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Career Oriented Wife Is Better Or Housewife Is Better?

Post: 36
view: 10073762
khan_80 Sunday, 31st July 2011, 7:53pm
by majorAli

Rights of Mother in Islam

Post: 15
view: 10073630
Nafarman Sunday, 25th September 2011, 7:08pm
by Guide

Love: How Can I Told My Parents About My Love?

Post: 19
view: 10073549
2006Khan Saturday, 1st November 2014, 1:28pm
by mahambutt

Love Issue: What Are The Chances Of Our Marriage?

Post: 4
view: 10073547
2006Khan Saturday, 22nd December 2007, 4:41pm
by goodman

Forced Sex: My Cousin-Sister Raped Me In Childhood

Post: 16
view: 10074153
MUSFIR Monday, 10th December 2007, 9:35am
by zeb

Eid Mubarak...

Post: 28
view: 10073699
zam123 Friday, 10th September 2010, 4:42am
by Battery

Second Marriage Issues: Should I Commit Sucide?

Post: 9
view: 10073549
sema Wednesday, 16th March 2011, 8:31am
by Neha_83

Relation-Ship Of Husband And Wife: What Should I Do?

Post: 19
view: 10073581
atifji Monday, 17th December 2007, 7:04pm
by Aag

Social Problem: My father Not Allow For Marriage

Post: 103
view: 10073724
noor123 Wednesday, 5th March 2008, 2:22am
by Red Chilli

Husband: What Changes Occur After Marriage?

Post: 10
view: 10073569
Hangama Tuesday, 2nd June 2009, 7:24pm
by saimalikhi

English Movies: Can Siblings Watch Movies Together?

Post: 11
view: 10073689
Spider007 Monday, 31st December 2007, 9:47am
by zeb

Money: Is Money Every Thing?

Post: 3
view: 10073548
jaandk Monday, 21st January 2008, 8:16pm
by Hangama

Marriage With 4 Years Eleder Girl?

Post: 25
view: 10073668
ferryahmed Saturday, 13th June 2009, 8:05pm
by long_drive

Pray For Me: I Am Seriously In Danger

Post: 7
view: 10073569
khan0320 Tuesday, 5th February 2008, 2:55pm
by sunny007

Orthopaedic Surgeon: Can Any One Tell ME Any Good Doctor Name?

Post: 7
view: 10073673
mr adi Monday, 18th February 2008, 1:01pm
by mr adi

Marriage With 4 Years Eleder Girl: Need Your Advice Again

Post: 3
view: 10073552
ferryahmed Saturday, 29th March 2008, 10:22am
by m.shah

Love Affair: How To Protect My Self?

Post: 34
view: 10073611
iaamir411 Saturday, 8th March 2008, 6:13am
by zeb

Marriage: How Can I told My Parents?

Post: 2
view: 10073548
soharwardy Tuesday, 11th March 2008, 4:19pm
by Red Chilli

Fiancee: My Engagment Has Been Broken

Post: 28
view: 10073616
adnan3925 Tuesday, 8th April 2008, 7:36am
by goodman

Father & Son Relationship

Post: 10
view: 10073584
BeautyStar Monday, 19th December 2011, 7:32pm
by Muhammad Atif

Marriage: My Father Is Going To Get Marry Me

Post: 43
view: 10073680
noor123 Thursday, 17th April 2008, 6:00pm
by goodman

What i should do?

Post: 15
view: 10073552
Szagham Monday, 5th May 2008, 9:46am
by zeb

Multiple Question: Need Your Answers

Post: 19
view: 10073628
noor123 Sunday, 8th June 2008, 7:57am
by josh

My friend father iz drinker

Post: 61
view: 10073850
Esha Monday, 7th July 2008, 7:39am
by zeb

Noor Clinic: How Do I Refer This Site To My Young Sister?

Post: 26
view: 10073665
sweetie Thursday, 22nd July 2010, 3:51pm
by meeza

Can I Marry Before My Sister Marriage?

Post: 16
view: 10073573
fakhirkhan Wednesday, 8th October 2008, 8:18am
by zeb

Help Me To Solve My Confusion

Post: 15
view: 10073617
sunehri76 Thursday, 15th January 2009, 12:07am
by Shefali

Mother and Wife.

Post: 27
view: 10073639
danialahad Saturday, 13th December 2008, 9:29am
by zeb

My Mother Want Extra Money

Post: 10
view: 10073570
irfan99 Thursday, 15th January 2009, 12:20am
by nikama

My Wife Is Demanding For A Mobile, What Should I Do?

Post: 66
view: 10073881
aliraza008 Tuesday, 9th August 2016, 3:45am
by Sallubhatti

Please Give Me Solution My Personal Problem

Post: 13
view: 10073577
Kiran Butt Wednesday, 18th March 2009, 9:14pm
by Zahra_

Meri Wife Har Waqt Larti Rehti Hai: Mai Kia Karoo?

Post: 29
view: 10084581
reallove Saturday, 28th March 2009, 1:58pm
by Zaara

Please Pray For Us

Post: 11
view: 10073582
saahilbhai Thursday, 7th May 2009, 7:02am
by zeb

Jaith Aur Jaithani Ghalat Byani Kerte Hain?

Post: 12
view: 10073571
hasna Saturday, 23rd May 2009, 7:03am
by zeb

Sasural Wale Khush Nahi Hain

Post: 74
view: 10073753
New Sunday, 21st September 2014, 5:54pm
by abc001

Family Problems: Mere Wife Ki Bhabi Se Nahi Banti

Post: 47
view: 10074126
yasir21 Tuesday, 28th July 2009, 7:26am
by zeb

Request For Dua

Post: 13
view: 10073556
saahilbhai Saturday, 8th August 2009, 1:09pm
by sunny007

Sakht Saaas: Bahoo Kia Kare?

Post: 46
view: 10075075
dr. Noor Saturday, 20th September 2014, 4:17pm
by b_bubbly

My Husband Drinks So Much: What Should I Do?

Post: 8
view: 10073558
foz Sunday, 16th August 2009, 8:37pm
by saim1

Mai Apni Wife Ko Uk Kaise Bula Sakta Hun? Plz Help Me

Post: 5
view: 10073567
german Wednesday, 23rd December 2009, 3:27pm
by System

How To Get British Visa For Wife?

Post: 2
view: 10073540
german Tuesday, 1st September 2009, 12:27pm
by waseem08

I Am Very Much Worried Due To My Relations With Husband

Post: 29
view: 10073884
MaNoBiLLi Tuesday, 29th September 2009, 5:01pm
by MaNoBiLLi

Aisay Husband Ka Kia Kerna Chahye?

Post: 36
view: 10074305
superoven Thursday, 5th August 2010, 8:51am
by Gr8pal

Wife Misbehaving With Husband And His Parents: How To Tackle?

Post: 3
view: 10073574
objava2 Friday, 23rd October 2009, 12:16pm
by ysrslm420

Wife Misbehaves Parents: What Should I Do?

Post: 11
view: 10073560
objava2 Thursday, 29th October 2009, 6:37am
by objava2

Husband Wife Relationship: How To Improve?

Post: 12
view: 10073590
ladybird Thursday, 16th October 2014, 4:50pm
by Guide

House Wives Vs Home Makers And Dr.Zakir Naik

Post: 46
view: 10073731
myrizvi Tuesday, 6th April 2010, 1:03pm
by Diplomate

I Want To Marry With Educated Girl

Post: 35
view: 10073689
M.RIZ Tuesday, 16th March 2010, 9:38pm
by Javed Imad

Husband Wife Relationship: What Should Wife Do When Husband Misbehaves?

Post: 12
view: 10073630
ladybird Tuesday, 24th November 2009, 11:18pm
by Dr.Lulli

Misunderstanding In Husband Wife Relationship: What Should I Do?

Post: 29
view: 10074120
talal ahma Tuesday, 24th November 2009, 12:05pm
by Dr.Lulli
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