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Homosexuality (gay sex): Is It Allowed In Islam

Post: 11
view: 10074248
behroz Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 5:51pm
by Dr Rizwan

Homosexuality: How Can I Avoid It?

Post: 4
view: 10073846
Hamzapepe Monday, 3rd December 2007, 11:37pm
by khan_80

Gay and Lesbians Definition

Post: 5
view: 10075760
waqar arif Monday, 14th February 2011, 7:38am
by Sad_heart

Is Sex with Same Sex Allowed?

Post: 4
view: 10073642
arsalan Monday, 21st February 2011, 8:15am
by anum89

Homo Sexual Thoughts

Post: 5
view: 10073686
shamraiz Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 6:14am
by Kali Zuban

Homosexuality: I Am More Interested In Guys Instead Of Girls

Post: 13
view: 10073712
khanimran Sunday, 19th June 2011, 6:26pm
by majorAli

Gay Sex: Is It Allowed In Islam?

Post: 19
view: 10074067
rocky dada Saturday, 20th November 2010, 10:59am
by nova

Homosexuality: Is That The Best Way To Remove Frustration?

Post: 9
view: 10073651
mohd.ali Wednesday, 29th January 2014, 2:36am
by scientist1

Homosexuality And Loss Of Erection

Post: 3
view: 10073633
asad_shaaz Saturday, 30th June 2007, 10:54am
by majnu

Homosexuality: I Am Married But Cant Get Rid Off This

Post: 6
view: 10073703
sasi Friday, 20th July 2007, 2:24am
by muzair87

Gay Sex: how Can I Control My Self?

Post: 5
view: 10073747
umar2 Sunday, 26th June 2011, 8:30am
by surfaraaz

Homosexuality: I Love To Sex With Old Man

Post: 6
view: 10074026
umar2 Wednesday, 25th July 2007, 10:37am
by SHAIR-28

Homosexuality: Does It Lead To Any Disease?

Post: 6
view: 10073620
peace full Monday, 30th July 2007, 2:23am
by peace full

Gay Sex: Is It A Psychiatric Disorder?

Post: 8
view: 10073607
Difficult Wednesday, 8th August 2007, 7:00pm
by My Reply

Gay Sex: How To Get Rid Of It?

Post: 15
view: 10074166
mild2me Tuesday, 8th January 2008, 12:11pm
by sunny007

Gay: How To Save My Friend?

Post: 3
view: 10073627
md.israfil Monday, 24th December 2007, 2:48pm
by Aag

Gay Sex: How To Protect Myself?

Post: 8
view: 10073623
zafar333 Wednesday, 26th March 2008, 7:45am
by zeb

Gay Sex: How Can I Get Rid Of It?

Post: 5
view: 10073616
642145 Wednesday, 26th March 2008, 3:19pm
by Red Chilli

Illegal Sex: How Can I Avoid It?

Post: 16
view: 10073606
ali_haider Thursday, 3rd April 2008, 10:15pm
by Seemi

Same Sex Attraction: How Can I Avoid It?

Post: 7
view: 10073630
tarzen Saturday, 7th June 2008, 10:51am
by zeb

need help

Post: 3
view: 10073579
sanwalnsr Monday, 9th June 2008, 7:17am
by zeb

Effects of Sex With Male to Male

Post: 13
view: 10074780
sunny-love Wednesday, 9th July 2008, 7:40am
by zeb

Having Interest In Males: How To Get Rid It Of

Post: 10
view: 10073595
dorthy Friday, 11th July 2008, 6:30am
by zeb

Homosexuality In Pakistan

Post: 6
view: 10073746
sanwalnsr Thursday, 2nd October 2008, 2:33pm
by Ok_MAN

I Am Lesbian: Will I Face Problem With My Husband In Future?

Post: 8
view: 10074013
meh23 Monday, 15th November 2010, 12:41pm
by hotlips2

What Is The Solution Of Gayism?

Post: 3
view: 10073632
arsalan Friday, 10th October 2008, 9:56am
by zeb

I Like Boys For Sex

Post: 6
view: 10074117
wakeel Tuesday, 10th August 2010, 11:03pm
by Mr.Mk

I Have Done Gay Sex With My Friend

Post: 8
view: 10073660
mr adi Sunday, 23rd November 2008, 9:07pm
by SWEET__786

Can I Drink Male Discharge

Post: 19
view: 10073783
irfan99 Tuesday, 25th November 2008, 6:34pm
by rajmallik

Kia Islam Mai Lesbian Sex Allow Hai?

Post: 10
view: 10077743
cat2 Wednesday, 6th September 2017, 12:00pm
by msnRq


Post: 12
view: 10075236
sehar146 Friday, 6th March 2009, 7:37pm
by gladiator7

Attractions Towards Homosexuality

Post: 11
view: 10073566
chayn098 Sunday, 3rd May 2009, 5:26pm
by Dr Faeez

I Am A Gay: How Can I Quit It?

Post: 5
view: 10073658 Thursday, 30th April 2009, 9:06am
by zeb

Deppression: I Like To Do Sex With Boy

Post: 2
view: 10073586
mink786 Monday, 4th May 2009, 8:01am
by zeb

Abnormal Sex Attrection

Post: 3
view: 10073570
empptc Friday, 8th May 2009, 6:56pm
by koyal

Is That Homosexuality Either An Addiction Or A Disease?

Post: 5
view: 10073570
PK MAN Saturday, 16th May 2009, 4:51pm
by Doctor K K

Reason Behind homosexuality?

Post: 9
view: 10073618
jazzybaba Saturday, 4th July 2009, 10:06am
by kewl_guy

Homosexuality (Hum Jinsyat): Please Help Me Out

Post: 21
view: 10074305
Lucky1988 Friday, 3rd July 2009, 5:15am
by zeb

How Can I Get Rid Of Homosexuality?

Post: 9
view: 10073626
Ali17 Tuesday, 28th July 2009, 8:41am
by zeb

Whether Seeing A Man Nude By Other Man Is A Sin?

Post: 7
view: 10073584
pikachu Monday, 10th August 2009, 5:14am
by Lover boy

I Dont Want To Become Gay

Post: 2
view: 10073590
Indian hero Tuesday, 25th August 2009, 12:39pm
by Bewaqoof

Whether I Am Gay?

Post: 7
view: 10073698
zabad zaba Wednesday, 16th September 2009, 5:40pm
by System

Sex From Back-Anal Sex- Homosexuality In Islam: Why It Is Prohibited? What Are Its Health Hazards?

Post: 15
view: 10073843
Sobia123 Sunday, 25th October 2009, 12:12pm
by waseem08

Homosexuality In Islam: How To Get Rid Of It?

Post: 25
view: 10074213
haris25 Sunday, 4th November 2012, 10:32pm
by HARRY1987

Lesbian : My Wife Takes Interest In Same Gender Instead Of Mine - What Should I Do ?

Post: 6
view: 10074107
fani3 Thursday, 18th February 2010, 2:29pm
by Hawk66

Gay Behavior In Men: Why Do I Have Gay Feelings

Post: 2
view: 10073640
eagerlearn Saturday, 27th February 2010, 9:52am
by Bewaqoof

Social Phobia Anxiety Disorder (Via Homosexuality) - Social Phobia Causes And Treatment

Post: 5
view: 10073764
haris25 Thursday, 25th February 2010, 12:08pm
by Diplomate

Lesbian\'s Intentions Via Porn Movies

Post: 5
view: 10073688
ayla4444 Friday, 8th July 2011, 2:59pm
by moniacca

sex interest

Post: 6
view: 10073608
mrhard2008 Monday, 10th September 2012, 7:10am
by maya122

gay sex aadat

Post: 4
view: 10080534
lahoribi Saturday, 14th August 2010, 12:44pm
by Logical
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