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Real Oral Sex Aur Dirty Oral Sex

Religion and Sex   >>   Oral and Anal Sex
scientist1 Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Aug, 2012  Topic: 5  Post: 348  Age:  36  
Posted on:14th Nov 2013, 7:03am

Real Oral Sex Aur Dirty Oral Sex

Real oral sex aur dirty oral sex

foreword:western culture ki yalghaar ki wajja say aaj hamaray muslim muashiray mein jo zihar phail raha hay us mein ghair fitree kaam maslann oral sex..anal sex waghaira jesii wahiat cheezeen bhee logoon ko apni taraf raghib kar rahee hein aur is peh haram halal ki discussion ki ja rahee hay.Bhaii seedhi si baat hay keh Pakistan mein itnay naami garamii olema hein aap loag khudd mufti ban'nay kay bajjay un say bhee pooch lein to woh issay yehnee oral sex ko gandi harkat hee kaheen gayy.
mein dirty oral sex kay kuch nuqsanaat zikar karoon ga
1. Penis vagina kay liay aur vagina penis kay liay banay ein nah keh mouth kay liay...iss ganday kaam ko karnay walee ki nafsiat vagina ki bajjay mouth ki taraf hee ho jaay fi..issiii tarha woman bhee vagina mein lainay kay bajjay mouth mein hee laina pasand karay gi
2.Genitals napaak areas hein aur islam hameen right hand lagganay say bhee mannah karta hay to phirr mouth ya tongue jo keh hand say bhee ziada ehtraam kay qabil hein ko lagganay ki ijazat kis nay dee hay
3.Yeh face quran nimaz parnay kay liay hay nah keh dirt oral sex kay liay

Aaiay main apko apnay experience ki bunyad par Real oral sex ka tareeqa batata hoon...kiunkeh mein khud real oral sex hee karta hooon
1.Shohar apni bv ka nichla hont chooosna shorooh karay...aamnay saamnay kh raray ho kar kareen ya bv kay oooper nangay lait kar kareeen.aur phirr bv bhee issi tarha karay...jitna time kar saktay hein kareen
2.Apni zuban bv kay moonh mein daleen ..ussay choosnay ka kaheen..aur issi tarha bv ki zuban khudd bhee chooseen..agar luhab exchange kareen to aur achha ho ga....ya phirr apni zuban bv kay moonh mein daal kar andar bahir kareen
3.Apni zuban ko bv ki kaan ki lo say laggaeen
4. Yeh kar lein to breat sucking khoob bed peh bethii ho aur aap neechay carpet peh...saath saath apna penis bhee bv ki vagina say laggaaeeen
5.jab yeh kar lein to abb full sex kareeen
    Azmaa kar dekh lein yeh real sex bhee agar aapko yeh kar kay dirty sex say nafrat nah ho jaaay to phirr kehna
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