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Ajeeb o Gareeb Masla - Exhibitionism Of My Semi-Nude Photos

Married Women Problem
Rimsha88 Group: Members  Joined: 14th Oct, 2014  Topic: 2  Post: 153  Age:  30  
Posted on:13th Jun 2016, 2:19pm


Thank you for posting some information, Aap ne 1st part mae exhibitionism kay causes ko achi tarah explain keya hae. Kafi knowledge increase hoi hae.

Media waghera ka tou mae bhi kahon gi keh woh es ko wa'aqi promote kar rahay hain, es mae tou koi shak nahi. Child hood problems ko bhi aap ne reasons bataya hae, really child hood problems ki wajah se kisi insan ki personality per kafi asar hota hae.
Golden-Eye Group: Members  Joined: 14th Oct, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 76  Age:  44  
Posted on:14th Jun 2016, 4:34pm


Very nice, it is a very useful and informative post. I have learnt a lot from it.

You shared some causes. And I think (traumatic experiences of child hood) leave negative effects on children's personality for ever.

I hope you will share some more useful information on such topic as it shows that was 1st part. So waiting for next part.

Thank you.

Gemini6566 Group: Members  Joined: 25th Aug, 2014  Topic: 2  Post: 492  Age:  40  
Posted on:16th Jun 2016, 6:37am

Exhibitionism (Causes/Treatment) Part 2

Thank you Rimsha88 and Golden Eye, aap ko information pasand aai aur aap ki knowledge mae izafa howa hae. That's good.

Mae kuch busy hoon es leye ziadah waqat nahi day pa rahi, aaj phir kuch information share karny ki koshish karon gi. Causes ka kuch hisa pehly post nahi hoska tha, aaj pehlay os ko complete kaar leya jaye.

Causes Part 2.

Hayat'yati (biological) theory kay mutabik insani jism mae hormons ki ziadti (khas kar males mae) insan ko es amal ki taraf es tarah mayal (Predispose) kar deti hae kehh woh tamam ikhlaqi (Ethical) aur kanoni hadood (Legal boundaries) se munharif/gumrah (Deviant) ho kar exhibitionism ko apni zindgi mae sar e fehrast amal bana'nay lagta hae.


Es Kay elaj (treatment) mae psychotherapy aur ba'az oqat kuch medicines bhi di jati hain. Es mae kuch mukhtalif (Different) kisam ki therapy use ki jati hain, jisay keh,Cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Es kay elawah group therapy aur couple therapy bhi ki jati hain. Shadi shuda afrad (Married persons) kay leye couple therapy bohat mufeed sabit hoti hae.

Agar aap yeh mehsos karty hain keh, aap khud numai (Exhibitionism) ki janib mayal ho rhay hain, ya es ka shikar ho chukay hain aur yeh aap ki zindgi per manfi (Affecting negatively) tour per asar andaz ho rahi hae tou phir aap ko pesha'warana (Professional help) ki zarorat hae.

Psychologist ya psychiatrist he aap ko behter pesha'warana madad  (Professional help) fraham kar saktay hain aur aap ko aap kay disorder aur aap kay apnay baray (to make you understand yourself)  mae behter tour per smajha saktay hain.

Pesha'warana madad (Professional help) se aap exhibitionism kay maslay (problem) se behter tour per nimat (Cope) saktay hain aur apni zindgi ko behter bana saktay hain.

I hope keh questioner aur readers ko symptoms, causes aur treatment ki achi tarah samajh aa'chuki hogi. 

Aik ba'at aur keh, Exhibitionism kanonan jurm (Legal crime) hae.

Take Care.

Shaista30 Group: Members  Joined: 29th Sep, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 172  Age:  34  
Posted on:16th Jun 2016, 5:29pm


Aap ne kafi achi tarah detail se es topic ko bataya hae, knowledge mae kafi izafa howa hae.

Es mae se kuch ba'atoon ka elam tha keh es kisam kay problem ko psychologists waghera ki madad se hal keya jata hae. Lakin aap ne jis detail se bataya, os se aur bhi bohat se ba'atton ka pata chala, aap ne introduction, symptoms, causes aur treatment, sab ko he achi tarah cover keya.

Thank you.
Hawk66 Group: Members  Joined: 07th Jan, 2010  Topic: 1  Post: 249  Age:  48  
Posted on:17th Jun 2016, 3:27am


Thank you for sharing detailed information regarding exhibitionism.

Aap ne bohat achi tarah explain keya hae, aur wa'aqi knowledge mae kafi izafa howa hae. Aap ne symptoms, causes wagheera ko bohat achi tarah professional andaz mae bata deya hae. Treatment kay hawaly se bhi ab yeh samajh aati hae keh professional help quon darkar hoti hae.

Ab yeh kaha jasakta hae keh aap ka reply adhora nahi hae. Everything is cleared.
Thanks again.
Golden-Eye Group: Members  Joined: 14th Oct, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 76  Age:  44  
Posted on:17th Jun 2016, 5:47am

Re: Gemini

It is a useful article, in which you explained everything related to exhibitionism.

All is explained in sequence and detail though it is not very lengthy but very informative, to understand the problem, symptoms, causes and treatment.

I have been living abroad for a long time, here people go to right place, to solve their problem. They are motivated and wish to get proper treatment for such problems. We can see rehabilitation centers, therapy centers etc.etc. here.

I personally feel people in Pakistan are not well aware regarding such problems and their treatments. So the problems remain unsolved, in their lives, may be there is another reason, that is literacy. People are not educated actually, they have got the degrees but do not have knowledge. They try to solve problems according to their knowledge and do not try to get proper knowledge about problem and solution, from professionals.

I hope information given above, will help the questioner to solve her problem and you will be available here to guide people in professional way and we will get more knowledge by your articles in future.

Thank you very much.

Rimsha88 Group: Members  Joined: 14th Oct, 2014  Topic: 2  Post: 153  Age:  30  
Posted on:18th Jun 2016, 5:58am


You have explained it very nicely, short and comprehensive.

Yeh information bohat useful hae, aur bohat se ba'atoon ki samajh aa'rahi hae.

Aap ne es thread mae jis tarah replies keye hain un se aik ba'at tou yeh samajh aa'jati hae keh kisi medical ya mental problem ki history/reasons ki kia importance hae?

There are members on this forum, jo yeh kehtay hain keh aap history pochti hain aur background ka khoj lagati hain. I am sure keh un sab ko ab yeh pata chal chuka hoga keh kisi medical ya mental illness mae history quon pochi jati hae?

Mae ne aap kay bohat se comments different threads mae read keye hain aur I learnt a lot from you , es thread mae bhi aap kay sab se pehlay comments mae, mae ne aik ba'at note ki thi keh aap ne osi waqat questioner ko psychologist kay pas janay ka kaha tha, aur problem kay kisi background ka zikar keya tha. Jis se aap ki professional approach ka andazah hota hae.

In abroad, doctors/psychologists always ask detailed history and write it, and it is saved in file, so whenever patient goes to doctor or patient is referred to some other doctor, the file goes with him and doctor knows all history and than prescribe the medicine or therapy etc.

One member above said keh abroad mae people go to proper place to get help or treatment. I agree keh aisa hae.

Kuch cultural difference hae, aur phir abroad mae khas kar developed countries mae litracy rate acha hae. People try to get knowledge about their problems and try to get proper treatment.

I visit Pakistan, time to time and I feel that wahan her ba'at per kisi na kisi tarah restrictions/ban hain. Another thing I observed people hesitate/shy to describe their medical or mental problems, because woh yeh khayal kartay hain keh aas pas kay log kia kahain gay. Es wajah se woh apnay problem kay saath he zindgi guzar daitay hain.

I hope keh with the passage of time people will change their minds and will consult doctors/psychologists for proper treatment. And I hope Noor Clinic will help in changing their mind and thinking in this regard. People like Gemini will contribute their part and share their knowledge to solve the problems.

I also hope that questioner may understand her problem now and will get proper professional help. She has not commented again in this thread by the way.

Thank you.
bushra2012 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Oct, 2013  Topic: 1  Post: 1825  Age:  81  
Posted on:19th Jun 2016, 2:37am

username sani88 problem of exhibitionism and Gemini6566's detail about it

1. Gemini6566 has provided detailed information about exhibitionism, causes, treatment, etc.

Few more things:

2. For psychological disorder, most important thing for treatment is that the patient himself/herself realize that treatment is needed. Because questioner has started this topic and discussed her need to stop exhibitionism behavior, it is can be confidently said that identification of problem, need for treatment and agreement to be treated and conviction is already there.

3. Exhibitionism: Members above have discussed that in the society, exhibitionism is increasing. As the definition of exhibitionism could be different for different societies according to the limitations and customs, one more word that should be considered (terminology) is "flashing". In "flashing", genitals or nude breasts are exposed, which is illegal in most countries.
The problem of questioner is not related to flashing of nudity or exposing her genitals, as she only posts pictures (as she said) of herself wearing a bra. Maybe only the torso part is included in the photo. However, other symptoms of questioner, and also the society in which she is operating, mean that she is a patient affected by exhibitionist desire, (in this society, according to societal norms, exposing the bra is some daring act which would embarrass/stimulate or unsettle others), being totally consumed by the thoughts questioner shared, unable to control the habit, etc. all these point towards that the single-line diagnosis of Bewaqoof in the 2nd post is correct.

4. I had made and educative/corrective reply to another member who was using religion-shaming to abuse her. My idea was that religion-shaming the questioner would be of no help since that may be useful at "intervention" stage, but in this case questioner is already admitting a problem, therefore intervention is not needed. Additionally, on NCF we do not prefer faith-based healing or preaching, however, only if proper treatment is already present, faith-based techniques may imporve the effectiveness and results of conventional treatment process.

Questioner misunderstood my response to another member, and wrote the details of her religious activities. Questioner's response was partly maybe due to her internal guilt, she is unable to overcome her those desires which according to her own personal, cultural and religious values she thinks are wrong. And then she needs to convince herself and others that she is indeed a good person (based on her personal, cultural and religious morality) with the exception of only one problem.

Questioner should understand that she is not a bad person, however she is affected by a disease. If she chooses to avoid treatment, then she may be guilty of continuing something which is against some of her own moral ideologies.

5. Another member has talked about illiteracy in Pakistan, and the illiterate behaviors of people who even got the formal education. It may be useful information though slightly off-topic, that the rate of formal education is very low. Government has their own definitions of literacy by which they declare high figures of literacy such as 48%, 60%, so-on. However, only 3.28% of the population completes high school (data from government, Hussain, 2015), which is considered to be a foundation, 12 years of civic education making a person to be able to make sound judgement.
Most of these 3.28% then feel suffocated, therefore they expatriate and never come back. Most of the members in this topic also have shared that they are abroad.

6. Mental health is one of the biggest problems affecting highly populous countries like India, China and Pakistan. Unstable governments, rampant corruption and high rates of violence have made mental health a low-priority issue. Mental health recovery is a long drawn process. There seems to be little reason to focus on improving the mental health of someone you expect to suddenly die in a bomb blast or during mobile snatching.
Then another problem is "what people will think". It is true that if someone visits a psychologist or psychiatrist, the society will label him/her as mad, then that person will have difficulties and social resistance in finding a job, or even in daily transactions like purchasing of eggs or vegetables, in fact exaggerating the problem. Readers may also come across research papers, academic papers, and studies related to resistance against mental health treatment in advanced/developed countries (not everything is happy-rosy there also). In places where mental health treatment does not have a social stigma, the treatment processes are still under development and in many cases, mental health treatment, intervention or even identification practices have questionable effectiveness.

An example is the name of a very developed country where after every few months, some person goes crazy and conduct pre-planned (not sudden stimulation) public massacre using firearms. Whereas the proliferation of firearms and weapons in Pakistan is no secret [a. tribal culture: gun is a part of the body, b. Kalashnikov culture that was imported during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, c. Pakistan itself is an exporter of military weaponry from guns to missiles to fighter planes and also holds a large scale expo every year].
But people in Pakistan do not go crazy like this nor conduct pre-planned mass-shootings (even though serial killers of Pakistan have been famous, such as Javed Iqbal, hathora group, etc.), therefore the processes founded in advanced countries also may have questionable effectiveness.

In this country, most people are friendly and helpful, but due to low literacy rate, even well-meaning people can be insensitive or even downright mean and violent because they do not have proper training on how to deal with issues. This is the case not only with mental health issues but overall social problems such as in case of fire, disaster, traffic accident, etc. people want to help but they do not have proper knowledge, equipment or resources of how to help.

7. I hope some of my above comments would ignite new ideas and promote awareness about common social issues.

Rimsha88 Group: Members  Joined: 14th Oct, 2014  Topic: 2  Post: 153  Age:  30  
Posted on:20th Jun 2016, 5:12pm


I personally feel that NCF could be very helpful to search solutions of the problems, if members try to understand the queries properly, before posting suggestions.

Es thread kay aghaz mae he questioner ki query kay foran ba'ad aik member ne single line reply mae questioner ko psychiatrist se consult karnay ka suggestion deya. (Noor clinic kay rules kay mutabik single line mae reply nahi keya jasakta, past mae es per kai members ko warn bhi keya ja chuka hae) Es thread mae bhi aik member ko moderators ne warn keya hae lakin jis ne yeh suggestion deya hae osay nahi, which reflects NCF's moderators' partial behavior.

Os kay ba'ad Gemini ne kuch detail se reply keya aur pehlay psychologist se discuss karnay ka suggestion deya aur kaha keh agar psychologist refer karay tou psychiatrist se discuss kar lena.

Es per aik member ne yeh kaha keh: "her maslay ko le kar psychologist kay pas bhagnay ki zarorat nahi hoti" Yeh un ka apna khayal hae, ho sakta hae keh woh theek keh rahi hoon.

Noor Clinic forum per suggestion he deya ja sakta hae keh, problem ko kaisay solve karna hae, problem ki fori solution nahi nikala ja sakta. Quon kay bohat se problems kay solution kay leye experts/professionals ki help dar kar hoti hae.

Gemini ne aik thread mae yeh kaha tha keh woh kisi bhi question ko 3/4 martaba read karti hain, un kay 1st reply mae yeh bhi likha tha keh es problem mae multi pal issues hain. aur kuch back ground ka zikar keya tha.

Questioner kay ba'ad mae keye gaye comments se aur bhi kafi ba'aton ki wazahat ho gai. Jis se problem ki severity ka bhi andazah keya ja sakta hae.

Questioner aik educated female hain aur unhain apnay problem kay elawah es forum ka bhi pata tha, aur unhon'ne apna problem bhi share kar deya. Un ki jagah agar koi illiterate hota tou shayed es tarah problem ko na feel karta ya es forum per problem na bata pata.

Oper aik member ne apany khayalat share keye hain aur kaha hae keh literacy ka zikar slightly off topic hae, yeh un ka khayal hae. Mera khayal hae keh literacy ki wajah se he kisi problem ko bataya jata hae aur es ki wajah se he kisi problem ko samjha jata hae aur os ka solution search keya jata hae.

Osi member ne aik example bhi di hae, she says: "An example is the name of a very developed country where after every few months, some person goes crazy and conduct pre-planned (not sudden stimulation) public massacre using firearms".

yani developed countries mae kuch mah ba'ad kisi crazy person ki pre planned fining ki wajah se kai afrad maray jatay hain. Aur yeh bhi kaha hae keh Pakistan mae tribal areas mae weapons aam hotay hain, etc etc. (I know it very well, I belong to a ...MOD EDIT: Some personal detail removed to protect privacy...)

And she further says: "But people in Pakistan do not go crazy like this nor conduct pre-planned mass-shootings"

Yani Pakistan mae aisa nahe hota aur na he woh pehlay se mansoba bandi kar kay aisa koi qadam uthatay hain.

Yeh aik mazhka khaiz example hae jo keh off topic hae aur es ka es problem (exhibitionism) se koi relation bhi nahi, she has forgot many terrorist attacks in Pakistan, which are always pre planned and many innocents are victimized in those attacks. Specially people must have remembered 16 Dec. 2014's attack on school in Peshawer, where many children were killed with staff members, is n't it a crazy person(s) action? there are many examples I can quote here but I will not.

I wish to suggest those who think they feel to expose themselves (predispose towards exhibitionism) publicly or by using internet or already indulged in this activity, may try to recall their past, specially their traumatic experiences of childhood/ child hood abuse and family dysfunction, to understand the problem so they will be able to explain detail to their counselor/doctor/therapist etc.etc.

Thank you.

Hawk66 Group: Members  Joined: 07th Jan, 2010  Topic: 1  Post: 249  Age:  48  
Posted on:21st Jun 2016, 4:24am

Exhibitionism/ Rimsha

I agree with many points, Rimsha wrote in her last reply.


Gemini has covered this topic very professionally, specially the area of the query is explained very well.

I wish to ask Gemini, would she share some other areas of exhibitionism in this thread or not. I said in this thread, she has given the complete reply and I also said, "ab jawab adhora mehsos nahi ho raha", but I feel some other type of exhibitionism may be discussed in same thread for the knowledge of readers.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I may go off topic in this thread, I feel what I am going to write below may be considered off topic by the moderators, they may delete it or shift it to some other thread. It is up to them but I think it is necessary to share my part for the betterment of this forum/questioners and contributors.

NCF could be more useful, but it is not as yet. It still needs improvement in many areas but I must say it is not one sided responsibility, not only NCF administration/moderators, but members/questioners/contributors also need to improve their way of asking questions and replies. So it is two (2) way responsibility/process.

I hope with the passage of time people will learn how to post questions and contributors will learn how to suggest the solution.

There are members who just reply in polite tone and logical way, they do not go off topic. And there are members who not only reply in ill-mannered/harsh tone but also include off topic examples and negative aspect of the solutions (according to their perspective). Which leaves bad affect on readers. Readers who are literate and wise ignore those negative comments. This sort of attitude also not good for those members who are practicing such things, it also shows bad picture of those members.

The other main reason is that questioners do not go through with rules of the forum, before posting their query. Questioners are always in hurry to get solution of their problem, so they keep asking and posting their questions in different threads and get warnings from mods.

It is obvious that questioners always need instant solution of their query, they do not realize that their question is cleared or not, proper history is provided or not, they just want quick reply, if they do not get reply with in few hours they keep inquiring and we often read : " please koi tou jawab day"
So often they get incomplete reply/solution of their problem.

In my opinion with the help of questioners and contributors, NCF can improve the quality/standard of this forum, members have to learns to ignore others mistakes and have to improve their tolerance too. They have to learn that the respect of other members is more important than their own comments.

Thank you.
Gemini6566 Group: Members  Joined: 25th Aug, 2014  Topic: 2  Post: 492  Age:  40  
Posted on:29th Jun 2016, 7:04pm


Thank you Shaista30, Hawk66, Golden-Eye and Rimsha88, for liking the knowledge I shared in this thread, related to exhibitionism.

I Have been a silent reader and still I am a silent reader. Es forum per jo questions pochay ja'tay hain, un mae se mostly aisay hotay hain jis kay leye kisi professional ki help ki zarorat hoti hae. Es ba'at ko samajh'nay ki zarorat hae.

Rimsha88 aur Hawk66 ki bohat se ba'atoon se agree hoon keh forum utna mufeed nahi hae jitna hona chahye, es ki improvement kay leye questioners/ contributors aur moderators, sab ko he apna apna kirdar ada karna hoga. Oper Moderators kay partial behavior kay baray mae jo kuch kaha gaya hae, mae os se mukamal agree karti hoon. I can give examples, magar mujhay pasand nahi keh mae kisi member ka na'am loon aur point out karoon keh moderators ne kab, kab aur kis,kis tarah janibdarana raweye ka muzahira keya hae.

Hawk66 ne bhi kafi kuch likha hae, woh bhi apni jagah theek hain. Hawk66 ne exhibitionism ki kuch aur types kay hawalay se question pocha hae, fil' hal os per kuch information share nahi kar sakti. May be in future kuch likhon.

Thank you.

bushra2012 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Oct, 2013  Topic: 1  Post: 1825  Age:  81  
Posted on:3rd Jul 2016, 4:28am

username sani88 topic about exhibitionism and some clarifications

1. Topic main kuch batain hueen, questioner ne topic ko abandon kar dia hai. Jabke unhe ke masle ke hal kelye kelye Gemini6566 ne bohot kuch likha hai.

2. Kai members ne kaha hai ke Pakistan main, loag professionals se consult nahen kartay. Jabke wohi saray loag mulk se bahar bethay hain. Pakistan is extremely hostile towards professionals, rozana news main doctors aur sahafion ke qatal, aur teachers & engineers ki gumshudgi ki khabrain aati hain.
Pakistan main professionals ki tadad bohot kam he, jiski facts and figures with reference me ne ooper kisi post main likhi hain.
Pakistan se har saal 59 laakh loag migrate kar rahay hain, filwat meray pas iss figure ka reference mojud nahen.

3. Me ne pehlay bhi likha thaa ke abroad bhi sab kuch sar-sabz-o-shadaab nahen. Wahan bhi medical treatment se darnay walay,ya mehenga samajh ke chor denay walay, loag, mojud hain. Ratio kam hogi, beherhal academic papers main tafseel se likha hua hai.

4. Single line reply: Single line reply ki wajah se NCF ki search engine ranking down hoti hai. Isko discourage kia jata hai, kai martaba single line reply ko remove bhi kia jata hai.

5. Partial behavior of mods: Pehlay bhi kai martaba kaha ja chuka hai ke mods ka behavior partial thaa, partial hai aur partial rahega. Mods ka apna aik social system hai, jiskay hisab se useful members ko leniency di jati hai, aur questioners/other embers jinkay replies less useful hotay hain/medically worng hotay hain, unhain tight rakha jata hai.
Moderation ke zariye members ka level of interest bhi adjust kia jata hai, over-enthusiastic members jo ziada posts kar rahay hon, unko ziada control & monitor kia jata hai takeh unka quality of replies increase ho. Aisa karna unn members ke haq main bhi behtar hai kyunkeh unka writing style & thinking style improve hota hai, NCF ke haq main bhi behtar hai kyunkeh number of replies well in control hota hai, jo loag ziada se ziada contribution kar rahay hain unhe ka content ziada hai, woh improve hogya to NCF ki overall quality improve hogi; aur moderators ke haq main bhi bethar hai kyunkeh trained person ki "need of moderation" ka graph asymptotic hota hai.

6. Moderation kartay huay moderated person ki history bhi nazar main rakhi jati hai.

7. Jin members ko moderation pe koi objection ho, woh Suggestions category main likh dain.

8. Kuch batain jo readers tak theek se nahen ponhanch sakeen, shayad meri he writing main koi kami reh gai, clarification:
a. Literacy pe mein ne jo facts and figures dyay thay, unhain slightly off-topic kaha thaa. Kisi doosray ki post pe aiteraaz nahen kia thaa.
b. Mujhay baar baar ehsaas hota hai ke NCF ke members ko English pe achi girift nahen, lekin Urdu pe bhi koi khaas girift nahen. Jesay he jumla lamba hua, matlab he ulta hogya.
c. Aik member ne literacy ki baat ki, ke iski wajah se problem ko samjha jata hai, phir solve kia jata hai. Member shayd basic literacy ki baat kar rahi hon, maslan 12 grades (high school) tak ki. Warna problem waqai problem hai ya nahen, yeh to research level ki baat hai. Taraqqi yafta mulkon main bhi, problem ko as a problem desginate, classify, categorize ya accept karnay kelye bohot ziada resistance hoti hai. Shayd NCF ke members taraqqi-yafta mulkon main policy-maker situation main nahen hain, isi lye unhon ne yeh sab observe nahen kia, jabke taraqqi yafta mulkon main bhi taraqqi ghis pis kar he hui hai, aurton ka right of voting ho, ya blacks and dogs not allowed, woh koi aasman se parh likh kar to nahen ay na he unkay paas aisa koi moqa tha ke woh "imported literacy" ko apna letay. Unhon ne to sabhi kuch khud kia hai.

Loag developing countries main imported literacy ko promote kartay hain jabke unhain chahye ke developed countries main jis tarah creation of knowledge hota hai aur kis tarah wesi he resistance jesi ke underdeveloped countries aur developing countries main hoti hai, usko bhi dekhain aur apni maloomat, mushahiday aur tajurbay main azafa karain.

d. Selective reading: Member ne selective reading ki hai. Pakistan main bohot si tarah ka violence hai. Violence ki aik type gun violence bhi hoti hai. Aur gun violence ki apni bhi bohot si subcategories hoti hain.
Pakistan main bhi, area/waqt ke aitebaar se gun proliferation ki bohot si aqsaam hain aur bohot se backgrounds hain, jiski 3 examples me ne di theen, tribal culture, AK-47 culture (AK-47 culture tribal areas main nahen, aik junoobi province main paya jata hai, geographical region he different hai, lekin member ne tribal culture pe ruk jana munasib samjha aur tanz-o-tanqeed ke teer barsa dyay, isi tarah tribal culture main gun proliferation koi new cheez nahen, lekin AK-47 culture Afghan jehad ke daur main import hua tha. Shayd member ki age itni kam hai ke unhain yeh sab malum he nahen), iskay ilawa Pakistan as a manufacturer and exporter of military weaponry ki example bhi di thee.

Main ne USA ki example di thee, jahan har kuch din baad koi school ka talib-e-ilm gun utha kar bohot se loagon ko qatal kar ke khud bhi khud kushi kar leta hai. Aisay waqeaat wahan aksar hotay hain. Jabke aisa koi waqea Pakistan main nahen hota. School shooting ka aisa waqea, jismain school ke he koi shagird, apnay he saathi talaba-o-talibaat-e-ilm ko ja kar qatal kar dalay, iss qatl-e-aam ki planning karay, iskay lye guns khareeday, partner ko bi recruit karay, timing waghera select karay, is harkat ke peechay koi wajah, maqsad ya hajat na ho, waqea ke baad yeh medical history bhi nikal ay ke yeh loag tanhai pasand thay, inka koi dost na tha, inhain doctor ki janib se medical disorder ki medicine bhi di gai thee, aisa koi waqea Pakistan main ajtak to nahen hua. Jabke Pakistan main gun violence bhi hai, aur Pakistan ke kuch serial killers ka tazkira bhi main ne apni previous post main kia hai.

Member ko yeh baat mazhaka-khaiz lagi aur wo saniha-e-Peshawar jis main school ke 141 nanhe munnay talaba-e-ilm ko intahai be-dardi ke saath qatal kia gia, uski example saamne le aeen. Jabke clear contrast mojud hai, saniha-e-Peshawar conduct karnay walay uss school ke talib-e-ilm na thay, naiz woh aik dehshat-gard group ke saath munsalik thay, unki nazar main kuch khaas maqasid thay, unhon ne kuch khaas soldiers aur military officers ke bachon ke naam pooch pooch kar chun chun kar unhain qatal kia, jis se pata chala ke yeh aik targeted karwai thee, karwai ke peechay maqsad aur jawaz, aur karwai ke nateejay main unhain kia hasil karna hai, sab kuch mojud thaa. Akhir main unn loagon ne khud kushi bhi nahen ki. Na he woh loag mental patient thay jinhain depresion, delusion ya kisi aur disorder ki dawa di gai ho.

In donon tarah ke waqeat main koi mumasilat nahen. Shayd member ko "pre-planned" ka word dekh kar trigger lag gia aur uss se agay woh kuch soach samajh na sakeen. Aik complex incident ka aik he pehlu to nahen hota na? Ya bas "pre-planned" ke agay sab kuch haich hai?

Gun-violence ka aik aur pehlu yeh bhi hai ke Pakistan main bila-ishte'aal gun violence traditionally bohot kam raha hai. Aksar aisay waqeaat zaroor hotay hain ke biwi ko ashna ke saath qabil-e-aiteraaz halat main dekh lia aur ghaiz-o-ghazab ke alam main qatal kar dia. Yeh soorat-e-haal dekhtay huay Pakistan main main qanon-sazi bhi isi tarah ki mojud hai jo ba-ishte'aal aur bila-ishte'aal qatal main farq karti hai. Aur yeh qanoon-saazi Pakistan bannay se bhi bohot pehlay ki hai. Jisko Pakistan bannay ke baad Pakistan Penal Code ke taur pe adopt kar lia gia.

Me abhi bhi apnay iss jumlay pe qaim hoon: "But people in Pakistan do not go crazy like this nor conduct pre-planned mass-shootings"

Kyunkeh Pakistan main abhi tak school-shooting ka aisa koi incident nahen hua. Islye yeh baat wazeh hai ke Pakistan ke loag "iss tarah" crazy nahen ho jatay, albatta "doosray tareeqon se" crazy ho kar, ya crazy huay baghair bhi, mukhtalif tarah ka gun violence (aur without gun violence) conduct kartay pae jatay hain.

Reasonless school shooting by a classfellow and terrorist attack by some people who want to achieve a specific purpose main bohot farq hai. Pakistan main terrorist attacks on schools ki bhi kai misalain hain. Member ne aik recent example share bhi ki hai. Mamber ki age shayd bohot kam hai, 90s main Murree ke aik school main bhi terrorist shooting hui thee, us waqt to Taliban bhi exist nahen kartay thay na he War on Terror shuroo hui thee, uss waqea ke culprits aaj tak pakray nahen ja sakay na he unkay baray main pata chal saka.

Pakistan main violence ke history bohot purani hai. War on Terror ne to pakistan ke pur-aman ilaqon ka (mostly northern provinces of the country) bhi satyanas kar dia hai, warna iss se pehlay bohot se adwaar guzray hain jismain shadeed violence hua hai, jinmain partition ke baad Peshawar main hony wala violence, 1950s main Lahore main rioting jo aik larki ko chairnay pe hui thee, 1960s main Karachi ke mohajir-pathan fasadaat, then 1960s main he East Pakistan revolt jiska qatl-e-aam 1974 tak chalta he raha jab ke uss waqt woh ilawa Pakistan main shamil bhi na raha. 1980s main Sindh ka daaku culture, Balochistan ki 3 uprisings aur miltary ne wahan jis tarah se qatl-e-aam kia, 90s ke shia-sunni fasadaat jismain pooray punjab aur sindh main aag lag gai thee aur Clifton bridge pe 4 Iranion ka qatal bhi hua, 80s and 90s main karachi aur hyderabad main mohajir qaum-paraston ki alehidgi pasand tehreek jismain khooraizi ki intaha hui, 1986 bohri bazaar bomb blast jismain 250 se ziada loag qatal huay, aur uskay baad ki tareekh to member ko maloom he hogi jab 2001 main Afghanistan main War on Terror shuru hui to phir kia hashar hua.

Itnay shadeed violence ke bawajud pakistan main school shooting ka koi aisa waqea nahen hua jismain talib-e-ilm ne crazy ho kar ke, pre-planned activity ke taur pe, guns available kar ke, apnay he saathion ko bhoon dala ho.

Shayd member ko kisi hadd tak samajh agai ho ke violence ki hazaron aqsaam hoti hain, violence ki kuch aqsaam Pakistan main pai jati hain, kuch nahen bhi pai jateen. Taraqqi yafta mumalik main bhi mental diseases aur uskay nateejay main honay wali gun violence ki frequently occuring examples hain aur woh bhi apna masla hal karnay kelye usi tarah struggle kar rahay hain jis tarah taraqqi pazeer mumalik. Wahan literacy bhi hai aur bohot se loag apnay prob;ems ke hal kelye proper professional ka intikhaab bhi kartay hain, proper professional ko woh tahaffuz aur azadi bhi muhayya ki jati hai ke woh apni zindagi barqaraar rakhnay kelye faraar honay pe majboor na hojae, iskay bawajud kuch masael bhi mojud hain, aur un masael ka hal abhi tak to nahen ho paya hai, shayd future main hojae. kyunkeh kam-az-kam woh loag koshish to kar rahay hain.

Meri members se request hai ke sirf aik ya 2 alfaaz dekh kar maumlay ko apnay ooper personal na lejaya karain, ke bas pre-planned aur tribal culture dekh lia aur triggered ho gae baqi sab ignore.
Evocative Group: Members  Joined: 03rd Sep, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 689  Age:  22  
Posted on:5th Jul 2016, 8:34pm

sani88 : all this can lead to severe problem

Ap ny kaha k ap muslim hain.. if so...

kehty hain k tajurba insan ko ghalat faisly sy bachata hy bt ye hasil ghalat faisly sy hi hota hy....

some other peoples muslims / non muslims Photoshop... etc.. sy edited pics / video.. sy married life daao py lag gai.....

bcz ye pics sy hi ap ki real location n identity tak rasai mil sakti.....

abhi to ap ny easly keh diya k husband ko btaya.... kehty hain k mard ko badalny mein koi dair ni lgti....

aur I dnt thnk k koi haya daar / ba kirdaar muslim / insan apni wife ki ya apni aesi pics post krna pasand kry ga.....

ik martaba ik wife ny Skype n cam on kr k chat ki.... who is baat sy by khabar thi k us k cam ki privacy open mode mein hy....

hona kia tha jitney b contacts n Janay waly thy sab ny live dekha husband ko report kr di......

phir kia huwa ap khud soach lain....

is liye..... ap ki profile py age 23 hy... aur is age mein agr nobat divorce ya ruswai tak a gai.... to media mein some days b4 us larki ki khabar agr ap ki nazar sy guzri ho jis ko family ny social media par ghair ikhlaqi stuff viral hony ki wajha sy nikal diya tha..... aur some ko jaan sy jana parha....

>>ap ny kaha aap 5 times namaz parhti hain...

Namaz / ibadat us neeej py krein jis py krna chahiye to ye haal kbhi na ho Muslims ka......

Mafhoom hy Ahadees Mubarika ka " Namaz rokti hy byhayai aur nashaista harkaton sy..." is ki tashreeh mein mohadeseen likhty hain agr namaz hum burai sy ni rokti to hamari namaz mein kami hy....

>>ye sab ap k liye jabri zina ya kisi big problem ka sabab na bun jae...... agr bun b gya to phir ye ni kehna meri aesi intention ni thi... bcz ye jo ap kr ri already Kaberah Gunnah hy.....

Tobah tun Nasuha kr lain.....

ALLAH hum sab ko samjh dy

sani88 Group: Members  Joined: 07th Jun, 2016  Topic: 1  Post: 6  Age:  25  
Posted on:30th Mar 2017, 9:26pm

slam to all

main bohot time ba forum pe i hon jis ki vja ye thi k internet ka mukamal khatma kr dia tha .mobile b android se simple le lia tha .ta k main ksi b qisam ki galat activity main involve na hon .
lekin ab 6 month bad jub dobara cell lia.instagram acount tha mera just us pe kafi pages follow kiye hoye thay so bs ak nzr parti gai ksi larki k oper means k jese koi hot dress main larki dekhi bs uder hi mera b dil krna start ho gya k main b apni aisi hi pics bnana start kar don .kia ajeeb musibt main phans gai hon main.
net b chor dia tha cell b .even 3 month ak vilage main b guzaray jdr main aisa kuch na dekh sakon jis se mera b dil kray k apni galat pics bna k upload kron..but main ab b bht try kr rahi hon k main is kam ko rookon lekin mjhy aisa lag raha ha k main phir se is kam main involve ho jaongi...
ak is adat nay zaleel kr rkha ha ..
ak ksi se bat share b nhi kr skti
doctor k pas b ab janay ko dil nahi krta k kia btaon unko k mera nanga honay ka dil krta ha khud ko nude ho k dunia ko dikhany ka dil krta ha;.
oper se khuda ka khof .hur wqt Moot ka dar
yhi lagta ha k main bs abhi mur jaongi or mera thikana jahanum hoga
but main ye sub jan bojh k nahi krti.
7 month ho gye main ny apnay face ki b ak selfie nahi li.isi vja se k bs mera dimag uder divert na ho...lekin kia main sari zindgi aford krny k bawjod b acha cell,laptop,internet nahi use kr skon gi???

sani88 Group: Members  Joined: 07th Jun, 2016  Topic: 1  Post: 6  Age:  25  
Posted on:30th Mar 2017, 10:03pm

reply for Evocative

fahadyoung Group: Members  Joined: 01st Sep, 2016  Topic: 2  Post: 80  Age:  24  
Posted on:31st Mar 2017, 12:12pm


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