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Disable People And Sex

Post: 6
view: 6690166
Malik Monday, 5th December 2016, 7:08pm
by Asad333

Causes Of AIDS?

Post: 10
view: 6689996
Naveed Thursday, 17th October 2013, 3:12am
by alone but happy

What Is Difference Between Urologist & sexologist

Post: 6
view: 6690659
malik_1010 Thursday, 4th September 2014, 10:15am
by ferhan mug

Is Imli (Khati Cheez) Is Harmful?

Post: 5
view: 6692543
TUM BIN Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 5:23pm

Causes of Female Infertility

Post: 3
view: 6690227
zabukhari Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 5:37am
by mahnoorh

Liposuction Surgery

Post: 9
view: 6690022
samaa Monday, 24th December 2012, 1:37pm
by alirajput

Hairs On Body

Post: 7
view: 6690002
attractive Saturday, 25th April 2015, 11:30pm
by Amber Khan 10


Post: 5
view: 6690066
attractive Saturday, 25th May 2013, 5:16pm
by khan_333

Demerits of Using Head Phone

Post: 2
view: 6689980
attractive Friday, 27th April 2007, 6:22am
by doctorpk

Persistant Feve

Post: 5
view: 6690037
sitarazeem Friday, 27th April 2007, 4:47pm
by doctorpk

Why Women Wear Underwears

Post: 16
view: 6690464
Faraz124 Thursday, 31st March 2016, 5:39pm
by Rajja Gul

Supari Khane ke Nuqsan

Post: 3
view: 6691719
shane Saturday, 5th December 2015, 10:35pm
by Muhammad Mizfaar

Could Saliva Be Used As Lubricant during Sex

Post: 10
view: 6690125
faisee Tuesday, 8th May 2007, 1:36pm
by eali 123

Signs Of Fertility

Post: 8
view: 6690000
fazia Wednesday, 31st October 2012, 11:30pm
by nagamin

Foul Smell From Penis

Post: 4
view: 6690003
niceone Tuesday, 8th May 2007, 12:59pm

Advantages Of Arq-e-Gulab

Post: 3
view: 6690428
attractive Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 7:08pm
by khan_80

What Is Test Tube Baby

Post: 3
view: 6690016
zooomxpert Saturday, 5th December 2015, 10:40pm
by Muhammad Mizfaar

Pregnancy Reveals After How Much Time?

Post: 10
view: 6690109
mian jee Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 9:38am
by snhzaidi

Does A Girl May Have Occasional Menstural Irregularities?

Post: 6
view: 6690014
nOMAn Monday, 18th February 2013, 4:42am
by Maryam1508

Can We Take Vitamins With Out Doctor\'s Prescription?

Post: 4
view: 6689983
punj_25 Wednesday, 27th May 2009, 7:40pm
by Bewaqoof

Impact Of Blood Group And Rh Factor On Baby

Post: 5
view: 6690133
no_sheen Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 2:42pm
by khan_80

White Head Hairs:What Could Be The Reason?

Post: 8
view: 6690004
shahjahan Thursday, 18th November 2010, 7:55pm
by United

Can Hepatitis C Transfer Via Oral Secretions?

Post: 7
view: 6689997
arif_habib Monday, 15th August 2011, 6:48am
by Nomi017

Why Phlegm Happened?

Post: 4
view: 6690434
shafique Saturday, 9th June 2007, 7:59pm
by My Reply

Hernia: Is That Operation Mandatory?

Post: 3
view: 6690531
musafir Wednesday, 3rd March 2010, 7:38pm
by Waterr

What Are The Basis Of Results Through DNA Test?

Post: 3
view: 6689976
QIASJANN Saturday, 16th June 2007, 4:13pm
by khan_80

What Is The Normal Height?

Post: 3
view: 6691074
star12 Monday, 25th June 2007, 11:59pm
by khan_80

Lack Of Hair On My Body

Post: 5
view: 6689980
mzainakram Thursday, 18th November 2010, 8:01pm
by United

Over-Dose Of Aspirin: Does It Leads To Death?

Post: 13
view: 6691055
noor123 Thursday, 16th August 2007, 11:11pm
by khoobsurat

Blood Groups of Wife-Husband: Is That Necessary?

Post: 8
view: 6690065
bavajee Wednesday, 18th July 2007, 7:33am
by bavajee

Same Blood Group Of Wife And Husband: May It Create Any Problem?

Post: 2
view: 6690030
eyewideshu Thursday, 19th July 2007, 6:11pm
by khan_80

High Blood Pressure And Use Of Vegetables Rich In Minerals

Post: 4
view: 6689978
safeena Thursday, 11th March 2010, 3:45pm
by Doctor K K

Saanday Ka Tail Aur Sex Power Main Tabdeeli

Post: 9
view: 6709448
masoom ali Monday, 17th October 2011, 8:31am
by cosmo

Calories: Is There Any Proper Way To Calculate It?

Post: 2
view: 6689970
FAHRENHEIT Sunday, 5th August 2007, 10:38pm
by faisee

Is That Possible To Have A Male Child Via Any Test?

Post: 7
view: 6689974
V VIP? Monday, 6th August 2007, 5:15pm
by khan_80

Micturation Habits: Is It Harmful To Hold Urine For A Long Time?

Post: 6
view: 6689969
kim84 Wednesday, 8th August 2007, 9:04am
by SHAIR-28

Weight Reduction: Do Lemon Juice And Vinegar Help In Weight Reduction?

Post: 4
view: 6689998
kim84 Wednesday, 3rd March 2010, 8:39pm
by Waterr

Isphagol Husk: How Important In Our Life?

Post: 5
view: 6690160
coko jani Monday, 3rd August 2009, 3:40am
by Aabeia

Exercise: What Is The Best Time For Exercise?

Post: 10
view: 6689981
shakir316 Tuesday, 21st August 2007, 2:36pm
by khan_80

Jaali Hakeems And Hakimi Medicine: What Is Their Role In Society?

Post: 20
view: 6690193
faisee Sunday, 26th August 2007, 6:42am
by abc123

New Born Care: Please Guide Young Mothers

Post: 8
view: 6690626
khoobsurat Friday, 24th August 2007, 5:58pm
by khan_80

Diet Or Exercise: For Loosing Weight And Tone Up Body Muscles

Post: 2
view: 6689971
Ok_MAN Wednesday, 22nd August 2007, 6:41pm
by khan_80

Diazepam (Valium): Can I Use It Regularly?

Post: 8
view: 6690000
basit-butt Sunday, 26th August 2007, 5:24pm
by basit-butt

Breast Feeding: What The Mother Feels While Feeding Her Baby?

Post: 7
view: 6689993
faisee Thursday, 21st July 2011, 5:02pm

HIV-AIDS: What Are The Symptoms?

Post: 5
view: 6690093
Aadie Monday, 9th December 2013, 7:52am

AIDS Kaise Phailta hai

Post: 5
view: 6694964
JUNIOR(G) Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 2:23pm
by Dr.Naveed

Weight Reduction

Post: 4
view: 6689967
PAPU2 Wednesday, 5th December 2007, 5:58am
by PAPU2

HIV: What Are The Precautions To Avoid It?

Post: 4
view: 6689976
Zeeen Thursday, 28th May 2009, 9:00am
by zeb

Quacks: Try To Avoid Them

Post: 3
view: 6689973
khanbadsha Wednesday, 27th May 2009, 7:46pm
by Bewaqoof

Hair problem: Why The Hair Get White In Teen Age?

Post: 2
view: 6689979
AhmadRock Friday, 28th December 2007, 6:38am
by Aag
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