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1. Anushka Sharma Bollywood Actress

Sexual Desire: Does It Relates With Testosterone?

SALAM 2 ALL, I am facing a problem and that is i m suffering from alopecia areata from 3 or 4 years in urdu it is called bal chur pehlay yeh meray sar per huwa tha jo thori he treatment say sahi ho ... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 6
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Ok_MAN Friday, 2nd May 2008, 5:59am
by zeb

Pregnancy: What Are The Frequency Of Intercourse?

sir after marriage when women become pregent then what u\'ll adivce to couple about the following:1. Frequency of Intercourse; Can they do it daily during pregancey2. No. of Intercourse; How many tim... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   H/dr_Qasim    1
Post: 6
view: 36860
arif_habib Thursday, 1st May 2008, 7:59pm
by doctorji

Pregnancy: Without Intercourse Is It Possible?

Dear Doctor Saheb,   I was playing with my Fiancée one week before, to be more clear we just played for a while I just touch the penis to her vagina and after a while I was ejaculated.  ... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1 2 3
Post: 57
view: 41901
Mohd Nia Thursday, 1st May 2008, 7:50pm
by doctorji

Vagina Size: Please Reply On That Post

I recently post related to \"VAGINA SIZE\" but most of the members didn\'t reply. i request all the members to reply my post i really need ur help.u people r really good i read most of the recent pos... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   H/dr_Qasim    1
Post: 10
view: 37571
vicky85 Thursday, 1st May 2008, 3:05pm
by vicky85

Intercourse: Does Frequency Of Intercourse Effect Vagina?

Asalamoalikummain aik stupit problem ka shikar ho gye hun mere husband ko kisi ne keh dia hay k ziyda arsa sex na karo to vergina main faraq parta hay or wo stupit kisi ki bato main a kar sex karna c... . .

Moderator  waterr   psychdoc    1
Post: 12
view: 39975
Aisha Thursday, 1st May 2008, 6:55am
by Punjabi

Intercourse: Does Frequency Of Intercourse Effect Vagina?

Asalamoalikum main aik stupit problem ka shikar ho gye hun mere husband ko kisi ne keh dia hay k ziyda arsa sex na karo to vergina main faraq parta hay or wo stupit kisi ki bato main a kar sex karna... . .

Moderator  waterr   psychdoc    1
Post: 9
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Aisha Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 11:12pm
by imperial

First Night Sex: How Many Married People Are Here?


Moderator  psychdoc   H/dr_Qasim    1
Post: 8
view: 36973
boy4u Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 11:06pm
by imperial

hi to all

can any body tell me what are the precautions for sex and is it necessary to do sex at first night ... . .

Moderator  Diplomate   myrizvi    1
Post: 2
view: 37083
coooool Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 4:09pm
by My Reply

Please Help Me

hi...my name is sunnyI don\'t know k ma kaisy ya bat kahoi come here b/c i hope that INSHALLAH i\'ll get helf 4m hereMaira Azaay Tanasil Theek tarah say khara nahi hotaI mean jis tarah sy theek akra ... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 4
view: 36810
sweetsunny Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 4:01pm
by My Reply

Semen: How Can I Made My Semen Thick?

salaam sir, there is not books in english , if any body hve books in english please let is there any naturel  way to make mani ( semen ) thick , kia koyee mani gaadi yani thick karney ka ta... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 9
view: 44343
GoodJob Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 1:45pm
by My Reply

hand paractise

Shadi say pehley Mangatar ka sath kissing  ker saktay hai. doctor sahab main nay apnay app ko boohat contorl kaya laken fitri toor per hawahish peda hoye or main control nahi ker paya or ma... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 3
view: 36844
kashifg Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 7:50am
by zeb

Pregnancy Strip: How Can I Use It?

Dear Dr Sahib Home pregnancy test kis tarah kia jata hai...  market mein jo pregnancy test strip mel rahi hai kia ho sahi hai test k liye mujhe batain k test kese kia jata hai ta keh mein apni ... . .

Moderator  waterr   psychdoc    1
Post: 5
view: 38981
imranali82 Wednesday, 30th April 2008, 7:49am
by zeb

Life: Does Masturbation Reduce Life Cycle?

Doctor sahib mein aap se 2 baatein poochna chahta hoon... ek ye keh jab ek insaan ek baat musht zani karta hai to har baar uski zindagi kam ho jati hai... aur 2sree baat ye keh insaan jab ek baat mus... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 3
view: 36829
nabeel2007 Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 7:19am
by zeb

Erection Dysfunction: How Can I Cure This Problem?

  salaam, dear brother\'s since longtime im getting pain in spinal cord, i had masturebath many year\'s but now i stopped it totally, now im doing hakeem treatment some time i feel that im... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 3
view: 36865
GoodJob Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 7:16am
by zeb

First Intercourse: Why My Wife Wasnt Feel Any Pain?

Meri shadi huvey 2.5 saal ho chukey hein. leiken aik baat mery zehen mein bathi huee hei jo keh mery liyey tension ka baes hey. Suhag raat ko jab meiney apney begum sey mubashrat key tu uss ko na tu t... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   H/dr_Qasim    1
Post: 21
view: 38496
M. A. shah Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 7:12am
by zeb

Penis Size: What Is The Maximum Age Of Penis Enlargement?

Doctor Sahab Mara app say ek sawal hai ka Lerko ka Penis kitni der tak bara hota rehta hai kiss age tak. or ager na ho raha ho tu kasay bara ho ga. plz main ap ka jawab ka wait ker raha hoo plz docto... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 7
view: 43335
kashifg Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 7:09am
by zeb

Erection Problem: Do I Need To Consult A Doctor?

Assalamu-alaikum (WRB) I\'m 26yr old male. I hav masturabated a lot but now i feel that the penis, specially its head is not tough as it was. After eid-ul-Fitr my marriage is arranged but ... . .

Moderator  H/dr_Qasim   psychdoc    1
Post: 3
view: 37229
khanimran Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 7:08am
by zeb

Child Birth: Why My Wife Still Not Get Pregnant?

Dear Dr. Sb; I got married in december 2007 but still my wife is not pregnant. Although we have done mubasharat several times and i do get erriction all the time but still there is no sign of pregna... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   H/dr_Qasim    1
Post: 5
view: 36904
fea1982 Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 5:58am
by zeb

Birth Control: What Method Should I Use?

aoa i m 27 years old aur meri shahdhi ko abhi 15 days howey hain. main aur mere husband abhi baby nahi chahtey. ais key liye mere husband condom use kerte hain. kya birth control key liye yeah method... . .

Moderator  waterr   psychdoc    1
Post: 3
view: 37535
fatima_gr8 Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 5:36am
by Aag

Child Sex: Does 9 Year Old Girl Have Sexual Feelings?

reply to all of you woh giving me answer of my qustion im really sorry first ke main ne 3 topic send kardiyeh asal main im new on noorclinic any ways it will not Happan again sab ne apni apni... . .

Moderator  psychdoc   waterr    1 2
Post: 28
view: 40342
zzee20012 Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 4:35am
by kamraamk
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