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Emotional Manipulation By Host Girl

Social Problem
caique Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2017  Topic: 1  Post: 4  Age:  80  
Posted on:19th Mar 2017, 9:02am

Emotional Manipulation By Host Girl

Hi Everybody,

I would like to be as brief as possible and I want members like Bushra & Maestro to reply over it.

A couple of months ago I had to move to another city because of my job where I was living with my uncle. His daughter is approx 6 years younger than me but she is much mature than me because of being in co-education system since very young age.

Well as I am a man, there is always a general attraction towards another gender but I never tried to display it etc. Time went by and sometimes when she was alone at home, we used to do just a casual talk for few minutes. That is I mean twice may be in a week or just once.

MOD EDIT: Replaced title.
caique Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2017  Topic: 1  Post: 4  Age:  80  
Posted on:19th Mar 2017, 9:09am

Part 2 - As I could not add in the main topic

Then she started bringing up topics like she does not like men in general. They are not good etc. Infact she even said it to me in front his brother that I am not handsome at all when I was joking on a picture of mine with his brother that look how handsome my this picture is.

One day when I was talking to her, she brought some really strange topics like she was asking me Kya koi aisi cheez hey jo insaan ko us k baray may pata na ho aur dosra janta ho . I asked her the answer of this weired question. She ignored it for a few days that she told me that there are few things a girl cannot answer and I am very young so far. Later on she kept bringing topics of likeness etc and I kept her asking what it was but she said to me I cant tell you right now may be later as I am not even confirm about that.

She told me that I am not good in interpretation of human behavior though she can tell if someone likes someone. They look at them differently etc. Talk to them differently. I was usually silent on these topics.

I occasionally contacted her on whatsapp but she replied late and most of the time she just left the conversation saying she has to go somewhere. I never mind. She used to say I like teasing you ! She insisted me that I should tell her the bad habits of her which I never told and I she used to say you are so poor in human behaviour analysis.

One day she said me something on dinner table like Aap ka bolna buhat zaroori hota hey har kam may chahay kam ho na ho when infact I just said her you dont even know the name of your school principal in a joking manner. I stopped talking to her for about 3 weeks and she did not care at all.

I am a man who forgives easily. I was waiting that she might talk to me when infact I was the one who said her sorry to just finish this issue.

That day I asked her again about what it was that she will tell me after 4 years. After insisting, she just said me that its not about you its about someone else. She repeated the fact that you are like my brother and I know you consider me like your sister. Then suddenly she said me why your face has changed though I was totally normal. She said no something is changed. Well she tried to convince me but I remained firm.

P.S: She occasionally used to ask me to call her with funny names she had or a few that I assigned to her to make fun of her but I never did so. She randomly says me that I have changed now. Just a few days ago, when I was alone at home busy on my computer she came to my room and started picking up different things to initiate a talk but I was ignoring her. She said to me you have become weird on which I jokingly said what about you ? You too are weird and I was busy on my system. Then she broke a thing of mine and said sorry it was a mistake. I raised my voice in disappointment, it wasn't angry voice or not too high just a raised voice and I said Yar yay kio tora hey tum nay ? It was actually a wasted bird egg on which I had to do an experiement. On this she said to me angrily, " Look down your voice, watch your voice. aap buhat weird ho gay hain aur buhat ziada badtameez bhi . I was just looking at her as I could not believe she will misbehave this way. She left the room and closed her door in anger and locked it.

I havent talked to her uptill now and I dont want to. I am not interested in her either. May be I was at sometime I dont know. All I want to know is what she could be hiding. What is it that she cant tell me now and she will tell me after 4 years. She had promised to tell me after 4 years and she said I dont know how would you react to that thing. This makes me feel it is definitely about me or something that has to do with me somehow.

Apologies for a big post :)

Take care !

Activist Group: Members  Joined: 04th Feb, 2012  Topic: 13  Post: 395  Age:  28  
Posted on:21st Mar 2017, 10:40am

i need answer

Mangobaaz naami aik webiste per kal noor clinic k hawalay se aik article publish hwa hai. Us article me mangoobaaz walo ne 21 larkiyo ki posts share ki hain or un ka khob mazak bnayaa hai k pakistani aorto ko bilkul bhi sex education ka ilm nai hai. Doctor se ajeeb sawal kr rhi hain. K meri hymen rupture hogai ha kya kru, mere boy friend se sex ki hai ab kya hoga, meri vagina ka color kese saaf hoga. Infact meri bhi aik post us me shamil hai. Meri post wedding night per couple ko kapra muhaya krne se mutalik ti. Me ye janna chahti hu k kya ye article dr rizwan ki ijazat se likha gya ha? Kya hamri identities yaha mehfooz hain? Social media pe aik dunyaa wo article parh k sab ka mazak ura rhi hain. Website b visit kr rhy hogy. Kya ye sb jan bojh k kiyaa gya ta k website ko or hits mile? Kindly moderator help me in deleting my account. I dont want to be here anymore.

MOD NOTE: You are old user. Please stop bombarding random topics with your question and make new topic in Suggestions category.
caique Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2017  Topic: 1  Post: 4  Age:  80  
Posted on:24th Mar 2017, 11:03pm

Remove the POST

Please I want my this POST removed !!!! Pleaese remov it
bushra2012 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Oct, 2013  Topic: 1  Post: 1821  Age:  81  
Posted on:25th Mar 2017, 10:20am

username caique - emotional manipulation by younger female cousin

1. She developed feelings for you. Though she didn't give you proper indication. Then those feelings ended. Maybe it was only lust, not a romantic attraction.

2. She did something which many girls do. Because they love the attention and some of them love playing/flirting.

3. You are not even interested in her.

4. But you are mildly curious whether it was about you or not.

5. You should just give a damn to it. Whether it was about you, whether it was not, it is absurd & cruel to make you suffer for 4 years just to know what the heck it is. And if you even ask her after 4 years, she is just going to enjoy sadistic pleasure, and most probably you'll spend your time on thorns while she is living her life just as usual.

6. You adopted straight behaviour with her, did not flirt with her nor abused her in any way, despite that she was insolent enough to blame you of being weird and rude. Maintaining the same straight behaviour would be better.
caique Group: Members  Joined: 19th Mar, 2017  Topic: 1  Post: 4  Age:  80  
Posted on:27th Mar 2017, 5:39am

Thanks for Reply

Thanks for reply Miss. Bushra.

I would be appreciated if this post is removed. I have got the answer I needed.

Dear Admin please remove it.
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