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Health and General Articles
 Black Hole Theory Explained By Dr. Rizwan

Ovarian Cyst In Urdu

 Ovarian cyst: in urdu Forum pay ess waqut cyst kay problem kay sath bot sari females members mojood hen jin ko infertility ki treatment kay doraan or ziyada tur ko clomid during treatment ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10083487
H/dr_Qasim Monday, 19th July 2010, 4:35pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Natural Family Planning Methods: What Are Benefits?

Natural family planning Family planning k bot sary tureeky hen jin meh Femail methods and male methods bot popular hen en dono k elawa natural methods b hen family planning k jin meh 1. breast fe... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 13
view: 10074519
H/dr_Qasim Friday, 16th July 2010, 11:23pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Anemia Due To Pregnancy - Folic Acid And Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia

Anemia Due To pregnancy: Normally during pregnancy, the fluid is going to be accumulated because of hyperactive- dynamic state. Although the bone marrow starts smart job to increase the RBCs cou... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073726
Doctor K K Tuesday, 4th May 2010, 7:13pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Barri Sarkar (Khuda Ta.ala)

aik Pakistani sha'khs Pakistan k halaat sy dibrdashta hony ki bina pr France main muqeem tha ..wo Pakistan ko iss liye chorr chuka tha k iss main jamhooriyat naam ki koi cheez nhi hey ...wo Pakistan ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 3
view: 10073581
Diplomate Tuesday, 4th May 2010, 12:21pm
by Diplomate

Suhaag Raat Aur Mobaashrat ke Aadaab l

Suhaag Raat ke Aadaab   1.      Suhaag raat ka pelha aadab ye hai ke mard bivi ke saath narmi aur dil daari se paish aye aur es ki tawa'zaa ke liay koi mashroob ya mi... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 7
view: 10073978
Sooth Friday, 23rd April 2010, 7:22pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Tips To Teach Your Kids: How To Handle Pornography

 TIPS TO TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO HANDLE PORNOGRAPHY Bht saray parents ye samjhtay hyn k wo apnay bachay ko pornography se bacha saktay hyn sirf aur sirf internet se door rakh kar. Iska asaan so... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 10
view: 10073602
eagle fly Sunday, 11th April 2010, 11:07pm
by Bewaqoof

Some Points From A Book About Sexual Life.

Recently I've read a book and want to share some points from that book to all of you.       Sex aik aisa topic hai k es per likhna mashraqi joorm,es ko discuss kernna zuba... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 17
view: 10073633
Sooth Saturday, 10th April 2010, 10:55pm
by eagle fly

Husband And Wife Relationship

aslamoalikom dear brothers and sisters wesy meh ny kubi koi artical ni likha phyly pur aj jany ku dil ny cha haa k ku na khuch likha jay so aj meh sex and confidence py likh ra hon husbend wife k... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073563
H/dr_Qasim Saturday, 10th April 2010, 10:38pm
by eagle fly

Allah Is A Unique Word

    ALLAH   Aaj abhi thoray time pelhay Doctor Zakir Naik ki speech peace tv per listen kernay k bahd es ko yahaan likh rahi hoon that Allah k 99 names ka Quran Majeed me zik... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073602
Sooth Saturday, 10th April 2010, 10:36pm
by eagle fly

Duties of Wife: Be a Comfort for Your Husband

Duties of Wife: Be a Comfort for Your Husband Life ke burdens heavily men ke shoulders per hotay han tu wo family ko maintain aur support kernay ke responsible hotay responsibility ko fullfil... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 9
view: 10073584
Sooth Saturday, 10th April 2010, 10:33pm
by eagle fly

Infertility In Men And Women - Drugs And Medicines Causing Infertility

Drugs Affecting Fertility Of A Man The power of the fertility is desired one that an individual want to have in order to spread his generation. However, unfortunately not all of the people do ha... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073583
Doctor K K Saturday, 10th April 2010, 10:32pm
by eagle fly

Preventing Saggy Breasts

Drooping breasts What causes the sagging of breasts? Sagging ya drooping breasts aik natural aur inevitable process hai jo her woman me kisi point pe hotta hai un ke ilawa jin ki small breasts hon.... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073688
Sooth Wednesday, 24th March 2010, 7:24pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Interesting Facts About Pregnancy Pregnancy Facts And Myths

Interesting Facts About Pregnancy Surprising Things About Pregnancy Pregnancy aik aisa subject hai jo bahot saray papers generate kerta hai.bookshelves aur libraries sirf shelves ko hi es k liay ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 7
view: 10074234
Sooth Wednesday, 24th March 2010, 7:19pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Suhaag Raat Aur Mobaashrat ke Aadaab V

Mubasharat Kis Niyaat Se Kerni Chahiay?   Hazrat Ali (R.A) ke farmaan ke motabik jab kabhi mobasharat ka irada ho tu es niyat se kerni jaye ke zinna se baaz rahoon ga aur dil ko idhar udhar bhata... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073573
Sooth Wednesday, 24th March 2010, 7:14pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Dates:Islamic and Medical aspects

Dates:  Islamic And Medical Aspects   Dates (Palmae dactylifere)/Khajoor   Most of the muslims following the sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) open their fast with dates Prophet Mu... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1 2
Post: 29
view: 10073873
Waterr Saturday, 20th March 2010, 10:40am
by Waterr

Respect Your Wife - She Is Your Strength

The house has privacy and secrecy. Once you take this privacy and secrecy to your friends and family you are in danger of putting a serious hole in your marriage 1.Make her feel secure; (sakina- tra... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 3
view: 10073577
MAP 83 Thursday, 18th March 2010, 6:51pm
by eagle fly

Anemia Of Chronic Disease - Kidney Liver Disease - Sidroblasts And Hemolysis

For Previous Discussion, Please Click The Following Link:Anemia - Types: Chronic Disease - Kidney Liver Sidroblasts HemolysisAnemia Of Chronic Disease: As the name suggests, this is the anemia due... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073615
Doctor K K Tuesday, 16th March 2010, 5:28pm
by Doctor K K

Anemia And Its Types - What Is Anemia?

Anemia What Is Anemia? In a nutshell, anemia is a condition of less Hemoglobin or Red blood cells in the blood. In simple language, the deficiency of blood cells is called as anemia. Anemia is... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 8
view: 10076576
Doctor K K Tuesday, 16th March 2010, 3:01pm
by Doctor K K

Food For Sex(PartIII):Life Style Modifications For Healthy Sex Life

Role Of Positive Health Practices In Sexual Life:                         &nbs... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 6
view: 10073620
Waterr Sunday, 14th March 2010, 9:30am
by Azfar-K

Food For Sex(partI):Why Require Special Food For Sex?

Introduction:   When a child is born one if its innate reflexes is to suckle while many other reflexes are acquired over time. The inherent ability to suckle proves the value of food in our li... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 2
view: 10073576
Waterr Saturday, 13th March 2010, 7:50pm
by dom_man
Full Moderator: doctorpk
Senior Moderator: ZZZ_NJ waterr
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