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Dr. Rizwan pls. reply to my problem

Religion and Sex   >>   Sex Perversion
Javeed_16 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Aug, 2011  Topic: 3  Post: 9  Age:  55  
Posted on:9th Sep 2011, 7:00am

Dr. Rizwan pls. reply to my problem

I'll discuss 2 problems here

1- Since my childhood (4-5 yrs) till now (48 yrs) even after marry and having 3 children, i've desire to see handsom men naked. When I was a child, used to  peek to ppl while taking showers. Still at this age I want to see naked to handsom men only. Although I stopped doing it but The desire is still there. Pls help me. I am a religious person, that's why controlled my habbit but could not controlled my desire and whenevr I see any handsom guy, a desire come to me to see that guy naked.

2- I am married for last 11 yrs and have 3 children, but even today i feel shy     to takeoff my cloth infront of my wife and cannot ask her for sex.

Pls. help me as I want to become a normal person.....


Guide Group: Members  Joined: 19th Sep, 2010  Topic: 7  Post: 1172  Age:  55  
Posted on:9th Sep 2011, 10:25am


aap ke problem ka name voyeurism hai.

iss ka ilaj behavior therapy hai, jo keh clinical psychologist kertay hai.
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8439  Age:  59  
Posted on:9th Sep 2011, 10:56am


In clinical psychology, voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other activity usually considered to be of a private nature.[1][2] In popular imagination the term is used in a more general sense to refer to someone who habitually observes others without their knowledge, with no necessary implication of sexual interest.


Voyeurism (from the French voyeur, "one who looks") can take several forms, but its principal characteristic is that the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of their interest, who is often unaware of being observed. The practice of making a permanent image of an intimate activity has been made easier with modern photographic and video technology and up skirt and down blouse photography is considered an invasion of privacy. However, in today's society the concept of voyeurism has evolved, especially in popular culture. Non-pornographic 'reality' television programs such as Survivor and The Real World, are prime examples of voyeurism, where viewers (the voyeur) are granted an intimate interaction with a subject group or individual. Although not necessarily "voyeurism" in its original definition, as individuals in these given situations are aware of their audience, the concept behind "reality TV" is to allow unscripted social interaction with limited outside interference or influence. As such, the term still maintains its sexual connotations and is, as such, outdated.


Male voyeurs are commonly labeled "Peeping Toms", which originates from the Lady Godiva legend.


(source:  wikipedia, encyclopedia)

Javeed_16 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Aug, 2011  Topic: 3  Post: 9  Age:  55  
Posted on:13th Sep 2011, 9:45am

Where to go

Thnaks for the reply. But tell me what should I do. Where in Lahore I can go for treatment. If you know any hospital or Dr., please let me know the address.


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