I am 21 years female. I have very series problem so plz help me 😑.
Mei jab 17 years me te tu mojy periods nahi hoe tu mei dr ke pass gaye ultrasound karna phr pata chala ke moj mei internally female structure nahi ha mean ( overies, fallopian tube etc) but conformation ke ly Mera AK or test Kea gaye small operation ke through but same result and blood test result XY. Wo time mera ly bohat moshkal time ta but after all this results Dr told me u have testis but not completely developed then Dr saggest me that remove testes but I agreed after two years. But in these two years and till now I have another problem. I remove testes and physically I m looking normal female I also taking medicine for barest development but mentally I am not female. I have feeling like male from start I am taking interst in girls instead of boys. I wanna sex with girl I control my self from 3 years but with the time I am losing my control. I am try my best to control my feeling because I know it's gunnh in Islam and call this lesbian. But I m mentally distrib my anger increase day by day so plz give me saggation what should I do?
One thing I m student and I have a lot girls friends and I meet daily with girls.