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Health and General Articles
 Black Hole Theory Explained By Dr. Rizwan

29 Things That Invalidate In Salaah (11 To 29)

29 things that invalidate in Salaah (11 to 29) You can read 1 t0 10 in my previous post... Coughing in Salaah (11) The Salaah will not break if a sick person helplessly utters words like... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 1
view: 10073598
paroot Monday, 7th December 2009, 5:05pm
by paroot

Namaz ke 3rd Shart Istaqbaal-e-Qiblaa.

Alhumdulillaahi Rabbil Alameen, Wassalatu assalamu alaika YA Syedil mursaleen, Ammaa Baaad Fa' Azu billaahi minash shaitwaa nirra jeem, Bismillaa hirrah maa nirrah heem. Assalat O Wassalam O Ala... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 1
view: 10073580
paroot Sunday, 6th December 2009, 11:00pm
by paroot

Durood Shareef Ke Fazeelatee. (Part 1)

Alhudulillaahi Rabbil Alameen,Wassalatu assalamu alaika YA Syedil mursaleen,Ammaa Baaad Fa' Azu billaahi minash shaitwaa nirra jeem, Bismillaa hirrah maa nirrah heem. Assalat O Wassalam O Alaika Y... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073650
paroot Monday, 30th November 2009, 10:40am
by paroot

Hamilton: One Of The Great Personalities Of The World

cap town (South Africa) ki Medical University ko duniyaa main aik mumtaaz hasiyaat hasil hey.Duniyaa ka sub sy pehla by-pass operation b issi  University  main howa tha . iss Univ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 8
view: 10073571
Diplomate Sunday, 29th November 2009, 8:38am
by Diplomate

Pregnancy Tests

Alpha Fetoprotein Testing (AFP): Pregnancy me jaisay k aap kaa baby aap ki womb(uterus) me grow ker raha hai ye alpha-fetoprotein produce kerta hai,jo k kafi berhti hui amount me aap k amniotic flui... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 18
view: 10074037
Sooth Monday, 9th November 2009, 4:11am
by H/dr_Qasim

Testosterone: Role Of Testosterone In Health And Sexuality

  Testosterone is a male hormone which plays a vital role in a man’s health and sexuality. So when your level of testosterone is high, at that time you will be sexually very strong I am agree wit... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 11
view: 10073545
H/dr_Qasim Sunday, 25th October 2009, 2:53am
by eagle fly

Top Ten Questions Mostly Asked By Men

       Top ten Questions mostly asked By Men and boys        Penis size normal ketna hota hy ya sex k leye ketna size kafi hy? Pen... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1 2
Post: 39
view: 10074213
H/dr_Qasim Tuesday, 20th October 2009, 1:40pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Thalassaemia: Different Types Of Thalassaemia

                               Thalassaemia &nbs... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073618
H/dr_Qasim Friday, 9th October 2009, 6:31pm
by Kali Zuban

Water:Its Importance And Body Requirements

Water:Its Importance and Benefits for Health   Human  body mass is about 55-75% water.The very composition of our body is like that blood is 83% water, muscles are 75% water, brain is 74%... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 15
view: 10073538
Waterr Wednesday, 7th October 2009, 4:24am
by myrizvi

Honey Moon Cystitis- Urinary Bladder Infection After First Intercourse

HoneyMoon Cystitis(Urinary bladder Infection/inflammation)   Females are as such(even normally) more liable/prone to get urinary infection after puberty as in females 1)The urethra(urinary o... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073652
Waterr Tuesday, 6th October 2009, 2:01pm
by Waterr

Infertility(part III):Tests And Treatment For Infertility

continued from Infertility(part I) : Introduction Infertility (part II):Male And Female Infertility:Causes And Risk Factors Tests and Treatment for Infertility: In this article I will explain som... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 18
view: 10073662
Waterr Tuesday, 22nd September 2009, 2:40am
by H/dr_Qasim

Migraine:The Most Dreaded Headache

MIGRAINE: When many people think "migraine" they think only of the pain of migraine. The most dreaded and one of the common headache is migraine… It is basically not the pain only rather it cons... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1 2
Post: 31
view: 10073826
Waterr Monday, 21st September 2009, 12:52pm
by insan

Infertility(part IV):Stress And Infertility

Stress And Infertility:   For couples trying to conceive and failing with repeated attempts I just want them to be relaxed and to know..   Fertility treatment needs patience and complia... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 8
view: 10073554
Waterr Sunday, 20th September 2009, 10:54pm
by Waterr

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

·     What are STDS? STDS sexually transmitted diseases ko kahtay hen. ·     How does someone catch one? Ye infections aur diseases aik infected individual ... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10074023
Sooth Sunday, 20th September 2009, 7:52am
by sunny007

Infertility (part II):Male And Female Infertility:Causes And Risk Factors

continued from part 1: Infertility(part I) : Introduction Male And Female Infertility : Causes And Risk Factors… initially infertility was considered a female problem only...but it is not so and t... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 4
view: 10073752
Waterr Sunday, 20th September 2009, 1:10am
by sunny007

Kalonji: Islamic and Medical Aspects

Kalonji(black seeds)/(Nigella Sativa)   As a kid I always used to see my grand parents eating Kalonji/black seeds in the morning… and I used to wonder what additional benefits are they going t... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 9
view: 10074875
Waterr Friday, 18th September 2009, 3:39pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Layla Tul Qaddur

                                  &... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 5
view: 10073568
H/dr_Qasim Thursday, 17th September 2009, 8:24pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Domestic Chemicals & Health Hazards

Always remember that all chemicals are fatal, only their fatal doses vary. I am listing below some domestic chemicals with their health hazards.   Sodium Chloride, commonly known as table sa... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 16
view: 10073533
myrizvi Tuesday, 15th September 2009, 2:47am
by eagle fly

Dark Circles Under Eyes: Home Base Remedies

Dark circles Under eyes and Home Remedies: Facial beauty begins with eyes…the most sensitive skin area of our body is around the yes …. Men and women equally are worried about it…   Main Caus... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 13
view: 10073561
Waterr Tuesday, 15th September 2009, 12:00am
by Waterr

Headache:Know Main Types And Simple Cure

Headache:Know Main Types And Simple Cure   It is generally said that as long as you have a head you will have a headache…everyone in life has experienced headache many a times or atleast once…... . .

  Moderator waterr  H/dr_Qasim 1
Post: 10
view: 10073617
Waterr Saturday, 12th September 2009, 1:18am
by eagle fly
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