mard ka penis larki ke vagina mei dakhil hota hai os larki ki virginity khatam ho jaati hai, chahe hymen rupture ho ya na ho, yani bleeding ho ya na ho, os ki virginity khatam ho gayee.

Bilkul isi tarah agar kisi larki ne suhagraat se qabal koi penis apne vagina mei nahi dala hai tu woh larki virgin hi kehlaye gi, chahe paidaishi tor per os ka hymen hi na ho, ya kisi accident ki wajah se pehlay hi rupture ho gaya ho, aur suhagraat mei na bleeding huyee ho aur na hi pain hua ho, woh har haal mei virgin hi kehlaye gi.
drnoman Group: Members  Joined: 26th Oct, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  28  
Posted on:26th Oct 2014, 1:36pm


Aslam o Alakum...
every one know Quran me likha hai pakeza orto k
lae pakeza mard hain r pakeza mardo k lae pakeza ortain hain..
sb Alhamdolillah musalman hain Quran parha hwa hai to q bhol jate hn yah batain sb k arguments kuch kahn py thk hn kuch kahn py sahi bol raha hai to agar larka yah sb kare to thk hai larki kre to ghlt hai q q kah us ke virginity lose ho chuki hti hai pta chal jata hai larky ka pta ni chlta es lae agr larky ko first nite pta chal jata hai relation tor daita hai kia usko yah khyal ni ata kah yah mera sub kiya dhra hai mere oper khuda ke traf se yah inam hai jo mai ne kiya hai wuhi samne arha hai but in form of my wife.
thek hai larki gulti py hoti hai to konsa larka bhi saha hota hai..
meri batain kisi ki buri lagi hon to hath jor maufi mangta hon insan to wese b khata ka putla hai..
drnoman Group: Members  Joined: 26th Oct, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  28  
Posted on:26th Oct 2014, 1:54pm

become virgin like

.....Consecutive Post Deleted....

Please first make your mind & than post in a one go.

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