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Health and General Articles
 Black Hole Theory Explained By Dr. Rizwan

Importance of Balanced Diet for Getting Good Health

Balanced diet is the key to get good health and fitness and therefore; it is being advices with much stress to take proper food in order to avoid future complications. Obesity and increased weight is ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 1
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Doctor K K Sunday, 5th December 2010, 6:33pm
by Doctor K K

Fish Oil Has Marvelous Effects

Every person in this world desire to have good health and fitness, and in order to attain his dreams, he wants to cross any bridge. The health issues would be much serious for those who are at the hig... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 1
view: 10073534
Doctor K K Sunday, 5th December 2010, 8:58am
by Doctor K K

Artical By Good_Girl:Suhag Rat For Dulhan

hello reader ........actually ye mera likha howa article nai hai, but isse hamare ek member goodgirl nami ek member ka....unho ne is article ek dosre article me mix kardiya tha isikiye bahut sare mem... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073555
nasso Tuesday, 2nd November 2010, 7:02pm
by dost_shaan

Overcoming Fear of Labor

Overcoming Fear of Labor Hoosla der ya khoof ka na hoona nahi hai, laikin ye judgment hai ke khoof se zyada kuch important hai – Ambrose Redmoon Labor aur childbirth dono humari lives se separate h... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 3
view: 10073571
Sooth Tuesday, 2nd November 2010, 7:18am
by H/dr_Qasim

How to Grow Taller

How to Grow Taller   Be Taller:   Achi height insaan ko impressive bunnati hai aur es se confidence increase hotta ye wondering nahi hai ke poori world me people un options me ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 14
view: 10073661
Sooth Sunday, 24th October 2010, 5:27pm
by dost_shaan

The New Furqan

The new Quran by name "True Furqan" (Few pages scan copies attached): a dangerous trick, a new Quran is being distributed in Kuwait, titled 'The True Furqan'. It is being described as the ayats o... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073569
goodman Saturday, 23rd October 2010, 2:11pm
by zubair uk

Other Qisse

Assamlalikum Aap sb kese hai?   Humne Maraym ka abhi hal firhal hai Topic para jo “Hazrat Ibrahim AS ka Waqia” tha kafi achcha likha hai. Hamari aap sb se gujarish hai ki jis kisi bhai bhenoo ko ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073557
tuba Ahmad Monday, 18th October 2010, 4:24pm
by Diplomate

Learning Triangle

Reading, Writing and Pen are described as the fundamental elements of the learning process and it can also be illustrated as a 'Learning Triangle'. The first revelation of the world's most read boo... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073529
myrizvi Wednesday, 13th October 2010, 4:52am
by Maryam

Choice Of Contraceptive Methods

CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS---THEIR EFFECTIVENESS AND RIGHT CHOICE Contraception kya he? Contraception ya waqfey se murad he pregnancy ko avoid karna mukhtalif tareeqey par amal kar ke sawaey iss ke keh i... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1 2
Post: 30
view: 10074773
Waterr Sunday, 10th October 2010, 3:42pm
by H/dr_Qasim

5 Ways to Fight with Depression

Take Tips for Life 5 Ways to Fight with Depression Ager aap deprees feel kertay hen,ye best ho ga ke kuch kerain-kuin ke depression khud hi nahi chala jaata.kisi doctor ya therapist se help lainay ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 3
view: 10073744
Sooth Tuesday, 28th September 2010, 9:38pm
by nikama

Reality Of Life : At Stake Of A Tiny Prick

I mimick  the reality of life. We come out of mother's womb as tiny, shriveled ,deflated and good for nothing . We depend on others to feed us to change our diapers to make us clean. We are so ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073553
Waterr Sunday, 19th September 2010, 10:19am
by Diplomate

How To Develop Self Esteem In Children - I

            Bachoun main self esteem kaisay develop ki ja sakti hay Self esteem ka matlab hay ham apnay baray main kia mahsoos kertay hain aur... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 14
view: 10073576
pinky7861 Monday, 13th September 2010, 3:01pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Simple Stress/Tension Releasing Tips

stress effects us physically , emotionally and spiritully ... .......... some quotations i have taken about stress and seemed real meaning full... "It's not stress that kills us, it is our reacti... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1 2
Post: 34
view: 10074439
Waterr Thursday, 19th August 2010, 1:48am
by H/dr_Qasim

Virginity And Wedding Night Fear

 Virginity and wedding night fear    Virginity Virgin yaa Kunwaari ka Mutlub hay essi Lurki jiss Nay kubi Sexual intercourse na keya ho ya Sexually  inactive women or girl jo sexually Nntouched ho ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10075228
H/dr_Qasim Saturday, 7th August 2010, 6:42pm
by Naznainnazli

Breasts Size And Breasts Development

                         Breast Breast milk glands, ducts, or connective tissu... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 16
view: 10073909
H/dr_Qasim Thursday, 5th August 2010, 12:07pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Please Every One Must Read It

                                 &... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 17
view: 10073645
saahilbhai Monday, 2nd August 2010, 5:54am
by tuba Ahmad

Useful Tips To Start Fresh On Monday Mornings

Monday Blues:   Monday is a slow day for most of us , even to think about Monday and the long week ahead on Sunday evening is quite depressing.Waking up on Monday the first thought is about re... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 7
view: 10073555
Waterr Tuesday, 27th July 2010, 2:40pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Delayed Ejaculation

Ejaculation - delayed Delayed ejaculation delayed ejaculation ka meaning hai even aap ki sexual desire(libido) aur erection normal ho phir bhi aap ko climax(wo point jis me semen bahir ati hai) tak p... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073673
Sooth Sunday, 25th July 2010, 12:13pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Duties Of Husband: Do Not Go After Other Women

Aik aadmi ko pori koshish kerni chahiay ke wo aisi aurat talaash keray jo uss ke liay suitable ho.wo shaadi se pelhay e position ma hota hai ke wo pori care aur caution se apni partner select keray j... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073595
Sooth Thursday, 22nd July 2010, 5:27pm
by meeza

50 Signs Of Qayamat: We All Need Guidance Of ALLAH

Asalam alaikum; everyone here you could post about qayamat....and also your opinions about qayamat and about the preparation of qayamat..following are the signs of qayamat..◘ Past1. Splitting... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 17
view: 10073699
Sooth Thursday, 22nd July 2010, 5:04pm
by meeza
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