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Pakistani men ask their wife for sex ???

Religion and Sex
Stath Group: Members  Joined: 06th Jun, 2017  Topic: 3  Post: 5  Age:  23  
Posted on:11th Jun 2017, 7:42pm

Pakistani men ask their wife for sex ???

Are pakistani men open in sex  .....i mean do they openly ask their wifes to have sex with them ...or openly tries to strip her clothing ...., a good way i mean .... Answer plz 
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8439  Age:  59  
Posted on:13th Jun 2017, 3:40am


as per your profile, aap aik unmarried student ho... lehaza aisi batouN par tawajjah nah do...shadi k baad sab kuch maloom hojayega.
Stath Group: Members  Joined: 06th Jun, 2017  Topic: 3  Post: 5  Age:  23  
Posted on:13th Jun 2017, 8:37am

Seriously !!,

Well may be u r right just EXTRA WORRYING ......but seriously ....! Isnt it my write to ask question if im extra worried about something ....well im sorry if u are offended but seriously , im the one whose offended the way thanks ....but literally i wont ask any other question on this forum becuz no one is willing to give me the right .....just good bye

Stath Group: Members  Joined: 06th Jun, 2017  Topic: 3  Post: 5  Age:  23  
Posted on:13th Jun 2017, 8:39am

One favor

May be u can give me a favor just once ....tell me how i delete a topic . There isnt any thing that sort of ...??.
Shaista30 Group: Members  Joined: 29th Sep, 2014  Topic: 0  Post: 172  Age:  34  
Posted on:13th Jun 2017, 1:59pm


After wedding, couples should become friendly and if a good understanding is developed than couples feel more comfortable to talk on any topic.

Sex is an important part of married life, it is necessary to talk about it with each other, communication is necessary for all issues in life, good communication help to solve many problems. Couples who have good communication with each other, may enjoy life properly with good sex relations.

It is not the matter of Pakistani man or Pakistani couple. There are many Pakistani couples who have good understanding, have very open sex relations with each other.
bushra2012 Group: Members  Joined: 15th Oct, 2013  Topic: 1  Post: 1825  Age:  81  
Posted on:14th Jun 2017, 4:58pm

username Stath - pakistani men ask their wife for sex or not?

Keeping in view your previous topic:

Title: Questions for husbands ....?

1. Above member has said as per profile, questioner is unmarried. But at the time of writing this post, the profile shows married.

2. If the questioner is married, then this question is useless, as she may already know what HER husband does.

3. For unmarried people, many thoughts and confusions may be in their mind regarding marriage and sex-bed activities.

4. "Pakistani men" is an over-generalization as Pakistan is a high population with great cultural diversity.

5. To answer the question, some Pakistani men are open, some are shy. The same answer could be given about any other populace in the world, since the question is so generic.

6. Even on NCF, you can find topics about husbands being too shy, or about husbands being too forceful, husbands controlling themselves, husbands having low libido or less frequent sex, husbands involving in forceful sex (won't call it marital rape, since marriage automatically means sex). Vice versa topics about wives can also be found.

7. To answer the other part of the question, yes, some men openly ask. Some initially feel shyness/awkwardness but wihtin a few weeks, they become confident enough.

8. Some wives think it is appropriate to insult her husband's sexual desire (to display her power, or as a result of hating sex, or just to feel herself more pious). Such husband may become inhibited. There are topics on NCF about this also. Some part of NCF Books also covers the situation.

9. Stripping open the clothes: It is part of all couples' lifestyle and sex-play. Wife shredding open the button of husband's office shirt. Husband ripping off the bra and panties off her. Some foreign couples, some Pakistani couples and some mixed couples feel shy about it. Many foreign couples, many Pakistani couples and many mixed couples try it at least once. Many of them make it an all-time activity. Some of them specially buy undergarments for this purpose.
Scientist4 Group: Members  Joined: 21st Nov, 2016  Topic: 0  Post: 67  Age:  40  
Posted on:28th Jun 2017, 2:43am


Yes being a Pakistani man i ask my wife openly for sex and also i strip her clothes...why to feel shame she is my wife and husband and wife have rights on each others....
However anal sex ,oral sex should be strictly avoided.
SeanAmbros Group: Members  Joined: 01st Aug, 2012  Topic: 4  Post: 93  Age:  28  
Posted on:17th Oct 2017, 9:36am

i am a shy guy

i am pakistani guy i am shy .how will i give chummi(kiss) to my wife.
eagle fly Group: Members  Joined: 18th Aug, 2010  Topic: 75  Post: 2068  Age:   
Posted on:19th Oct 2017, 4:51am

Pakistani men ask their wife for sex ???

shadi k baad husband wife dono ka jab bhi dil chahe aik doosre ko sex ka bol sakte hain, aik doosre ko kiss kar sakte hain, aik doosre ko hug kar sakte hain aur aik doosre ko undress kar sakte hain.

ab ye wase bohat bachkana sawalat hain.
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