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General Health
fizaji Group: Members  Joined: 20th Oct, 2017  Topic: 2  Post: 3  Age:  23  
Posted on:23rd Oct 2017, 11:06pm


Assalam o alikum Mera sawal hai k ager kizi k urine me methi methu smale ho tu kia use suger hoti hai?? Or suger ki khas khas alamaten kia hain
myrizvi Group: Members  Joined: 20th Apr, 2008  Topic: 133  Post: 8429  Age:  59  
Posted on:28th Oct 2017, 1:37pm


Walekum Assalam

1. diabetes ya to paidaishi hota hai (type-1 diabetes) ya normally 35/40 years k baad hota hai (called type-2 diabetes)

2. iss marz ka matlab yeh hai k blood maiN required suger level (min level - max leel) ko maintain rakhnay ka auto system kharab hojata hai, due to failure or low performance of pancreas (lablabah). jab auto system kaam nah karay to aisay mareez ko suger intake, oral medicine, insuline injection etc k zariyah az khud blood suger maiN normal level ko daily basis pay maintain karna hota hai

3. suger k mareez ko 2 problem hoti hai... aik blood maiN suger level normal limit say baRh jaa.ay yaa min level say bhi kam hojaa.ay. agar sugar baRh jaa.ay to banday ko baar baar peshaab karnay ki zaroorat pesh aati hai... aur agar min level say kam hojaa.ay to ghabraahat, tez bhook ki feeling hoti hai, yaa bandah behosh bhi hojata hai

4. agar kissi ko shak ho k osay diabetes to nahi hogayahai to osay blood test, urine test karwana chahiyeh. lab results hi sya confirm hota hai k woh diabetes hai yaa nahi

5.suger test k liyeh 12 hrs k faaqay k baad blood sample dena paRta hai... best test HBA1C hai... jo agar 7 say zeyadah ho tab bandah mareez kahlayega... 7 say kam normal hai... iskay elawah fasting aur random blood suger bhi karwaya jata hai... urine maiN bhi suger test karwaya jata hai... yeh test results kiss dr. ko dekha.aiN behtar hai k diabetologist ko dekhayaiN... wohi dekh kar batlaa.ayega k aap diabetic haiN ya nahi... marz confirm ho tab elaaj bhi wohi batlayega

6. wazah rahay k blood pressure ki tarah diabetes bhi aik laa.elaaj marz hai. iska koi mokammal elaaj /cure nahi hai... saari omar medicine /insuline say sirf isay controlkia jasaktahai... agar yeh control rahay to insaan ko kuch nahi hota. aur agar aksar o beshtar out of control rahay to bahoot see pecheedgiyaaN paida hojati haiN.

maiN dr nahi balkay more tan one decade say diabetes ka mareez houN. isliyeh mujhay yeh sab kuch dr hi say maloom howa hai. confirm baat apko dr hi batlayega.
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