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Health and General Articles
 Black Hole Theory Explained By Dr. Rizwan

Donít Get Down to the Wire: Catch Breast Cancer Early

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  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 1
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robert123 Thursday, 20th October 2011, 6:09am
by robert123

Dengue Fever: Information Symptoms Causes and Treatment

 Dengue Fever In Pakistan: Information Symptoms Causes and Treatment Dengue also known as:1- Dengue virus2- Dengue fever3- bone breaker fever4- dengue hemorrhagic fever Dengue Fever ( 4th No... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 17
view: 10073783
H/dr_Qasim Monday, 17th October 2011, 11:42pm
by myrizvi

PCO:The Leading Cause Of Female Infertility

 Polycystic Ovarian disease/syndrome(PCOD/PCO's) {(functional ovarian hyperandrogenism, Stein-Leventhal syndrome (original name, not used in modern literature), ovarian hyperthecosis and scl... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 9
view: 10073593
Waterr Saturday, 10th September 2011, 8:55pm
by Guide

Foreplay Tricks Deep Kissing

When seeking good foreplay advice, one should start at the most important subjects. Kissing is a universal symbol of respect, and deep kissing, as the name implies, takes the notion to a whole differ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 14
view: 10073572
health001 Friday, 19th August 2011, 5:24pm
by WellKnOwN


Let me clarify a few things first.  1): Bewaqoof bhai, aap na kaha hai keh age 5 kay baad personality change nahin hoti. This is not the case. Agar aap DSM IV-TR ko daikhaian to aap ko andaaza ho... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073539
psychdoc Friday, 5th August 2011, 3:33am
by majorAli

Healthy Ramadan meal plan

   Healthy Ramadan meal plan Rumzaan ka Ba-burkat maheena Shoro ho choka hay ess meah Humary leyeh Rehmat he Rehmat hay lakin Ess rumzaan meah Ghumi bot ziyada hay or Energy crisi... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073558
H/dr_Qasim Wednesday, 3rd August 2011, 11:53pm
by majorAli


Abhi abhi docter na aap ka moaina kia hai or aap ko ye kush khabri sunahi hai kay "aap umeed say hain "!!!ye aap se ziada or kon janta tha kay aap umeed say hain chahy ye khush khabri aap ko pehli ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 9
view: 10073917
glamour Friday, 8th July 2011, 4:15am
by hot_sajid

Wedding Night Anxiety - Wedding Night Blues

This is a true story that has been told one of my friends who is also a doctor and running his clinic in a populated area. At one day evening, a newly married young man approached to him. He was lo... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 12
view: 10073900
Doctor K K Thursday, 16th June 2011, 8:04am
by smartooboy

Back Pain-Disc Slip Relief

Back Pain-Disc Slip Relief Backache mild ya severe pain ya phir even lower back me discomfort hai. backache 2 types ka ho sakta acute bhi ho sakta hai jo sudden aur serious ho ya phir chron... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073832
Sooth Friday, 27th May 2011, 1:04pm
by saddison94

Tips To Drink Water In Summer

drink plenty of water , but be careful                                           &nb... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 8
view: 10073597
Diplomate Friday, 20th May 2011, 10:26am
by Maryam

Best Positions for Sex during Pregnancy

Best Positions for Sex during Pregnancy Pregnancy ke 9 months sex ke binna imagine kerain.wait aap kuin kerain?  Pregnancy ka ye meaning nahi ke aap sex hi nahi ker saktien, pregnancy me bahot ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10078658
Sooth Wednesday, 27th April 2011, 12:03pm
by dil7860

God Pharmacy

It's been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted garden, made animals and fish. God made all these before making a human. He made and provided what we woul... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073536
myrizvi Thursday, 21st April 2011, 5:36am
by H/dr_Qasim

Sexual Health: Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual Problems in Men Sexual problem ya sexual dysfunction ka meaning sexual response cycle ki kisi bhi phase me problem hai jo ke kisi bhi individual ya phir couple ko sexual activity se satisfact... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073950
Sooth Friday, 8th April 2011, 8:13pm
by multanveer

DO Not Read

DO NOT READ!Well! When you are told not to read this article, then why are youreading it? Listen! I am warning you that keep reading this topic maycause troubles for you. Okay, first of all, let me u... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073571
whitehorse Monday, 21st March 2011, 11:33pm
by sabby

Things Women Must Know Before They Make Love For The First Time After Marriage.

Things Women Must Know Before They Make Love For The First Time After Marriage. 1. Attitude is bedable, not the body: external beauty off course men ko sexually drive ker daiti hai but bed me looks ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073596
Sooth Monday, 21st March 2011, 10:44am
by M.A.M

10 Things Guys Must Know Before Making Love The First Time After Marriage.

10 Things Guys Must Know Before Making Love The First Time After Marriage.1. Get to know her romantic dreams: May be aap ko jitni women se wasta parha ho wo un me sub se contemporary ho.laikin uss ke... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073626
Sooth Monday, 21st March 2011, 10:40am
by M.A.M

MUHAMMAD Salallahu talla alyhe wa aalyhe wasallam Hamary Baari SHAAN WALY!

Lagaty hain NAARA ye IMAAN waly MUHAMMAD hamary Baari SHAAN Waly tere Amad thi k Baitullah Mujry ko jhuka tere haibat thi k har but thar thara kr gir gaya Kyun Janab e Abu hureera tha wo kesa Jam-... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 3
view: 10073532
paroot Tuesday, 15th February 2011, 4:16pm
by love bird

Grow taller ways.

>ExercisesA minimum of 10 minutes intense exercise increases adrenalin, lactate, nerve acidity and nitric oxide. This stimulates the production of the growth hormone not only during the exercise pe... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 1
view: 10073530
aaronw Wednesday, 15th December 2010, 7:13pm
by aaronw

High Blood Pressure is a Silent Killer!

High blood pressure is one of the common illnesses through out the world and it is more prevalent in old age people. High blood pressure or Hypertension is regarded as "Silent Killer", since it does... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073549
Doctor K K Tuesday, 7th December 2010, 2:55pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Health and Fitness - Role of Personal Hygiene in Ensuring Good Health

According to an estimate, those people who donít care of cleanness and hygiene are more prone to have illnesses. This is the reason that many of the health professionals and experts give more stress o... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 3
view: 10073536
Doctor K K Monday, 6th December 2010, 2:36am
by eagle fly
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