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New Dams or New Provinces ? What Is Most Important ?

Politics   >>   General News
H/dr_Qasim Group: Members  Joined: 10th Sep, 2010  Topic: 185  Post: 6533  Age:  40  
Posted on:27th Jan 2013, 2:23pm

New Dams or New Provinces ? What Is Most Important ?

  Aaj kul ajeeb seee fizzaa hay ajeeb qissum ki Jumhooriyat or ajeeeb Qissum ki Siyasat ho rahi hay ,  Pakistan jo Energy crisis sy gozzur rha hay jiski industry energy crisis say muflooj ho choki hay whaan news dams bunany kay bujay new province bunany ki mohim tazi say jari hay jis meah ek buri political party ko neecha dikhany kay leyeh oski taqat ko torny kay leyeh new province bunaya ja rhaa hay

Pory 5 years eno nay essi he bongi siyasat ki hay or Dams nahi bunny deyeh serf ess leyeh kay Dams bunany say molk ka fayda hay or en siyasat dano ka noqsaan hay jub kay New province bunany say en siyast dano ko fayda hay or molk ko noqsaan hay. yeh hur woh kaam kurty hen jis say molk o qom ko noqsaan hota hy .

Roti kupra or mukaan ka naahraa lay kur election lurny wali jumaat or Hukomat kurny wali party nay Bejli pani or Gas bhe cheen lee. aghur awam ko serf bejli pani or gas he provide kur de jay tu woh roti kupra or mukaan bunaa layngy jub onky pas kam karoobar he nahi hoga tu pher woh fuqeer he buny rahin gy kubi cheeni ki line meah kubi aaty ki line meah kubi CNG ki line meah kubi petrole ki line meah , es Hukomat ka hur kaam es qom ko moflooj or bakhaari bunaa dany wala hy.

Ess wuqat new dams ki zurorat hay na ky new province bunany ki lakin PPP Q league or MQM punjaab mea N league ko shikust election meah tu dany say ray abi ono nay tuqseem kur kay onko shikast dany ki thaan li hay , pakistan meah New province bunany ka serf muqsad election meah vote Hasil kurny kay leye ek issue bnana hay taa ka ess ek issue pur awam ko bewakoof bunaa kur PPP or MQM  apni jati or tubaah shoda saakh dobara bahal kur suky or N league ko shikast day suky.

Zurdari Khureed o Furkookh mokh mokaa ka mahir hay or woh yeh kam kur raaha hy. keya aap sumajty hen kay pakistan ko new province es wuqat jub election sur pur hen bnany ki zurorat hy ?

Akhur en ko punjaab meah new province bunany ki etni zurorat ku pur ghi ?

Keya new province bunany chayeh ya new dams ki planing kurni chayeh?

Eno nay tu apni hukoomat bunany kay leyeh Kala bagh dam ki file he close kur di thi or Rental power say awam ko tail be deya or rental power case aaj kul wesy be bot in hay siyast meah or courts meah Khain en tumaam chezo say awam ki twajaa divert kurny ki koi chaal he tu nahi 

Diplomate Group: Members  Joined: 18th Oct, 2009  Topic: 55  Post: 3440  Age:  41  
Posted on:27th Jan 2013, 5:05pm

New Dams or New Provinces ? what is most important ?

Both ...
Einstein Group: Members  Joined: 24th Jul, 2012  Topic: 21  Post: 1020  Age:  20  
Posted on:29th Jan 2013, 4:27am


main kahun ga 75% dams,25% provinces
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8429  Age:  59  
Posted on:29th Jan 2013, 6:44am

new dams

choTay choTay houN aur bahoot saray houN

new provices, non-linguistic ... choTay choTay houN aur bahoot saray houN:)
JustFine Group: Members  Joined: 31st Mar, 2013  Topic: 3  Post: 31  Age:  32  
Posted on:27th May 2013, 6:41am


Good Question...
Pakistan waste huge amount of water....Here in saudi Arabia such kind of water much more important than we need to use our water for all purposes..

Now I think We should go for small provinces..EGypt have little biger than Pak. and divided into 27 provinces...It make people comfortable and its very near with Guidance of our Prophet PBUH..
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