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29 Things That Invalidate In Salaah (11 To 29)

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paroot Group: Members  Joined: 23rd Nov, 2008  Topic: 67  Post: 1665  Age:  37  
Posted on:7th Dec 2009, 5:05pm

29 Things That Invalidate In Salaah (11 To 29)

29 things that invalidate in Salaah (11 to 29)

You can read 1 t0 10 in my previous post...

Coughing in Salaah

(11) The Salaah will not break if a sick person helplessly utters words like 'aah' and 'ooh'. The same applies to letters uttered helplessly whilst sneezing, yawning, coughing, and burping etc. (ad dur-ul-muhtar, V1, P416) (12) If you blow without creating a sound then it is the same as breathing and therefore does not affect the Salaah but it is Makrooh to blow (or puff) deliberately. However, if even two letters are uttered whilst blowing, (uf, tuf e.t.c.) the Salaah will break. (ghuniyah, P427) (13) Uttering two letters (e.g. 'ukh') to clear your throat will invalidate the Salaah, however, if there is a desperate need or proper purpose to do so, for example if you are clearing your throat (so you can recite properly) or you are informing the Imaam of a mistake or trying to catch the attention of someone who is about to walk past you, then there is no harm in coughing. (ad dur-ul-mukhtar, rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P455)

Reading something in Salaah

(14) Looking at a copy of the Qur'an Shareef, a piece of paper or the mihrab etc. and reciting the Qur'an Shareef (If you are reciting off by heart but happen to be looking at the Qur'an, mihrab etc. at the same time, your Salaah will not be affected. If there is a piece of  paper or something else with verses written on it and you look at it and think about it but do not read it, your Salaah will not be affected) (rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P464) (15) To deliberately stare at and ponder over an Islamic book or article during Salaah is Makrooh. (alamgiri, V1, P101) If the information is worldly it is worse, therefore, before Salaah you should place any books, bags with writing on them, mobile phones, watches etc. that are near you in a manner that doesn't allow you to see the written material, (throw a handkerchief over them). One should also avoid staring at stickers, posters and frames hanging on the pillars in the Masjid.

Definition of excessive movement

(16) Excessive moment invalidates Salaah considering the movement is not something done in Salaah or something done to rectify the Salaah. Excessive movements are those that make an onlooker think that you are not in Salaah. If the onlooker is in doubt as to whether or not you are in Salaah then the movement is minor and will therefore not invalidate the Salaah. (ad dur-ul-mukhtar ma' rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P464)

Dressing during Salaah

(17) Wearing a kurta, pajaama or tehband during Salaah. (rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P465) (18) Praying one whole rukn (part) of the Salaah with the sitr exposed or allowing the time it takes to say Subhan-Allah three times to pass with the sitr exposed. (ad dur-ul-mukhtar ma' rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P467


19) Eating or drinking even a very small amount of food or drink, (even something the size of a pea or a drop of water). (ghuniya-tul-mustamli, P418) (20) If there was something stuck in your teeth prior to starting the Salaah and during the Salaah you swallowed it then you will have to consider the size of what you have swallowed. If it was the same or larger than a pea it will invalidate the Salaah, but if it was smaller it will only make it Makrooh. (maraqil falah ma' hashiya-tut-tahtawi, P241) (21) If you ate something sweet prior to the Salaah and there are no pieces of food left in the mouth only some minute particles in the saliva then swallowing them will not invalidate the Salaah. (khulasa-tul-fatawa, V1, P127) (22) If there is sugar or anything similar in the mouth and melts and reaches the throat, the Salaah will become invalid. (23) If you bleed from your teeth you must consider the amount of blood. If the saliva is dominant and is swallowed, the Salaah will not be affected otherwise it will invalidate the Salaah. (alamgiri, V1, P102) (Being dominant means being able to taste the blood, this will invalidate the Salaah. When talking about the Salaah being invalidated the taste will be taken into consideration but when talking about the wudhu being invalid the colour will be taken into consideration, therefore wudu no longer remains valid when the saliva becomes mainly red but if it is of a yellowish colour it will not be afffected)

Turning away from the Qiblah during Salaah

(24) Turning the chest 45 degrees or more away from the direction of qiblah without a proper excuse will invalidate the Salaah, but if there is a valid reason it will not, for example, if you turn away from qiblah due to the thought that your wudhu has broken but then realise that you were wrong, then if you have not yet stepped out of the Masjid the Salaah will remain valid. (ad dur-ul-mukhtar ma' rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P468)

Killing a snake

(25) Killing a snake or scorpion will not invalidate the Salaah but if it requires walking 3 steps or striking 3 times then it will. (ghuniya-tul-mustamli, P423) Killing a snake or scorpion is permissible if it passes in front of you and you fear it will harm you, if there is no danger of it causing harm then to kill it is makrooh (disliked). (alamgiri, V1, P103) (26) Plucking 3 hairs one after the other or killing 3 head lice or making three attempts to kill the same lice will invalidate the Salaah, but if is not done consecutively the Salaah will remain valid but makrooh.

Scratching in Salaah

(27) Scratching 3 times in one rukn (section) will invalidate the Salaah, this means scratching once and then lifting the hand and then scratching again and lifting the hand again, if this is done a third time the Salaah will become invalid. If you scratch three times with your hand in the same place then the Salaah will not be affected (this will be considered scratching once). (alamgiri, V1, P104 ghuniya-tul-mustamli, P423)

Mistakes in saying   

(28) The Salaah will become invalid if the alif in the phrase Allahu Akbar is lengthened during the takbeers whilst changing positions (e.g. saying Aallah or Aakbar) or if an alif is added after the 'ba' (i.e. Akbaar). Remember, if this happens at the time of Takbeer-e-Tahreema, the Salaah will not even begin. (ad'dur-ul-mukhtar ma' rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P177) Mukabbireen (congregates who say the takbeer aloud to convey it to those who cannot hear the Imam) often make these mistakes and ruin not only their own Salaah but the Salaah of others too, therefore, someone who does not know these rulings should not act as a mukabbir. (29) Making a serious mistake in recitation or other phrases in Salaah that grossly change the meaning invalidates the Salaah. (ad dur-ul-mukhtar ma' rad-dul-muhtar, V2, P473)

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