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Hiccups At Night - Hiccups At Sex: Causes And Treatment

Married Men Problem   >>   Men Sex Problem
farahali80 Group: Members  Joined: 27th Dec, 2009  Topic: 4  Post: 6  Age:  33  
Posted on:19th Mar 2010, 8:54pm

Hiccups At Night - Hiccups At Sex: Causes And Treatment

Hello doctor.I want to ask question about hiccups. What should a spouse do if he or she gets hiccups? This happened with me twice that I got hiccups while having sex. Can you give any reason for this? What should spouse do if they get hiccups? Can it be overcomed by any type of foreplay?

By farahali80  Posted on:20th Mar 2010, 11:32pm

scidic burps and hiccups

Why do we sometimes get acidic hiccup like burps after having the lunch? Sometimes it stays for a whole period. This also happens in the pregnancy. These types of burps usually affects the throat. What is solution for this type of problem? I want to ask another question.I have noticed many times that some people get hiccups a lot in a day when they start to hiccup once.why does this happens like this? Why some people get bout of hiccups everyday?

 By farahali80 Posted on:20th Mar 2010, 11:36pm


hiccups at night


It happened twice with me that I Got hiccups while sleeping. What is the reason for this? How should I overcome the while asleep?

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Waterr Group: Members  Joined: 15th Jul, 2009  Topic: 59  Post: 3783  Age:  31  
Posted on:20th Mar 2010, 11:14pm

Hiccup(singultus) during Sex:Cause, Solution And Role Of Foreplay To relieve Hiccup:

Most of the time hiccup are without any underlying cause. Until and unless a hiccup becomes continuous/persistent for more than 36-38hours there is no need to be worried about

To have hiccup intermittently or during sex is just normal.Why one has hiccup is:

1)something that cause diapdhragm(muscular wall between stomach and chest) to contract

2)something that irritate the nerves of diaphragm

3)something that disturb the nervous system(spinal cord) center of hiccup to get activated.

Also hiccup can be just psychogenic especially in females.

IF you do sex over totally empty stomach or too much filled stomach the acid reflux occurs from stomach and this acid may be a cause of irritation as the food tubes are passing through the stomach from chest to stomach . Plus excess air swallowing with gasping may cause it Also there can be no reason at all that is to be considered.

there is just a theory that if a female gets orgasm that will releive the hiccup . First its just a theory with the likely explanation that nerves to the genitalia are branches of the same nerve(vagus) supplying the diaphragm or that the spinal cord nerves also supply the genitalia but its neither proved nor it can be as if hiccup are not persistent they are not to be bothered about!.


Waterr Group: Members  Joined: 15th Jul, 2009  Topic: 59  Post: 3783  Age:  31  
Posted on:20th Mar 2010, 11:18pm

Hiccough(singultus) in general:


Hiccough is due to sudden and involuntary (not in person's control) contraction of diaphragm(which is a muscular partition  between chest and abdomen) that causes sudden in drawing of air that is associated with closure of glottis which stops in drawing of air and the air already taken in strike the glottis to produce 'hic' sound so called as hiccup. Hiccough are most rhythmic(with pattern). Fetus start to hiccup at around third completed month of pregnancy.


There is no particular reason of having hiccoughs intermittently.

Hiccough are totally harmless if occur  intermittently  and should not be bothered about . However the mostly the cause are:


1)      over distention/filling of stomach or too quick eating or excess spicy food.

2)      carbonated drinks

3)      sudden  gasping leading to air swallowing/ intake(aerophagia)

4)      sudden excitement and stress(associated with decreased oxygen levels)

5)      acid reflex from stomach to upper feeding tube(food passage)


hiccough as such may range from 4-60/minute(can be less than 4 with variation in intensity and loudness) but if lasting more than 48hours are persistent hiccough and considered intractable if for more than a month.Frequent episodes of hiccough that are even distressing must be checked with doctor.


Most of the time only one half of diaphragm is involved and besides that reason of ordinary hiccough is not known exactly it involves a reflex system by with it occurs

a)nerves b)center for hiccough c) muscles of diaphragm,chest area and glottis(upper part of windpipe)


If hiccough are persistent or intractable then basic blood test , electrolyte level , chest X-ray and other necessary investigation for particular underlying condition must be done.


Main Causes of Persistent hiccough:


1)      anything or substance or condition that irritates the diaphragm or its nerves like abdominal surgery, Hiatal hernis(hernia through diaphragm) or even percarditis(infection of heart sac),  pneumonia and lung issues

2)      certain drugs

3)      certain electrolyte deficiency like hypocalcemia(decreased calcium) or excess of toxin like uremia

4)      Acid peptic disease or acid reflux and other gastrointestinal tract problem like inflammation of gut.

5)      Problem in brain vessels or tumor etc.


Most o the time hiccough resolve on their own and have no problems associated however persistent hiccough may cause mental irritation, lack of sleep or poor apetite. Also even if a normal hiccough is associated with severe abdominal pain or vomiting it must be given proper attention.


If persistent or intractable hiccough besides finding the underlying cause proper medication must be done.

Anything that will relax the muscles of diaphragm will relief hiccough may it be a) taking a deep breath b)holding breath for few seconds c)  having few sips of water (most widely practiced) d) gargles e) pulling hard on tounge to lift the uvula that is the soft tissue hanging at roof of mouth.


Acidic Burps with hiccough :

if you are having acidic burps then its most likely you are having acid reflux.Besides other causes of acidic refux a life style modification may help you cure acidic burps.

1) take small and frequent meals

2)use more milk and milk products

3)avoid spicy , oily and greasy food

4)take meal minimum 2hours before night's sleep

5)walk daily around 30-45min

6)sleep with head a bit elevated or pillows under head.

7)if still not relieved then consult a doctor and take acid suppressant drugs.


Hiccough During Pregnancy:

Mostly its that during pregnancy hiccough are rare due to some un-explained reason. But even if it occurs its a usual/normal thing.Also increasing belly size and uterus size with upward pushing of diaphragm and increased heartburn may be a factor.




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