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Nocturnal Enuresis In Children: Causes And Treatment

General Health   >>   Baby Care
chand_gee Group: Members  Joined: 20th Aug, 2008  Topic: 11  Post: 44  Age:  32  
Posted on:20th Dec 2009, 9:36am

Nocturnal Enuresis In Children: Causes And Treatment

aslamo alaikum.
             jo masla main discus krne ja rha hun mere reletive k bachun k sath paish ata hai.
mashala un k 5 bete hain.sab se bare ki age 12y aur sab se chote ki 2y hai.
aur sab k sab raat ko sote main peshaab karte hain.woh btate the to mujhe
yaqeen nahi ata tha lekn pichle dinun main un k ghar shadi per gaya aur
walime wale din main ne apni ankhon se dekha us din panchun ne kiya tha.un ki maan bechari subha uth k 2 gante to un k kapre aur bister change karne main lagati hai.
kisi din 2 karte hain kisi din 3 aur kabhi kabhi 5 karte hain.
main ne treat ka poocha to kehne lage k hum 3,4 saal se diferent doctors 
se treat kar chuke hain is k elawa tone totke b azma chuke hain lekn
koi fark nahi.kuch kehte hain k bare ho kar chor dein ge.
lekn jo 12 saal ka hai woh bachpan main karta tha aur ab b karta hai
i hope u help me.

I am discussing a problem related to the children of my relative. He has five children, the eldest one aged 12 while the youngest one aged 2 years. All of the children have problem of passing urine while sleeping. For that my relative and his wife are much worried. Some times all of them wake up with wet cloths and bed. Their mother remains busy in cleaning their cloths and bed sheets. According to him, he has seen a lot of doctors but didn't get any benefit. Please tell me what could be the solution of this problem?

Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:20th Dec 2009, 9:55am

Nocturnal enuresis

aap ne aik intehayee important problem pesh kia hai, wait kare yaha ke doctor hazraat iss per ziadah behtar roshni daale ge.

kia aap ke relative ne on bachcho ka ilaj karaya, agar karaya tu kis doctor se karaya, os doctor ne kia bemari batayee hai.

bachche raat ko bistar per peeshab kai wajah se kerte hai, jis mai hormone problem aur nafsiati masayel hote hai.

nafsiati masayel mai generally woh bachche bistar per peeshaab kerte hai jo kisi khof ya dabao ka shikar hote hai, maslan class ya mohalla mai koi taqatwar bachcha ose marta peet-ta ho ya teacher waldain undue khofzada kerte rehte ho. isi tarah jin bachcho ke waldain bachcho ke saamne aik doosre se larte hai woh bachche bhi bistar per peeshab ker te hai.

umeed hai keh iss forum per mojood doctor hazraat ziadah behtar roshni dale ge. especially ilaj ke baare mai.

chand_gee Group: Members  Joined: 20th Aug, 2008  Topic: 11  Post: 44  Age:  32  
Posted on:20th Dec 2009, 10:14am


mere khayal main un bachun k uper koi sakhti nahi na wadain
ki na mohalle k kisi bache ya class main kisi teacher ki.
sab se chota school nahi jata sab se bara madrisse main
hifaz kar raha hai baki teen school jate hain.
yeh do bhayun ki aik he ghar main shadi hui hai.dosre bhai aur dosri behn k
6 bache hain 4 betyan aur 2bete aur woh bister per peshaab nahi karte.
aur jahan tak larai jagre ka taluq hai to bilkul nahi
yeh sab buht frenkly hain bache b aur waldain.
waise main ne abi un se reports mangwai hain ate hain to doctors aur
medicine name share karoon gha.

Bewaqoof Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 264  Post: 4719  Age:  43  
Posted on:20th Dec 2009, 10:21am

nocturnal emission

phir tu koi genetic problem ho sakta hai, jis ki wajah se hormone related disease (like diabetes insipidus) ho sakti hai? bahar haal intezar kare yaha ke doctor hazrat jab aap ke thread ko read kare ge tu tafseel se jawab de ge.

ihtasham ahmad Group: Members  Joined: 17th Dec, 2009  Topic: 9  Post: 63  Age:  26  
Posted on:20th Dec 2009, 11:27pm

muscle weakness

there is not any hormonal imbalance or genetic prob.this is just due to weakness of muscle which control urine in bladder.i forget da muscle name it's name begins with s.i think so. . . .it is not the thing to get worried.they wil get normal with da passage of 14 or 15
Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:20th Dec 2009, 3:10pm

Nocturnal Enuresis In Children: Causes And Treatment

Nocturnal Enuresis: A Nightmare For Parents

Enuresis mainly at bed time (nocturnal enuresis), especially in children could be due to several reasons. As mentioned earlier by Bewaqoof, the psychological and genetic factors are most important culprits. Nocturnal Enuresis is classified as primary and secondary depending upon the age of onset of disease.

 Nocturnal Enuresis: Psychological aspects of Nocturnal Enuresis:

         Panic, behavior problems, emotional and physical abuse, misbehavior with children etc. Like for instance, the fear of having been punished, mental torture, parent's or teacher's misbehavior with a child may mimic such types of things.

Nocturnal EnuresisSocial aspects of Nocturnal Enuresis:

         Embarrassment, loss of self esteem, anxiety, lack of interpersonal relationship, poor quality of life, school performance etc. these things usually develops or found in children as a result or due to them in children suffering form Nocturnal Enuresis.

Nocturnal EnuresisGenetic Aspects of Nocturnal Enuresis:

         There is strong genetic or hereditary link found in children with Nocturnal Enuresis. It has been observed that family members exhibit such type of behavior at some times in their lives. This disease is transmitted as Autosomal Dominant. Chromosome no 22 is identified to have a locus at Denmark. The other nations have different locations for locus at different chromosomes.

Physical and Organic aspects of Nocturnal Enuresis

         In many cases the cause remain unknown (idiopathic)

         Small bladder and its capacity

         Overactive urinary bladder

         Infection of bladder (Cystitis)


         Obstruction or hurdles in the passage of urinary tubes

         Neurological causes originated from brain

         Hormonal disbalances etc

Nocturnal Enuresis: Diagnosis Of Nocturnal Enuresis

Since the cause has to be find out in order to treat the problem fully, following labs and investigations are usually advised.

         Urine DR

         Different blood tests including hormonal levels



         Uroflowmetery etc

Nocturnal Enuresis: How to tackle with Nocturnal Enuresis in children:

         Minimize the embarrassment and anxiety of a child

         Parents should not show frustration since it may impact directly on the mind of the child and he would also become frustrated

         Family members don't let the child to feel alone, share things with him and provide moral support

         Parents should adopt positive attitude and think that the child is suffering from a disease and this is not his habit. therefore; show love and tackle the situation gently

         The doctor should also show positive attitude and work for the behavioral therapy for the child. A good psychiatrist would work better in this regard.

         Explain the problem to all of the family members with expected causes. Remember organic causes are rare, and in majority of cases, the cause is psychological. Every family member must act positively for the treatment of this problem

         Investigations and tests discussed above would only be done in case of no psychological causes. The doctor would tackle the situations on the assumptions of psychological perspectives first.

         Parents should observe how the child passes urine during day time. It that normal pattern or not? Does he pass frequently, or less often etc.

         The child must be encouraged to pass urine before going to bed and to school. Also encourage to pass urine after awakening in the morning as soon as possible

         Children should be encouraged to pass urine twice at school at least. Teachers should be informed about the problem of the child so that she must know about the problem and as per need she may tackle the situation.

         Train the child not to hold the urine as much as possible. He should use the optimal posture while passing urine. He should not be hurry to pass the urine

         Child should be advised not to take enough water during the day and especially before going to bed. Also he should not take enough water during meals.

Treatment Of Nocturnal Enuresis: Alarm Therapy:

If the above measures don't work with in three months time period then other measures should be started.

         In alarm therapy a specific alarm is attached in the pajamas of the children and it sound in those postures which are adopted by them during Nocturnal Enuresis. Once the alarm rings, the child awakes (mostly the parents get awaken instead of a child and they assist him to the bathroom to pass urine). However; this techniques is not 100% successful but it may diminish or improve the condition.

Treatment Of Nocturnal Enuresis: Bladder Training Exercise:

These are the exercises that could be learned easily and tought to the children, who then lean how to control the desire to pass urine. With the passage of time they would be trained enough to control over enuresis. A doctor can guide in person easily the steps of this exercise to the parents and children. This exercise however; would not be useful for very little children.

Treatment Of Nocturnal Enuresis: Medical Therapy:

The three common modalities are used;




A doctor may give these medications as per requirement after physical examination and once the above methods would not work effectively.

Treatment Of Nocturnal Enuresis: Surgical Treatment:

 In very few cases surgery could be done if there is any structural problem found.

For Ehtesham Ahmed:

The name of that muscle is Detrusor muslces and this is one cause of Nocturnal Enuresis. There are certain other causes as well discussed above.

chand_gee Group: Members  Joined: 20th Aug, 2008  Topic: 11  Post: 44  Age:  32  
Posted on:21st Dec 2009, 5:45am

doctor kk

koi hai jo doctor kk ki post ko urdu main convert kar de
mujhe koi samajh nahi i thanks
Doctor K K Group: Members  Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009  Topic: 25  Post: 1967  Age:  41  
Posted on:21st Dec 2009, 1:33pm

re: Nocturnal Enuresis: Causes And Treatment

Nocturnal Enuresis: Walaidain Ke Leye Darawna Khuaab

Enuresis yani peshaab kerna ziada tar bacho main rat ke waqt yani sote main hota hai aur is ke bohat sare reasons hain. Is main bohat sari nafsyati wajohat hain and morsi bhi jo ke ziada aham hain. Is bemari yani Nocturnal Enuresis ko do hison main taqseem kia gaya hai yani primary and secondary aur is ka inhesaar is baat per hai ke is bemari ki ibtada kab hoi.

Nocturnal Enuresis Kai Nafsyati Asbaab:

Dar ya khof, rawayon main tabdeeli, jazbati ya jismaani azeeyat, Badsalooki wagaira, wagaira etc. Misaal ke toor per, bache ka is baat ka khoof ke usko saza milegi, usko milne wali zehni azeeyat, waledain ya asataza ka bura rawaya wagaira, aur ye tamam cheezain is bemari ke wajohaat ban sakti hain.

Nocturnal Enuresis Kai Muashrati Asbab:

sharmindagi, ehsaas e kamtari ya khud aetemaadi ki kami, zehni inteshar, bahami taaluqat main kharabi, ghurbat, school main buri karkardagi, etc. ye tamam cheezain ya to Nocturnal Enuresis ki wajah banti hain ya phir un bachon main pae jasakti hain jinko Nocturnal Enuresis ho.

Nocturnal Enuresis Kai Jinyati Ya Moorsi Asbaab:

Is beemari ke ek eham wajah ye bhi hai ke ye moorsi ho sakti hai. Ye dekha gaya hai ke aksar family members main ye beemari pae jae. Ya kam az kam zindagi main kisi waqt ye halaat peda hojain. Ye bemaari Autosomal Dominant hoti hai yani, genes main ho to amooman zahir hojati hai. Ye genes ke jis chromosome per hoti hai us ka number 22 hai jo ke Denmark ke rehne walon main hota hai. albata dunya ke dosre khitton main ye position alag ho sakti hai.

Nocturnal Enuresis Kai Tabaai Asbab:

Bohat sare cases main is ke wajah maloom nahi hosakti (idiopathic)
masaana chota hone ki soorat main ya us main gunjaesh kam hone ki soorat main
Massane ki over activity
Massane ka infection (Cystitis)
Pesaab ki naalyon main koi masala ya rukawat
Aasaabi asbab jin ka taaluq demaagh se ho
Hormone ki kharabietc

Nocturnal Enuresis: Tashkhees

Agar is beemari ka sahi sabab maloom na hosake to mundarja zail janch karwasakte hain
Peshaab ka testUrine DR
Mukhatalif Khoon ke TestsDifferent blood tests including hormonal levels
Uroflowmetery etc

Nocturnal Enuresis Ko Bachon Main Kesay Handle Karain

Bache ke zehni Inteshaar or sharmindagi ko door kerain
Walaideen ehsaase mehroomi ka izhaar na karen warna is ka asar bache per bhi bura pade ga aur wo bhi ahsaas e mehroomi ka shikaar ho jae ga.
Khandaan ke loog bache ko tanhai mehsoos hone naa dain and uski akhlaaqi hosla afzai karen.
Walaidain masbat rawayya iktyar karen aur ye na sochain ke bache ko lat lag gai hai, balke ye sochain ke wo beemar hai . Bache ke saat pyar bhara salook karen and sorate haal se narmi ke saat nimtain.
Doctor ya mualij bhi masbat rawaya iktyar kare, wo bache ke Behavioral Therapy kare. Is kaam ke lye ache mahire nafsyat se raju karein.
Ghar ke tamaam afraad ko ye masala samjha dain. aur jo wajohaat ho sakte hain wo bhi bata dain. Yad rakhain ke tabaye wajohaat bohat kam wajah banti hain aur ziada ter wajohaat nafsyati hi hoti hain. Her ferd is marz ke khatmai ke lye masbat kirdaar ada kare.
Mundarja bala janch uswaqt karwai jae ge jab koi nafsyatai hal samne na aasake, albata  doctor pehle is bemari ke leye nafsyati hal he azmaye ga.
Waldain mushahida karen ke bacha din main peeshab kese kerta hai. kia us ka pattern normal hai ya nahi, kia wo peshaab jaldi jaldi kerta hai ya nahi? wagaira wagaira.
Bache ko aadat dalain ko wo sone se pehle aur school jane se pehle zaroor peeshab kerle. Is ke alawa wo jab so ker uthe to foran peeshab kerlai jitna jald mumkin ho sake.
Bache ko aadat dalain ke wo kam az kam school main do baar zaroor peshab kerlai. Asatza ko bawar karwadya jae ke bache ko Nocturnal Enuresis hai. take wo zarooratan muamlaat ko sambhaal sake. Naiz bache per sakhti na kare.
Bache ki tarbyat karen kai wo peeshaab ko ziada dair tak na rokae Peeshab kerte waqt munasib tareqai se bethai aur is kaam main jaldi bilkul bhi na kare.
Bache ko ye hidayat milne chahye ke wo sone se pehle aur din bhar main bohat ziada pani na pye. Is ke saath saath wo khana khate hue bhi paani ka istemaal kam rakhe.

Nocturnal Enuresis - Alarm Therapy:

Agar ooper byan ki hue tadabeer kaam na aen teen maah tak to ek kam aur ho sakta hai.

Alaram therapy main ek alaram payjama main fix kerdya jata ho makhsoos position main baj uthta hai jab bachae ko peshaab ki hajat ho. Jese hi alaram bajta hai, bach jaag jata hai. Albata ye dekha gaya hai ke bache to kaam he jagte hain waledain alarm ki awaz se foran uth jate hai aur bistar gela hone se bacha lete hain. Ye tarkeeb 100% kamyaab nahi albata kisi had tak pareshani ko door kersakti hai.

Nocturnal Enursis - Masaane ke Masq:
Treatment Of Nocturnal Enuresis: Bladder Training Exercise:

YE wo mashqain ho ja aasani se sekhi jasaktia hain aur bacho ko sikhai jasakti hain.  Is ko sekhne ke baad bache peeshab per control kerna seekh lete hain. Waqt guzarne ke saath saath unko peeshab rokne per maharat hojati hai. Aik doctor is silsile main rehnumai ker sakta hai aur wo sikha sakta hai ke ye kese kare jae. Albata ye exercise bohat chote bachon ke leye faida mand nahi hai.

Nocturnal Enuresis ka Adviat Se Ilaaj:

Teen tarhan ke idwitat is silsile main de jati hain




Ye adviat doctor us waqt de sakta hai jab nafsyati hal na nikal raho ho. In adviat ko lene se pehle tibbi muaina kara jata hai.

Nocturnal Enuresis: Jarrahi

Bohat kam moqon per jarrahi kare ja sakti hai jab hattul imkaan koi faida na ho raha ho
Diplomate Group: Members  Joined: 18th Oct, 2009  Topic: 55  Post: 3440  Age:  41  
Posted on:21st Dec 2009, 2:27pm

very well done by

Good shairing
asifkashif Group: Members  Joined: 29th Jun, 2016  Topic: 0  Post: 2  Age:  28  
Posted on:19th Nov 2017, 4:57am

aslamo alaikum

jo masla main discus krne ja rha hun mere dost ka sat ya masla hai us ke age 27 year hai wo us ko ya masla bachpan ma bhe tha aur abhi bhe hai us ka raat ko bistar pa peshab nekal jata hai us na ya bat mujha bata he the us na bata ya tha main raat ko khuab dhakta jb bhe khuab ma wo peshab karta hai us ka real ma nikal jata hai

sir is ka koi hal bata hai wo bhot para shan hai age 27 year hai
8 month ma us ke shadi hai please help sir
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